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Basically, I’m just making an excuse where people assumed Genji’s a playboy cause it’s like he’s got a date daily, but in reality, he just meets up with his brother somewhere in Japan that’s NOT in Hanamura so they could date in peace.

Their usual routine would be finding the best Ramen and waste their time at the Arcades… Whaaat? Who says Hanzo doesn’t play in Arcades! He’s quite a gamer whenever he wants to beat his brother’s High Scores.ヽ(´▽`)/

Let’s go to Tokyo

You were positioned in an alleyway, smoking a cigarette, trying and failing to calm your nerves. You had lost the guys following you a few miles back, surely they had given up looking for you for today at least. You can’t remember exactly what get you in the position you now found yourself in, but you didn’t care to find out either. You hadn’t slept in days and things were getting out of hand, you needed anything you could get, and you heard you could find it on Watery Lane.

You quickly throw your cigarette on the ground and stomp it out as you watch a young, handsome boy stroll down the street. You check both ways before leaving your impromptu hiding space, following behind the boy.

“Hey.” You shout, trying to catch up. He stops and turns around, seeing you for the first time. His breath is taken away at the sight of you. Your Y/H/C hair is swept up, beautifully showing of your flawless skin and sparkling eyes. Your long fur coat hugs your body perfectly, working well to cover up your actual intentions. He can’t take his eyes off of you. “Are you a Shelby?”

“Uh..uh..yes I am. Finn.” He says, awkwardly extending a hand towards you. You giggle and shake it.

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Attacked? You sound like Latvia is not safe place to be in! In countryside? Have you even been there? People in countryside are much smarter and kinder than ones that live in big cities like Riga or Daugavpils!

Honey, compared to Riga or Daugavpils or Kuldiga or wherever you want to name, I’m basically from the countryside. Saldus is tiiiiiiiny, tiny. I know a part of the people living there, yes, but in evenings, when there are hobos walking around or sketchy-looking men or boys, I definitely do not feel safe. I used to study in a school called Striķu pamatskola a few kilometers from Saldus and sometimes used to ride the bike if I wasn’t in a hurry and, boy, if you saw the right people, you definitely wouldn’t feel safe. Sure, if you apply the common stereotype of the average country person, they’re all nice and will greet you in a sweet country accent and give you fresh milk to drink from their cows and whatever, but understand that usually, people are much more stingy and selfish than that. I understand I’m making all this sound really extreme, but that’s just to help get my point across. Yes, I am unnecessarily terrified and suspicious of everything. No, most men or boys or whatever will NOT attack you, but, there are some people that may do so. As I said, although we don’t hear much of it since it’s more or less a common occurrence, assaults do happen. We shouldn’t pretend like they don’t. I’m not trying to scare you into taking a knife or whatnot with you, but I don’t want anyone to get hurt. It’s better to make sure you’re safe and can do something to protect yourself if the situation requires you to do so. “Sargāsi sevi, arī Dieviņš sargās.” Please understand - you are the only one that can make sure that you’re really safe by being cautious and prepared in case something happens.

 “Ah, I hear you loud and clear,” Izaya pauses for a moment. “but, you know…”

 Suddenly a tall, lanky man with bleach blonde hair enters the room and lazily makes his way down the stairs.

“I have methods of my own.”

In which Izaya finds himself in the middle of a meeting with some very intimidating characters and a pajama clad Shizuo unknowingly swoops in to save the day.

Rating: T

Word count: 1128

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Hi! I don't know if you do au's, but if you do, can you do a mafia au where hoshi(you can decide what role he has in the group) bumps into you while running away from a bad situation & you let him hide out in your house & patch him up even though he warns you that he's dangerous. And you take care of him anyway & you two get along and he keeps hanging out with you & falls for you, eventually confessing. (sorry that was so long i just love hosh)

sorry for the long wait anon  (´;ω;`) but here ya go! 

Scenario: mafia au!
Group/Member: Seventeen / Hoshi
Word Count: 2,000+ (this is so long omg I got carried away)
Rating: G (mentions of blood!!)

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