sketchy hotels

I Don't Deserve to Be Loved.

warnings: swearing, violence

word count: 1,335


You were pulled from a deep sleep by the Joker thrashing around beside you. Sitting straight up, you flicked on the lamp on your bedside table. You gently laid your hand on his shoulder and tried to shake him awake.

“J?” You whisper. “Wake up.”

He mumbles something incoherently so you shake his shoulder a little more violent than before. He jerks awake, sitting up with a terrified look on his face. His breathing is heavy. If you weren’t crazy, you’d think he was almost having a panic attack.

“J?” You reach out a hand towards him, but he flicks it away without removing his gaze from in front of him. “What’s wrong, puddin’?”

He stands up and walks into the bathroom that’s connected to your shared bedroom. You figure he wants some space, so you sit in bed for a few minutes waiting for him to come back.

After 5 minutes of listening to complete silence coming from the bathroom, you go check on him. Knocking softly on the door, you ask if you can come in.



“Go away.”

Taking a risk, you ignore the demand and open the door. J is standing in front of the mirror with his head hanging low. His knuckles are paper white from gripping the counter so hard.

“I said go away.” He growls, looking at his reflection in the mirror with a dangerous look on his face.

“No, I want you to tell me what’s wrong.” You walk over to him away put one of your hands on top of his. “Why are you acting like this?”

“GOD DAMNIT, (Y/N), I SAID TO GO AWAY!” With that, the smacked your hand away with so much force that it left a tingling sensation behind. You looked at him dumbfounded. You decide to keep prying at him.

“Why?” You ask, rubbing your hand that he hit.

“I don’t want you around me anymore.”

Those words were enough to send your world crashing down around you.

“Fine.” You hold your head high and turn on your heel, walking out of the bathroom. You slam the door.

You throw on some clothes and drag a suit case out from the depths of your closet. You pack everything you think will sustain you for a while, and head out the front door without speaking a word to anyone.


It had been four days since you left the Joker. Four days since he told you he didn’t want you around anymore.

You were staying at a sketchy hotel, a few towns over from Gotham City. The place smelled of insect repellent and cheap cigarettes, but at least you had a roof over your head.

You didn’t leave the hotel room, except to go to the lobby to the snack and drink machine, although you didn’t eat much. All you did was lay in bed and think. Maybe cry a little.

This wasn’t the first time you had walked out on J. Sometimes he just gets too much and you needed to escape for a few days to spend some time on your own. You never left because he told you to. But this time was different. This time, you had a feeling you wouldn’t be going back, and he wouldn’t be asking you to.

You decided to do something a little productive and turned on the TV. There were only two stations; the news and a latin soap opera on rerun. You chose to watch the news.

“The infamous Clown Prince of Crime is back at his wicked ways again, terrorizing the streets of Gotham City.” The news anchor said in that mainstream news reporter voice. The screen flashed a video of J standing in the middle of a busy street, with a machine gun in hand. He was shooting aimlessly into the crowd.

You turned off the TV and sighed. Why was he like this? You knew he was only rampaging so much because he couldn’t find you. Why was he even bothering to look? He told you to go.

He would find you soon. He always does.


It had now been a week, and ever since you turned the TV on three days ago, you keep finding yourself coming back to watch it. You liked being able to see J. You missed him more than you’d like to admit.

He had now robbed three banks, killed at least one hundred people, and blown up countless buildings only because you weren’t found in them. You were glad you were smart enough to get out of the city. You wanted him to work for it.

You were about to walk to the drink machine in the lobby when the power went out. Confused, you walked to the lobby anyways and asked the front desk lady what happened. She wasn’t sure, but it had gone out everywhere in the hotel. The sky was a bright blue, no storms brewing. Maybe someone cut the power off?

The drink machine was out with the power, so you walked back to your room and sat on the bed. You had a flicker of hope that this had something to do with J.

Just as that thought passed through your brain, the window beside your bed was busted open. You quickly shielded your face with your arms, and luckily didn’t get cut anywhere. You peeked out to see who caused this catastrophe. Your heart dropped when you saw the green hair.

