Undercover Cops/Warning for Drug Blogs 6/13/17

Hey everyone sorry for not posting on here for the last week, I’ve been laying low after a frightening incident that happened to me regarding undercover police and someone I met here off Tumblr. Yes, police are targeting people (drug users primarily) on here by making blogs that have nothing on them (no reblogs, no personal content, not following any other blogs but Tumblr Staff and YOU) and messaging drug addicts in private telling them that if we help them score they will give us money/let us keep like half the amount of stuff they’re asking for, etc.

I was debating on whether or not I should post this since the person this is about doesn’t know I know they’re a cop/working for cops, but I want to keep everyone on here safe from this kind of stuff happening to them, so I might as well share my experience.

Basically a blog on here that had nothing posted on their blog and that wasn’t following anyone except for me and Tumblr Staff (two key sketchy signs right there) messaged me asking for help getting H saying that they had just moved from out of state and needed help with a new connect and offered me close to $100 each time for helping them. It seemed sketchy but I desperately needed the money, so I decided to help.

I met with them twice before the third time, being extremely cautious the first two times (watching my surroundings, asking important questions, sending someone else to bring the stuff back to them instead of me, etc.). Then on the third time they asked for a much larger amount than they had asked for the first two times (which is something cops trying to do an undercover buy do, they buy a couple of decent sized amounts and then on buy number three they buy a large amount and try to pop you with it when you return back to them with it.)

On buy three I carefully watched my surroundings. I noticed undercover cop cars around keeping an eye on me, after I walked off I had a bad feeling.

I got a confirmation that my sketched out feelings were right when while the person was waiting on me to come back with dope my friend that knew what I was doing gave me a call and told me that they were over in the area that that person I’m helping is in and that there’s over 5 cop cars and a drug task force vehicle waiting on me to come back so they could bust me. There was also unmarked vehicles with cops looking out the window with binoculars driving up and down the streets looking for where I went. I’m not going to say what happened after this in case the person I wrote this about finds it. I did the smart thing and decided to be safe instead of sorry.


I’ve met probably close to 20 people off of Tumblr, some just to hang out, some for whatever else, and none of them were sketchy people until this last incident.

DON’T HELP BLOGS THAT ARE NEW AND DON’T HAVE ANY CONTENT ON THEM! (aka no reblogs, no personal content, only following you and Tumblr staff or a very unusually small handful of people.)


If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If anyone has anymore questions about avoiding these types of situations, about signs and tips on how to spot an undercover cop, or anything else feel free to message me privately. The area I’m in recently hired 110 more undercovers to do drug busts right now, I’m sure Seattle isn’t the only place with this sort of thing going on right now.

PLEASE, PLEASE BE SAFE EVERYONE. A get well, a high, or a chunk of cash isn’t worth a felony and your freedom.

Please reblog this message so everyone in the drug community on here can see this and be made aware. Tumblr isn’t always a “safe place” like we would like to think it is.

This is sketchy as hell.

For people who see this post… why? Why would anyone like this?
This is a weird invasion of childhood moments that weren’t released by choice.

You don’t just get someone’s yearbook. 
You either go to the school those years, or you hunt this down from someone else that has one.

Everyone wants to know whatever they can about Ryan’s past, but can we at least let him decide when he releases or okays pictures from his own childhood?
It’s exciting and fun to know more about someone!
This is not one of those times.

Leaving out the name of the school makes no difference.
It’s still creepy and weird.

“For the sake of his privacy”
If there was any care at all for his privacy this wouldn’t have been posted.
Especially not on a side account with no other posts than to reblog this same thing.

I blacked out the name just for the fact that they shouldn’t get more named recognition for this kind of negative digging.

If people out there care for Ryan’s actual privacy and life, please…
Give this post no notice when you go by it.
Don’t encourage this kind of hunting stalking behavior.

Ryan should mean more to this to any true fan who cares deeply for his well being and privacy of his life.
If he wanted it released, it’d be out on an Extra Life or a stream.


The Breakup Bureau

Words: 8.1k
Genre: Fluff, Angst

Read more at Service Series 

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Saying goodbye is never easy.

Held hands over the table, she looks at him with softened eyes and a thoughtful expression. As he finishes with a gentle exhale, she nods. “You know what? You’re right! I deserve better!”

“You deserve the world and more.” He charmingly smiles, gaze dripping with honey.

