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Hot for Spring: A Sartorial Identity Crisis

I gave a friend of mine a special sneek peek of these pics (she was thrilled, I’m sure), and her response was, “what kind of pants are those??”. I answered with the brand, but then realized that she was probably expressing her mock horror at the fact that I’m in jeans - and they’re plain old blue.  For a while I was sort of opposed to jeans of the blue variety, but something about the looser cuts and ‘boyfriend’ styles popping up for spring just feels real fresh. Also weird - pointy heels. Who am I?? 



Remember these super kewt Portovelo sneakers I had on in this here post a while back? Ok, maybe not - check em out here instead. This week I’m giving you a chance to win your very own pair - FOR FREE! Totes free. It gets better though - you’ll be showing off some sneaks that actually bring good to the world, since Portovelo gives a proceeds from every purchase to the Flourishing Futures foundation.

So get to enterin’!!