sketchy trees

Because I just had to!

Based on THIS by @tyranttortoise 

I am not really into the whole heat thing, I actually think it’s kind of silly but whatever floats your boat, but the idea of Edge going out into snowdins forest just to yell at trees makes me literally die with laughter, like it’s so cute and such a silly thing to do but so him??? xD

Have been wanting to draw this ever since I read it, and today I finally did!

So hope you like it @tyranttortoise, I really love your work and now I’m off to read the newest chapter of SSLL which I absolutely adore and can’t wait to read more of! :D


Then and Now. (click them for better quality)


i mean he obviously hasnt heard of it since it explains how to eat burgers but imagine mondos just been blindly following the advice of some website this whole time

Legends + Christmas

Ok, so this was inspired by a post where someone said, “Imagine a Legends of Tomorrow Christmas episode”, and it spiralled down from there.

  • There’s a very clear divide in the team between those who are absolutely ecstatic and go all out for Christmas (Jax, Ray, Kendra and, surprisingly enough, Stein, though he celebrates Hanukkah rather than Christmas, but still helps the others with their Christmas plans), and those who couldn’t care less and wish the others would leave them alone (Sara, Mick, Len, Carter and Rip).
  • Kendra, Ray and Jax set about adorning the ship in every piece of Christmas-related piece of décor they can get their hands on. They even hijack the ship and make a special stop at Walmart and some sketchy-looking Christmas tree place, just so that they can get the tinsel, a pack of baubles and the tree. They also stock up on baking ingredients, which Rip pulls a face at. (The last time the Legends tried to make cookies, it ended up with black smoke pouring out of the oven, and Snart using his gun to extinguish the oven. And the fridge. And the dining table. It was a pretty big fire. Rip banned them from baking unsupervised after that).
  • Mick, while not entirely on board with the whole Christmas celebration thing, helps Jax to pick out the best, biggest tree, and he and Len subtly intimidate the tree guy into giving them a discount on the incredibly over-priced tree. Cue Len, Rip and Mick struggling to move the tree while Kendra tries to make up her mind where it would look best. (“Kendra, just make up your mind, already. This thing is heavy.” “It has to look perfect, Rip. A little bit more to the left.”)
  • Kendra, Ray, Jax and Stein all making their own home-made ornaments, and getting the others to join in. Mick just tosses them a spare lighter with a picture of Santa on it that he ‘liberated’ from Walmart; Sara draws a white bird on a black bauble and passes it to them with a wink; Rip just hands them a random piece of tat off his desk and declares the whole thing pointless; Carter carves a little wooden symbol from a piece of pine wood, but won’t tell anyone what it means; Len actually goes all out for it and makes a little snowman with a pirate’s hat on it; Jax makes a little snow dog because he remembers watching ‘The Snowman and the Snowdog’ with his mum a few days before the accident, and he thinks it’s cute (so does the rest of the team when they see a cute little white terrier with sock ears); Ray makes high-tech mini devices with moving, Christmas-themed holographics (Rip is angry when he learns where Ray got the extra parts from. Hint: Futuristic phone); Kendra makes little angels and it brings back memories of Christmas with Carter and Aldus; Stein decides to get Carter’s help carving a Jewish star as his decoration, and makes Rip stop off and buy menorah when they next land somewhere that isn’t a desolate futuristic city ruled by maniacs and motorcycle gangs.
  • Kendra, Ray and Jax getting very excited each day when they get to open their advent calendar doors, and then Ray and Jax getting very sick after gorging themselves on the entire calendar because they just couldn’t wait, and asking for new ones, which the others say no to because, “you threw up on Mick’s shoes, guys. He’ll probably shoot you both if you get another calendar.”
  • Stein being the only one allowed to bake because 1) he’s the only person who won’t poison the rest of them with his cooking (Ray can’t cook to save his life. He lives on microwave dinners for a reason), 2) his food is actually edible and not burnt to a crisp like Mick’s were that one time, and 3) he’s actually sensible when he’s in the kitchen and doesn’t forget that something is in the oven and then set fire to the entire kitchen. He also happens to bake the best latkes and Sufganiyah ever.
  • While half of the team isn’t really into Christmas, they all agree to do Secret Santa (though Mick and Len do so grudgingly). Ray gets Sara, Sara gets Len, Len gets Jax, Jax gets Mick, Mick gets Kendra, Kendra gets Rip, Rip gets Carter, and Carter gets Ray.
  • Tinsel + pine needles + bare feet = not so fun times for the Legends. (Mick wants to burn the tree down. Carter threatens to use his axe on it. Rip threatens to airlock it. Ray points out that Rip doesn’t have an airlock which leads to him being slapped upside the head. Everyone forgets about destroying the tree when they see Jax’s sad face).
  • Christmas day, while incredibly insane, is also incredibly fun. Everyone is thrilled with their presents, Christmas lunch is edible and actually rather nice, and they end up watching cheesy Christmas movies together in the lounge. It’s a very enjoyable day overall.

TL;DR – A Christmas day special would be awesome, and I need it to happen, even if it’s a one-off special or another season or something, it would just be incredible.

Edit: I’m so sorry. I forgot that Stein was Jewish, it’s been a while since I’ve watched the Flash episodes with Stein in, and it completely slipped my mind, so I’ve edited this with Stein in mind.


Made a Rick and Morty ornament for the tiny tree in my room.

anonymous asked:

Hello I just wanted to say you are a amazing artist and i support *thumbs up* i saw you drew the mystery skulls characters, could you maybe draw Shiromori? She's the flower lady in the newest one freaking out. Hope you have a nice day! :D

Thank you, anon~!! :”D  <3

sorry for the late reply. XD

here a sketchy tree lady I did. I actually got another doodle of her in my broken computer tho. heh

anonymous asked:

I have a few questions. What would Lucida look like in Underfell mode? What would make her attack you if she was added to Undertale? Can I see a sketchy family tree of the font family?

I’ve got a design I can post of her when she’s in underfell, it’s pretty cute. That, and if she were in the game itself, if you killed papyrus (Be it genocide or neutral) she would fight you in waterfall, very close to where you’d find the trick hallway. It would be very difficult to spare her. She would not speak to you again be it perhaps cryptic, slightly disturbing “nonsense” if you called her, and the skeleton’s house would be locked tight, assuming she’s in there and not letting you return.

I can’t currently sketch out the family tree, though.