She breaks out into a grin and pulls her hands away from his, leaning back in her chair. “How could I have been so blind?! I can’t believe I went through a relationship like that for an entire year!”

“And now you get to start fresh again. With someone who will treat you the way you deserve.”

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ive said this before and ill say it again Han is Lando’s loser ex boyfriend who he broke up with after being shady together for a while, but the difference is after this lando actually got his shit together and became a respectable guy who sorted his life out, while Han continued to be an immature manchild and basically the space version of the local weedman who hangs out in his truck with his sketchy friend and sells people oregano instead because he’s sneaky and can’t be trusted

Charge a small "adoption fee" to prevent snake owners from using your free puppies or kittens as food.

I have a coworker who routinely looks at online advertisements for free puppies, kittens, or bunnies. She will pretend to be getting the animal for her children, but will really take it home and feed it to her reticulated python. She admitted that she won’t pay over 10$ to feed the snake. Charging a small adoption fee of $15 or $20 will deter her and other like minded individuals from dishonestly taking the animals for a food source.

Note: I understand that snakes are animals too, and need to eat. I’m not bashing on snakes or snake owners. I merely take issue with the dishonest means by which this is happening. In some examples that she shared with me, the previous owners are calling and texting to check in on the animals, so she lies to them. If these people care enough to check up on the animal, they most likely would not have given the animals away if the true intent were known. Sketchy.

Edit: Wow, this ended up being a really controversial topic. For the record, this is a true story. This woman is emotionally unstable, and quite frankly, doesn’t have the mental agility to pull off a prank on this level as some have suggested. I do agree with many of you who have pointed out the possible warning signs of a sociopath, and I will definitely be reporting her. Thank you to all those who PM’d me resources and contact information.

Also, I had never considered the concept of the bait dogs/fighting dogs and I found that to be enlightening as well.  As some have mentioned, the dog fighting rings may be the bigger more prominent threat. There were many comments that mentioned the fee really doesn’t solve the problem, and that solid interviewing and vetting of new owners is a better strategy. I do not disagree. The argument of spaying/neutering pets was also made, and again, I do not disagree. The purpose of this post was not to spark ethical debate about the food chain, or which type of animals should be labeled “food” vs. “pets”. Nor was the purpose of this post to vilify snakes or their responsible owners. This story would have read the same, even if the animal she owned was a Saltwater Crocodile.

My goal in sharing this post was to raise awareness that there are sketchy people out there who are dishonest in their dealings, and who may not have your pet’s best interest at heart. So, whether charging a fee, or conducting more extensive interviews, or spaying/neutering, we can all be a little more responsible with the animals we value, to make sure that they do not needlessly suffer. Hence the LPT.

I can’t believe Stephanie Cordato Patrick accidentally ended up at a sketchy Halloween rave party in an abandoned warehouse without a floor.

I am incredibly interested in how she ended up there, especially considering she said you had to pay some guy on a street corner for a map.

anonymous asked:

Would you buy a car or an apartment from Craigslist?

Okay. So I know it took me forever. But…

Craigslist Buying 101

1. Pictures. Pictures are so important! Please disregard any post on Craigslist that does not have images of the exact product that you’re going to be purchasing. Not a similar product- the exact product! This applies to:

  • Apartments
  • Cars
  • Furniture
  • Pets
  • Everything else

It’s so easy to upload photos to the internet in this day and age, if the poster did not upload photos, they had a reason for it. Please do not involve yourself with sketchy people. There’s actually an option to filter out any posts without pictures in them on the Craigslist sidebar. 

2. Professional. Disregard any posts with spelling errors and obvious grammatical errors. Any person who does not check their post for stupid errors is not worth your time. They’re trying to sell something to you- do they not care about the sale???

3. Information. The more information posted- the better. Theoretically you should be able to read an apartment posting on Craigslist and know the monthly rent, what utilities (if any) are included, the pet policy, etc. If the person literally did not write any information on the post other than a stupid one-liner like “great apartment for students” then skip skip skip.

4. Phone conversation. Has everything checked out? Ask to speak to the person over the phone to set up an appointment to go see whatever you’re looking to purchase. Do not agree to meet up with someone over email or text, you need to actually hear them talk before going anywhere. Know that they’re who they say they are! If they refuse to talk to you over the phone, RUN.

