No, and I’ll tell you why.

With the companions, they were human.  So you could easily say, “Oh, I had a cousin who died in Canary Wharf.”  Amy didn’t even look like herself in all of that makeup.  Gwen from Torchwood, they passed it off as her great-great grandmother or some business.

But this is the Doctor.  You can’t just pass it off as a family member or something like that.  They’re going to have to explain why he was in Pompeii and, while I hope that they do a good job of that, I genuinely don’t believe that Moffat will.  I think that, if anything, there will be a cop out answer.

But I seriously don’t doubt that he will be wonderful.  I really do like Peter Capaldi.

And I know they did it with the Sixth Doctor, but it still bothers me.