Trying to explain to someone how to sale drugs when their bitch ass don’t wanna listen. You’ve been in the game 6 months. Ive been here 5 years. Listen. Or just be dumb and get jacked idc
1. Don’t front to everyone. Shit. You aint in this to make friends homie, you in this to make money. So if bob wants a front and bob is already cut off by EVERYONE I wouldn’t front to bob. Just saying, unless your just in the business of giving away free drugs, then yeah go ahead 😉
2. You aint gotta make everyone happy fuck you aint Santa clause. If they wanna complain about your prices tell their bitchasses to go get it some where else. There’s a reason they’re trying to do business with you, if they really could get it some where else for that so called low ass price then they would have did that to begin with, they never would have hit you up in the first place right?
3. Its best not to let everyone no how much Shit you got.. I no you think your cool like omg your a drug dealer now like holly Shit that’s so cool…..omg. Um no. There’s certain people that don’t need to no Shit. So if bob hits you up and bob wants a quarter o, you tell bob ok let me see what I can do. Don’t tell bob -“HELL YEAH I GOT YOU, MAN I JUST PICKED UP A BIG ASS LOAD”
No. Don’t say that stupid. Why? BC when you meet up with bob and bob tells you well I only got “this much” ill have the rest later, we already no you aint gonna see Shit later. And really bob has the full amount but bob knows you got a “BIG ASS LOAD” so bob is like fuck that hes trying to come up to, you got plenty, shorting you 100 should be no big deal. No fuck bob. That’s why you don’t let bob no Shit. When Yall meet up you tell bob this aint your Shit, you gotta pay someone else for it, and you gotta have the full amount.
4. Drugs will sale. Everyone needs drugs ok. This aint no race to see how fast you can get rid of it all, cause you want your plug to think your about business. No. He don’t care. All he cares about is his money. Hes probably already forgot he even sold you Shit. So slow your roll homie. You aint gotta sale to everyone. If 7 people hit you up and they all needing some at the same time, that don’t mean tell all 7 of them niggas to come to your house at the same time. Your not on their time. Their on yours. If they wanna get frustrated and go somewhere else cause your telling them to wait. LET THEM. Fuck. Its not like there’s a shortage of people trying to buy drugs. Or be dumb. Let all 7 of them come at the same time. Cause look check this Shit out. All 7 of them might not even no each other but watch as they work together to distract yo ass. So you will fuck up. Your gonna have one fool sketchin threw your Shit. Ones gonna be coming in and out the house. Ones gonna be tripping looking out the window and Shit thinking cops are watching trying to trip you out. Ones not gonna shut the fuck up with some pointless ass story hes trying to tell you that aint makin no kinda sense, at the same time this other fool is gonna be talking to you about how he wanted a half a g but really he wanted a teenier but if you could do a 8ball cause he HAD $100 and he will pay you the rest later cause hes got $30 now and your just like ok. So then when all them fools leave you got no drugs, and $15 dollars.

Anyway basically the point is DON’T TRUST EVERYONE..TRUST NO ONE Especially bob. Don’t trust bob. Live by that motto and you will succeed.

You have the power of context. As long as you focus on something - whether it’s something you see, hear, smell or touch - you know the history and facts surrounding it. The more you focus, the further into the history you can go. Usually, you avoid any and all sketchy people that you meet - but when someone from the CIA shows up on your doorstep, you quickly review their story and decide that this time you really can’t afford to shoo them away.

Kuroo goofing off in charms class while Kenma tries to concentrate, requested by @one-doesnt-simply-walk-in-bagend

I couldn’t help but add more characters. There’s so many fun things that could go on there (i guess we all forgot they would be in different years but hehe who cares)

Sketchy activity request meme: rules, all pictures

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I would just like to stop by and comment on how I simply adore your art style???? The way I see it, your sketch-like lines, mixed with simple water-colour-esque shading is such a disjointed combination that its interesting to the eye- at least that's the way I see it, anyways. I'm not an art major. Notwithstanding, I simply could not go another day without praising you for your talent. Kudos for you, friend.

IJSAOJDLQ THANK YOU SO MUCH! <333 I only did it because… I was too lazy to colour it properly pfpfpfffft. But I’m glad it turned out the way it did :’)))