5. “Student”. In my personal experience, it’s better to avoid dealings with anyone who stresses the fact that you’re “young” or a “student”. Why should it matter what you’re age is? Many people will think that just because you’re young that you will automatically have low self confidence and be easy to push around. I hate these people.

6. Bring a friend. This is the most important rule of Craigslist buying- always bring backup. The more- the merrier. Here are some examples of who you can bring:

  • Your mother
  • Your step-mother
  • Your mother-in-law
  • That one Uncle who is super hairy
  • Your co-worker Loris 
  • Your elderly neighbor who can’t hear well
  • Your D&D squad
  • Literally anyone you trust

Never agree to meet a stranger by yourself, and always let the person you’re meeting know that you’re bringing your posse. They should not have a problem with this. 

7. Check it out. When you arrive at the agreed upon location with your posse, make sure to fully check out whatever you’re looking to purchase. I have another post about checking out potential apartments, but here’s what I’d look for in a potential car:

  • Ask the seller to meet you at a local car repair shop. Either they or you can set up an inspection, but make sure that you are both there to hear the results. This guarantees that the car is road safe. There is no other way to guarantee that the car is not a lemon, a professional needs to do an assessment. Do not buy the car until a mechanic puts on an inspection sticker.
  • If the mechanic suggests that anything needs to be fixed on the car, the seller should pay for the repairs of give you a discount.
  • Ask the mechanic to raise the car so that you can check for rust.
  • Open all the compartments in the car.
  • Check out any seat or upholstery damage.
  • Does the radio/CD player work? How will you play your tunes?
  • Do the windows roll up and down?
  • Does the heat/AC work?
  • Does the defogger/defroster work?
  • Does the horn work?
  • Do the windshield wipers need to be repaired?
  • Ask what type of tires the car has. Are they all-weather? Will the car need snow tires? 
  • When was the last time the car’s oil was changed?
  • Are the headlights bright?
  • Do the lights inside the car work?
  • Are their heated seats? Do they work?
  • If it’s a convertible- does the top open smoothly?
  • Are there any dents visible on the inside our outside?
  • Is there any rust?
  • Are you going to be given a discount if there is?
  • Does it come with license plates or will you need to buy your own?
  • Ask to test drive the car. Test breaks, acceleration, etc.

8. Price. The price for said item should not have changed at all now that you’re there in person. If it has, decline to do business. Remember to stand your ground! Loris will help you.

And finally- if you are buying a car, please read your state’s DMV’s page on the required forms. Here is the one for NY.

I asked my 13 year old brother to identify some (more) NDRV3 characters


Talent: Making roses come out of their ass


“Wait that’s a boy that ain’t no fucking male”


Prob stalks people


Talent: Flying


“Oh you look like a queer”



Talent: Fighting


Will slap a bitch

Steals your Pepsi and calls you a bitch


Talent: Catching dumbass bugs

A queer




Talent: Make up and clothes

“It looks like she’s looking at a penis”

“Got that hourglass body Damn”



Talent: Driving boats

In love with the sea


“Is that even a guy”

Hits people with soda bottles for fun

I get frequent asks about what “ace discourse” is, and these asks usually sit in my ask box for a while because - really - there are dozens of answers I could give that define what “ace discourse” is and what it has been, but the common theme in “ace discourse” I have seen is the use of what appears to be social justice rhetoric to undermine the value and experiences of asexual people to the point of manipulating people into viewing their anti asexual attitudes as socially just, which is - in an ironic twist - contrary to the goals of social justice. 

When I was younger, the most common “ace discourse” was about whether or not asexual and ace-spec identities inherently slut shamed women and that asexual and ace-spec women were suffering from internalized sexism. This was around the time “sex positivity” was a big thing on the internet, and asexual and ace-spec people were thrown under the bus during this movement as if our goals were completely contrary to sex positivity and we were a threat to the liberation of women. 

So, I find it sketchy when people try to pin “ace discourse” down to one single argument (i.e. “asexuals are/are not inherently LGBT.”) In doing so, a lot of issues relevant to asexual and ace-spec people are framed within an argument that has nothing to do with what is being discussed. For example, many times an asexual person will discuss an issue relevant to the asexual community which will be followed by reblogs going “this is why asexuals are/are not LGBT” when that isn’t relevant. 