Expecting an angry look sent from hell, you saw the exact opposite. Tears were forming in J’s icy eyes and there was a prominent frown upon his red lips. Your heart broke and you stepped on the broken glass to stand in front of him.

“Oh, baby doll,” He sighed, bear hugging you and burying his face in the crook of your neck. “I’m sorry.” You hugged him back and rubbed the back of his head. You led him over to sit on the bed.

“I don’t know why I said what I said.” He muttered as he held his head in his hands. “I just, I thought that if you left, I couldn’t hurt you.”

“But you hurt me by telling me you didn’t want me around anymore.” You said quietly, looking at the floor.

“I know, but,” He sighed. “(Y/N), I’ve never been capable of loving someone, and nobody has ever been capable of loving me.”

“You,” You look at him with wide eyes. “You love me?” He hesitated, but nodded.

“I don’t know how to love. I’m always scared I’m going to hurt you. I’m always scared that you’re,” A tear fell from his eye. “That you’re going to hurt me,”

You had never seen the Joker cry. You had never even seen him get close to sad, but now that you were seeing it, it shattered your heart. You knew how fucked up his past was, he talked about it before, but you never saw it bother him. He always brushed it off, saying he didn’t care and that he liked it.

“I would never, ever hurt you, J” You held his face in your hands. He looked at you with a few tears still falling from his eyes.

“I’ve done horrible things, (Y/N).” He pushed your hands away gently. “I-I’ve hurt so many people, I’ve hurt you. And the thing about it is… I like it.” He stands up and walks aimlessly around the small room.

“I don’t deserve to beloved.” His voice cracks and he swallows the tears. “Everyone I’ve ever tried to love goes away, or I hurt them. I’m so scared of losing you because of my idiocy.” You walk over to him and pull his face towards you.

“I love you, J, so much,” You lean your forehead against his. “I’m not going anywhere, no matter what you do to me.” He pulls you into a tight embrace. You look up at him and into his eyes.

“You deserve love.”


as usual I had no earthly idea how to end this so :))

Wake Up, Sammy: Part 1

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Reader
Word Count: 2,325
Warnings: Clowns, IT, over the top flirting, and maybe some roofies.
A/N: I wrote this for @imaginesforthose-wholovefandoms Karissa’s Halloween Movie Night Challenge, and my prompt was the movie IT. Both the original and new movie and the book are my favorites, and I’m so excited to share this fic with you!

As usual, beta’d by two of my most favorite people, who encourage me and make me better at what I do. @trexrambling: “ I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Come on, Sammy. STAAAAAHP.”

@pinknerdpanda: “back off, bitch.”

Tags are at the bottom. Please let me know if you’d like to be added!

Dean threw himself on the bed and crossed his ankles, then grabbed the television remote. “Are you ready?” he yelled as he grabbed a bag of licorice.

Y/N skipped out of the bathroom and plopped next to Dean. “As ready as I’ll ever be. Wasn’t this made in like…the nineties? A television movie in the nineties. I bet the graphics are great,” she said as she rolled her eyes.

Dean hit play and took a bite of licorice, “Listen, Tim Curry is a freakin’ genius. It’s not as good as the book, I’ll give you that, but for a TV miniseries, it ain’t half bad. Used to scare the shit out of Sam, though.” Dean laughed at the memory, “Let’s just say there’s a reason he’s scared of clowns.”

Y/N grabbed the bowl of popcorn off the nightstand and wrapped the blanket around her, “First, I wouldn’t have pegged you for a King fan. Second, please don’t tell me you let him watch this when it first came out? He would have been like…seven!”

“Listen, I read. King gets it right more than most do. And anyway, what kind of big brother would I have been to deprive him of that? Although I will say Dad got pissed at me when he realized why Sam would get so freaked when we’d drop him off at Plucky Pennywhistle’s.”

Y/N smacked him in the arm as she shoved a handful of popcorn into her mouth, “You’re awful.”

“Clearly, you didn’t have siblings. Now be quiet, the movie is starting.”

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y’know what’s unsettling to me is that the Hawkins Lab wasn’t a stand-alone facility, it was government owned, therefore there are higher-ups that still might feel a claim to El and/or fear she’s too dangerous to be out in the world, considering the people from Hawkins lab she so easily killed trying to protect herself and her friends. I fear that the happy free life of Jane Hopper will not last long before there is a far too public show of her powers and the mysterious higher-ups find out about it. 

