sketchy hotels

One year ago today, I skipped class to get on a plane to NYC.

One year ago today, I almost got abducted by a man in a black van but I ran away and got in a taxi.

One year ago today, I made a really bad cup of coffee in a really sketchy hotel room.

One year ago today, I blared Taylor Swift music in that hotel room until someone knocked on my door and asked me to turn it down.

One year ago today, I showed up fashionably late and met a bunch of cool kids at the back of the line.

One year ago today, Taylor Nation asked a room full of people who the biggest Taylor fan was and I was the only one who raised my hand.

One year ago today, I was sitting on a bus and saw Karlie Kloss walking down the street and proceeded to die.

One year ago today, I was standing outside of Taylor’s apartment door shaking with nerves and excitement.

One year ago today, I explored the prettiest apartment in the world and stole a napkin out of the bathroom (sorry, Taylor).

One year ago today, I went to get a water and did not realize this simple decision would prevent me from being in the secret session video (still slightly bitter).

One year ago today, Taylor Swift walked down the staircase like a majestic angel giraffe and I proceeded to die (again).

One year ago today, the opening notes of Welcome to New York played and I actually cried tears of happiness.

One year ago today, I watched Taylor dance and sing along to 1989 and she looked so happy and I was so happy and everyone in the room was so goddamn happy.

One year ago today, I talked to Taylor’s parents and listened to them gush about how amazing Taylor was (as if we didn’t know) and hint at all the amazing things that would be happening soon.

One year ago today, I hugged Taylor and my mind completely lost everything I wanted to say and all I could think about was how I didn’t know where to put my arms and to this day I still don’t know if I properly thanked her.

One year ago today, I asked Taylor what she had been dying to do for a picture all night, and she requested we get behind the staircase and pretend we were in jail.

One year ago today, I was sitting on the floor waiting to leave when Mr. Swift brought Olivia over and I got to hold her and she snuggled into my neck (I think she sensed my cat lady aura).

One year ago today, I got back to my hotel room, sat down, and furiously wrote everything down in my journal because I knew I wouldn’t have a day that perfect in a very, very long time.


this week consisted of: four states and over 1500 miles of driving, hardly any sleep, a beautiful wedding, a little bit of hiking, the hottest weather of my life, time with good friends, a baby who gets grumpy in the car (but is otherwise the happiest), hot cheetos + turkey lettuce wraps + vitamin water for every meal (for real), so many breathtaking views, cheap / sketchy hotels, swimming in the sketchy hotels’ pools, holding hands while driving, iced coffee, and showing more of the world to our tiny (and somewhat unimpressed) kid. it was a good road trip, I would say!

In Defence of Jane

I’m seeing Jane get a lot of flack for saying she wants full custody, but I think we forget that how lightly this show treats many serious issues, because it is by nature a light and quirky show. Things like impaling, murder, drug busts - they’re overdramatised and funny, not scary. This is not CSI.

In telenovela world, maybe it is overreacting to say Rafael can’t have custody unless he sees the baby away from the Marbella/removes some of the sketchy people from the hotel. And it was a shock to me too. But in reality, you would keep your baby as far away from that toxic mess as possible. 

People are saying it’s out of character and cruel - but what is out of character about Jane doing her best to protect those she loves, or helping her baby to grow up in a healthy environment? What’s cruel about keeping her baby away from Magda, Milosh and Sin Rostro?