This ignores the historical arguments that have arisen against the existence of asexual and ace-spec people, and weaponizes current issues (such as feminism and LGBT rights and representation) and the investment people have in them to position asexual and ace-spec people as an inherent threat despite the fact that the goals of asexual and ace-spec people can very much coincide with these current issues. This also works to alienate and silence asexual and ace-spec people from issues that immediately effect them.

In addition, by continually positing one’s hatred towards asexual and ace-spec people within the framework of current events and issues, people also position their hatred towards asexual and ace-spec people as a matter of social justice instead of as a virulent hatred for an intrinsic part of one’s identity that does not inherently harm anyone. They also boost voices of asexuals who do hold harmful attitudes in order to prove that their hatred of asexuals is socially just, while ignoring people within their movements who cause as much harm. 

“Ace discourse” has been and will be many different things. It is not a single issue. “Ace discourse” is the persistent villainization and derailing of asexual narratives and experiences to suit a particular agenda.  “Ace discourse” is built on flawed ideas of asexuality, and involves an excessive use of logical fallacies to treat asexuality as inherently harmful and contrary to “progress.” We need to think of it as separate from intercommunity and intracommunity discussion which is productive and helpful to us. 

Partners In Crime (Teen Sam Drake x Reader)

Requested by @unchartedtrash

Pairing: Sam Drake x Reader

Fandom: Uncharted

Request: “I hope you don’t mind prompts. “There’s nothing going on!” with Teen!Sam. -UnchartedTrash (Please tag me!)”

Prompt: “There’s nothing going on!”

Word Count: 3,428

Key: [Y/NN]: Your Nickname

A/N: Hey everyone! This took a bit longer than expected! It was originally supposed to be way shorter than this and I feel like this is too long but whatever haha. Hope you enjoy!

 From the moment you had laid eyes on Sam Morgan you knew he was different. You had spotted him while casually strolling through the flea market, a place your parents had forbidden you to visit because of the rather… extreme personalities that sold trinkets there. They would never say it out loud to you, but it was also because they thought they were too good for this place. All they ever shopped at were higher-end stores.

  Of course, as teenagers will do, you broke that rule. It wasn’t just because you wanted to be rebellious though, you’ve always been drawn to the sorts of things that were sold here. You had actually made a hobby of fixing the broken jewelry and then pawning it off to people. The intricate, detailed, but yet slightly damaged objects captivated you. 

 Maybe that’s why Sam had drawn you in as well. He gave off the broken soul aura as soon as you two had made eye contact with each other across the market. There was something about the way he looked at you, his eyes gleaming with a sort of wistfulness you’ve never seen in a teenager. Perhaps just like the jewelry, you could fix him as well.

 You watched him as he ducked into a tent, and for some reason, you had to find an excuse to start talking to him. It was like a magnet being drawn to its polar opposite, not being able to stop until you were close enough to him.

 Deliberately walking slow to the tent he had entered a few minutes earlier, you pulled the curtains gently to the side and peered in. This booth looked unfamiliar to you, which was surprising since you were usually a regular at the flea market and could map this whole place out in your head. Space was minimal compared to the other booths but this one had much more stuff in it, which made you feel slightly overwhelmed looking at all the items.

 You saw him towards the far left, in the jewelry section of the tent. He seemed to be thumbing a quite stunning gold necklace, the chain slightly glinting in the overhead light. It looked like some sort of medallion, with tiny, delicate gemstones encrusted in it. 

 If he weren’t the main goal at the moment, I would most likely be naming prices for it with the merchant right now.

 As soon as this thought had passed through your mind, you had an idea. A not so subtle idea, but it was better than nothing at all.

 Swallowing the lump of fear in your throat, you abruptly began to walk towards him before you could change your mind and back down completely with this plan. As you had reached your destination after weaving through the hordes of customers down the aisle, you contemplated whether or not to do this. You’ve never been the type to quite literally throw yourself out there like some of your friends do, but at this point in time, that would change.

 Without giving another thought about this whole plan, you roughly bumped into his back, making sure to elbow him hard enough to jostle the necklace from his hands. This indeed worked as you watched the chain slip through his fingers and fall to the ground with a loud clatter, some of the gemstones falling out-of-place. 

