A brand new set of pencil brushes made for Manga Studio 5 and Clip Studio!

A full range of hardness gradings from B9 all the way to H9 are available, and as long as you’ve got a tablet that supports it, you can tilt your pen to shade or draw with the side of the pencil.

This set also includes a textured blending tool that emulates the paper blending stumps that a lot of artists use to smooth out their pencil shading.

Please note: Not all tablets support pen tilt! Supported tablets are the original Wacom Intuos range, the new Wacom Intuos Pro and Wacom Cintiqs. You can still use these brushes without tilt functionality, but you won’t be able to make the brush wider by tilting your pen.

Click below to purchase the brush pack (a 33% social media discount is available like last time):

Sketchyfun Pencil Set for Manga Studio 5 & Clip Studio