 His shoulders raised and fell as you heard an annoyed sigh escape his lips. Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea after all. This may just make him pissed at you. “Hey, why don’t you watch where you’re going nex-” His sentence was brought up short as he turned around to face you, his eyes widened with curiosity as he looked you up and down. He opened his mouth to say something, but you beat him to it.

 “Sorry about that, it gets a little crowded in here,” You smiled sweetly at him, gesturing to the crowds of people walking around the two of you. “But I’ll most definitely be paying for that. I was the one who was clumsy enough to bump into you.”

 Bending down to ground level and scooping up the broken necklace, you walked over to the vendor, explaining the situation and handing him a generous amount of cash. He thanked you for your business and you exited the tent, taking notice of the fact the boy was now trailing you. You let a smug smile spread across your lips as you realized your plan had actually worked.

 “Wait!” He shouted behind you, as you felt a hand grasp your shoulder and gently turn you around. “Seeing that whole chunk of cash you just gave that dude back there, I don’t exactly see you as the type to be walking around a flea market buying broken junk.” He pointed to the damaged necklace you had just purchased with a smug smirk.

 “I fix these things you so-call, junk and sell them if you must know.” You replied coolly, crossing your arms and jutting out your hip with attitude. “Are you always this quick to judge girls?” The initial curiosity you first felt about this boy started wearing off, and now you were slightly offended he was being so quick to assume things.

 He obviously caught on that you felt insulted, and his eyes softened, the mischievous glint in them almost completely diminished. Almost. “Right, I’m sorry, how about we start this introduction over?” He said as he stuck out his hand. “I’m Sam. Sam Morgan.”

 “[Y/N]. [Y/N] [Y/L/N].” You told him, shaking his hand and giggling slightly over the cheesiness of all of this. The both of you sounded like James Bond. He chuckled a bit as well, a sound that made your heart flip, and you made the mistake of looking at his smile. Dimples formed at the corners of his mouth, and you could feel yourself staring much too long at his lips, but you couldn’t help yourself.

 When you finally snapped out of it, you were relieved to see he was too deep in thought to notice your staring problem. His eyes looked distant as if he wasn’t even here with you at the moment. Suddenly, he clapped his hands and rubbed them together in a devious manner, a sly smirk spreading across his lips. The jaunty glint in his eyes returned, and you couldn’t help it as your heart started pounding slightly in your chest. There was definitely something about Sam that drew you in, and you had a feeling that once you got caught in his web, you wouldn’t be able to untangle yourself. Maybe you wouldn’t want to untangle yourself after getting a taste of him. 

 “How well do you think we’d work as a team, [Y/N]?”

 After that, the rest was history.

 For a few months now, you and Sam have paired up as partners in crime, stealing damaged artifacts from museums and restoring them, then pawning them off to rather sketchy people. It was quite the deal, and both of you made a pretty fair share of money from it, not like you needed it for anything. Whenever you found the chance, you would always slip your earnings into Sam’s pockets, although you had the feeling he knew exactly what you were doing. 

 The only downfall to this whole partnership between the two of you was that you weren’t the one doing the risky business; Sam was. You guys have had a few particularly nasty fights with each other because he refused to let you tag along. You remembered how loud he had yelled at you, saying he couldn’t afford to let your life be as worthless as his was. It broke your heart that Sam truly believed he had no potential. He is the most driven and dedicated person you’ve ever met, which truly amazed you. Somehow, and some way you were determined to show Sam just how much potential he really did have.

 “So who is this Henry McAvery guy anyways?” You asked Sam, the two of you walking next to each other while his younger brother, Nate, trailed behind. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Sam look over his shoulder at his younger brother, and it wasn’t long before you heard the two of them burst out laughing. Quite confused and clueless, you looked back and forth between the both of them, and sighed while saying, “What’s so funny?”

 Sam gave you his infamous crooked grin that caused butterflies to take over your stomach as he explained the humor in what you had just said. “It’s Henry Avery, [Y/NN].”

 When Sam told you that Nathan had been kicked out of yet another orphanage for bad behavior and needed to wait a couple of days minimum before getting relocated to another one, you welcomed both of them into your home right away. You’ve seen Sam’s studio apartment, and you couldn’t imagine both of those boys living in such a small space for an indefinite amount of time. 

 Plus, you actually liked having the extra company since your family was out-of-town. The thought of being home alone at night terrified you, so you don’t know what you would’ve done if Sam had declined your offer.

 Grabbing your house key from your back pocket, and unlocking the door with a click, you stepped into your house. As you began sliding your shoes off, you heard a gasp of excitement coming from Nate. “You live…” he paused for a second, looking around your house with wide eyes, “…here?”

 Giggling from his amazed reaction, you nodded your head. “Yep. Go ahead and make yourself at home. There are some popcorn bags in the pantry over there.” You pointed him in the direction of the kitchen. He was just about to scamper off, but Sam stopped him momentarily.

 “[Y/N] and I are going to head upstairs to work on something, you think you’ll be okay?” Nathan gave him a nod as Sam playfully ruffled his hair. “Oh and try not to set the house on fire, okay?” He said while the two of them exchanged devious looking grins before Nate ran off.

 Sam followed your lead as you walked up the stairs and into your room. You approached your closet and started shuffling some things aside, trying to find the box you keep all the artifacts in. You spotted it all the way on the top shelf, stepping up on your toes to at least and try to make an effort to reach it, but it was no use. You gave it one more try, this time around jumping up as far as you could, which just resulted in hearing Sam’s snickering behind you. “Are you just going to sit there and laugh at me?” You huffily said, annoyed he hasn’t offered to help you. 

 Sam raised his hands in surrender as sat up from your bed and walked across the room towards you. Giving you a smug little smirk, he looked at you and teasingly said, “Whatever you want, Princess.”

 Although Sam was just kidding around, your breath slightly hitched at the pet name he had just called you. It seemed like he heard that as you watched his smirk grow.

 Him and his smug little smirk I just want to kiss it of-

 “Here we go.” Sam plopped the box down on your desk, and you were actually quite thankful he had cut off your previous thought before it got too out of line.

 You carefully took out the most recent artifact Sam had nabbed, which quite ironically, was a golden medallion that looked like the one you purchased at the flea market where you first met him. The thought of that day brought memories back that made your heart flutter with joy.

 Before you had met Sam, you felt like your life was incomplete, each day fading into the next, with no meaning to them at all. It was the same routine every day and it was almost like you knew something was missing. Then Sam Morgan came barreling into your life, and it’s never been the same before, but in a good way. 

 The medallion wasn’t too damaged compared to some other pieces Sam had retrieved in the past, so it had only taken you several minutes before it looked good as new. Grabbing a rag off to the side of your desk, just to clean it a bit and make it look shiny, you turned your head to the side to look at Sam. 

 It felt like your heart had stopped dead in its tracks when you found that he was already looking at you, a smile slightly tugging at his lips. “What?” You asked, eyebrows beginning to furrow in confusion. “Is there something on my face?”

 Sam cleared his throat as his eyes darted away from yours, fumbling with his fingers as he mumbled. “No. Nevermind, it’s nothing.” You could tell he was nervous right off the bat as you watched his hands begin to shake. The cocky, teasing side to him quickly diminished in a matter of seconds, leaving you wondering why. 

 “Sam…” You trailed off, placing your hands on his to stop the trembling. “You can tell me anything.” 

 His head was turned so you couldn’t see his face, but he acknowledged you by giving your hand a squeeze. You knew he wasn’t facing you on purpose because truth be told… you could read him like an open book. Sam had mastered a pretty solid poker face, but his weakness was his eyes. They told you everything. 

 “C’mon Sam, you’re my best friend,” you tried again, hoping to coax him into confessing what was wrong.

 What you had just said sparked something in him, as he turned around and gave you a quite intense look, his eyes searching yours for what seemed like an eternity. This was the most scared you’ve ever seen him. His eyebrows knitted together as he let out a shaky sigh when he finally spoke. “That’s the problem, [Y/N].”

 Puzzled, you began opening your mouth to say something, but he beat you to it, bringing his index finger to his lips. You obeyed his command, but never more in your life have you wanted to say something to someone as much as you did now. Sam was scaring you. 

 The empty silence as you waited for him to explain was excruciating. You just wanted to jump up at of your seat and yell at him, tell him to spit it out. But you didn’t. You just continued rubbing your thumb on the back of his hand to try to put him at ease. 

 “You remember the first time we met [Y/NN]?” Sam finally spoke up, but he didn’t wait for you to answer the question as he carried forward, “I do.” 

 His eyes seemed far away, and you could only assume that he was replaying the first encounter between the two of you in his head. You yourself thought back at that memory as well, closing your eyes and smiling, remembering how bad you had wanted to talk to Sam.

 “This artifact reminded me of that pretty medallion necklace you bought,” Sam said, reaching across your desk to grab it. Still silent, you watched as he sat there for a moment, just looking at the piece. “To be quite honest, I was going to go off on you for running into me, but when I turned around and saw you…” A deep, crimson tint started blooming on his cheeks, and you couldn’t believe your sight. Sam Morgan was blushing.

 His hazel eyes strayed away from the artifact to meet yours as he continued, “Let me just tell you, I couldn’t be happier that you bumped into me that day. I don’t mean to sound like a total sap, but you’ve forever changed my life in the best way possible. You’ve made me feel like I actually matter.” He spoke in a quiet voice, but you heard every word. And each and every one of those words made you feel light-headed from the realness of this. Was Sam confessing his feelings towards you?

 Sam’s hand cautiously reached out towards your face, intently watching you as he touched a loose strand of your hair. He twisted it around, playing with it for a moment before tucking it behind your ear. Your heart skipped a beat as he murmured, “And that’s the problem, [Y/N]. All you see between us is just a friendship.”

 It completely shocked you that Sam actually believed you didn’t feel attracted to him. Has he never noticed that you sometimes stare at him a little too long while he’s cracking one of his adorable smiles? Has he never seen the blush creep up on your cheeks every time he would call you a cute pet name? Surely he could hear your pulse from where he was standing every time any physical contact was made. As these thoughts raced through your mind and you looked him in the eye, you saw that he truly was left in the dark about your feelings towards him.

 Deciding that actions speak louder than words, you swiftly leaned forward without warning, and placed your lips against his. Astonishingly, he responded without hesitation, his mouth in sync with yours. You felt like your heart was going to rip out of your chest as the kiss deepened, growing more and more passionate by the second. Tugging on the collar of his shirt to bring him closer, you caught the scent of his cologne, a slightly spicy smell that you could never get enough of. 

 Both of you break away from each other for air, only pausing for a few seconds before going right back to kissing Sam. Although this time, the two of you sat up from the desk, slowly making your way to your bed. Surprisingly, you got there smoother than expected, not even having to break the kiss.

 Sam pushed you gently onto the bed, your back softly hitting the mattress. He laid on top of you, the sensation of his body hovering over you made you overwhelmingly dizzy. Your breath hitched as his lips found his was across your jaw and down towards your neck. Your hands roamed across his chest as you moaned faintly once Sam had kissed the sweet spot on your neck. You felt the heat rise up in your cheeks as you realized you made that sound, and you could only hope that he didn’t hear that. Unfortunately, you could feel a smirk being pressed up against your neck, which confirmed he did indeed hear you.

 Just as he was about to tease you about it, you heard your bedroom door creak open, followed by a, “Whoa, what the hell guys?!”

 Sam hurriedly pushed himself from you, now sitting next to you in bed. Your jaw dropped as you saw Nathan standing at your door frame, a look of horror on his face, his eyes as wide as saucers. “There’s nothing going on!” You exclaimed, trying to diffuse this whole rather awkward situation. Looking next to you at Sam for some help, he seemed to be rather amused by this, pretending to have to cough while in reality, he was actually laughing. 

 Swinging your head back to Nate, trying to think of something to change the subject, you saw Sam in the corner of your eye lean in towards you. He was so close you could feel his breath against your ear, sending chills throughout your whole body. “More like there’s something going off.” He whispered in your ear teasingly, as you felt his hands brush up against the hem of your shirt. You placed both of your hands on his chest and gave him a gentle push. Giving you one last smug look, he turned his head towards Nathan.

 “So, what did you need help with little brother?” Sam inquired him while scooting off the edge of your bed, acting like nothing had ever happened. 

 “I just needed help with laying out our sleeping bags until I found you and [Y/N]-”

 “Okay, and we’re going now,” Sam said, cutting off Nate’s previous sentence, much to your relief. You watched as he ushered Nathan out of the room, starting to swing the door close. Before he could do that though, he looked over his shoulder, giving you a wink while saying, “See you in a few, Princess,” and with that, he closed the door, leaving you a flustered and blushing mess.

Who killed the most people?

Vasily Blokhin. He was chief of executions in the Soviet Union during the “Great Purge” era. Handpicked by Josef Stalin himself, Blokhin had over 10,000 kills to his name. In April 1940, he murdered more than 9,000 Polish prisoners in an atrocious massacre at a prisoner of war camp in the Katyn forest. He was obsessed with being the best executioner and aimed for at least 300 deaths per day. After Stalin’s death, he was forced into hiding and sank into alcoholism and depression. He reportedly committed suicide aged 60, although reports are sketchy.

Set It Off - the story of trap!mork

If there’s one thing Mork Tuna knows how to do - it’s survive in these streets.

If you’re in some trouble, who ya gonna call? No, not the Ghostbusters bitch. Mork fucking Tuna.

If he doesn’t leave your ass on read receipt first.

~ the most action packed lit ass story of our generation…..based off this dream I just had about mork tuna with some drug money in the strip club. (gifs aint mine but the story sure is)

(I recommend playing Nicki Minaj’s Beez In The Trap for this shit)

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The Outsiders During A Wild Party (Headcanon)

Darry: Definitely bored quickly and wanting to leave early. He gets a headache from the music choices after a while. Gives up on trying to calm down Sodapop from dancing on the table and stealing other men’s chicks. Literally watches Ponyboy like a hawk. Then there’s the alcohol. He tears off his shirt when he gets drunk enough and lets girls take shots off his body.

Sodapop: LIFE OF THE PARTY, HONESTLY. He’s got his arm wrapped around girls and he’s trying not to stumble. He tries to drunk fight Steve and they trip all over each other and fall into tables while trying to swing their arms. BEER PONG CHAMPION. Getting high n’ passing it around. Too lit to realize who he’s passing it to and realizes it’s Ponyboy and he gets his hand smacked by Darry.

Ponyboy: Uncomfortable and squished in the crowd of drunk teenagers. Getting STEPPED on. Gags when he tries his first shot. He gets all upset and flustered when Two-Bit makes fun of him for it. Literally miserable & wants to go home UNTIL he finds Johnny in the way, way back and they get high af and talk deeply about life.

Johnny: He was shaken up and definitely uneased by everything at first, but next thing you know he’s higher than a kite with his arm thrown around the couch and he’s so chill, talking to a bunch of girls who walk up to him. Always the guy to make sure everything doesn’t go overboard and he gets Steve to help him carry a passed out greaser to a safe zone.

Dallas: WILD AND TRYING TO START FIGHTS. Oh my God, getting with random women upstairs, shot after shot after shot, trying to stuff beer for later in his jacket, he’s so drunk that he stumbles into the T.V. and breaks it, throws up from drinking so much and Johnny tries helping him back up, literally blackouts a few times but gets back up as if it was nothing, pulling sooo many pranks, pushing drunk ppl into the pool etc…

Two-Bit: He tries literally everything sketchy people offer him, gets slapped sooo many times by different girls, takes a shot every time Ponyboy looks like he’s about to cry which = a lot of shots, daring people to do crazy shit, you either laugh or want to punch him for his jokes- no in between, streaks outside, passing out on the pool table etc…

Steve: He chooses the best party songs to dance to. He keeps doing flips off of the table and almost breaking things for God’s sake. LOUDLY proclaiming how proud he is of himself and interrupts conversations to do so when he’s tipsy. Gets rlly upset when Sodapop keeps winning beer pong so he steals his shots and they end up tryna fight again.

What You’ve Done (P5)

Warnings: angst, sadness, physical abuse, language, Dean doing V BAD THINGS LIKE WHY???

tags and a/n at the bottom

“Where are we going, again?” Y/N asked. She was half listening to Dean, half looking out the window at the clouds overhead, as she curled up in the front seat of the impala on the long road. She wasn’t really paying attention, which was unusual.

She’d been doing it frequently, lately. Normally, she was sleeping with one eye open and a knife under her pillow. It wasn’t uncommon for hunters, but Y/N slept less, ate less, and practiced more than any other hunter that Sam or Dean knew. Whenever she wasn’t on a hunt, researching, eating or resting, she was either in the gun range or in the war room, sparring with whoever was willing- or, alternatively, beating up a punching bag at 3am when she couldn’t sleep.

More likely, she didn’t want to sleep.

Sleeping is lethal, she had said to Dean. You can’t fight when you’re asleep; you can’t even trust yourself. You’re not safe.

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