I keep having this vision of the season 4 finale ending in men in riot gear surrounding the Byer’s house. El and Mike just barely get away. There’s a dramatic fucking car chase. They’re OUTTA THERE. Then season 5 opens up with them on the run, maybe staying in some sketchy hotel in the desert, or a trailer park in the woods, an abandoned house, or maybe camping out of the car… think Badlands starring Sissy Spacek and Martin Sheen.

and then they are finally found and instead of trying to take El by force like the last few times they decide to send someone undercover to sedate her and then send in a team to capture her. Now I’m just picturing Mike screaming her name and trying to fight his way to her but getting beat right up and knocked out and arrested. He wakes up in some sort of jail where they put people that try to fuck with the government, and he’s alone, and she’s gone again, and he doesn’t know where she is or if he’ll ever see her again.

We went to NYC yesterday to hang out with Andrew’s dad and had a great day until we got back to the parking lot at the Staten Island ferry terminal and saw it closed 20 minutes before we got back and we couldn’t rent a sketchy-ass hotel room without a bathroom because we didn’t have $80 cash on us so we went back to Manhattan and I took NJ Transit back to Hamilton and bummed a ride off a friend at midnight because the dogs were alone for 14 hours while Andrew stayed at his dad’s place to drive my car back in the morning.

Random laugh at Dean saying there are “churchbells” ringing in his head after Cas tries to say hi at the hotel.

No, I’m mostly amused in the long list of things which probably aren’t totally intentional but still, that Sam and Ruby were at this sketchy hook up hotel with all the mirrored ceilings and animal print on the walls… There’s a loose card suites theme because there’s a club on one door and OF COURSE they got the one with a heart on the door. And then Dean is snoozing there later on the sofa pulled out to make room for him and all his books trying to work out what the heck Cas is, and then Cas comes in and trashed the hotel room trying to say hi, drawing attention to all its features again while they explode all around Dean… Just amuses me this room is as much connected with Dean and Cas as it is with Sam and Ruby and that’s the start of the season 4 parallels between the couples. Both have a pretty intense encounter in that room only, yeah. :P

I’d say Dean n Cas’s was more explosive anyway hehehehe


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Request: I just spent all afternoon reading your writing, and I just want to say you’re amazing! The way you write is so, so, good and to be honest, it’s what I hope my writing will be someday. Do you mind writing a jack x reader with the song 6/10 by dodie, I’m just in love with your stories so much!

Genre: fluff, angst

I feel like a six out of ten

I gotta get up early tomorrow again

You fell asleep in Sean’s arms for the fifth night in a row, fingers running through his tangled hair while he drifted away from a night of passion. It was the first time in months in which you and Sean actually got to stay together. He was always so busy with tours and conventions, not to mention the fact that you lived in a completely different country. The only reason you met was because of your work as a journalist that paid you to travel around the world and write about different cultures, and meeting Sean in cities was a rare occasion. Whenever you did meet up, you spent the entire night catching up on days you went without each other.

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Nanbaka as Things I've Said Today

Hajime: Can you please just stop making dick jokes for one second?

Jyugo: An aquarium? Like, with fish?


Nico: If I didn’t pack those pills then weird stuffs gonna happen. Like my right foots gonna fall off, I don’t know.

Uno: This is gonna be one heck of a car ride. I’ll just play solitare on my phone for 5 hours.

Yamato: No I’ll jump out of this car and run 90 miles an hour down this highway.

Mitsuru: Did you say Legendary Meats or Tooth Sock?

Momoko: Go to Hell. No, unlock the windows!!!

Samon: I’d feel safer sleeping in a prison than that hotel. Thats sketchy as shit.

Fictober Day 6: Horror Movies (Sombra X Reader)

I apologize in advance because I know next to nothing about horror movies. <D This one was fun though. I had the idea before I even made the final character cuts for Fictober.

Tough girl Sombra is my goddess.


Bloodcurdling screams echoed through the room as some poor blonde broad got axed to death by the serial killer dawning a hockey mask. The sounds came from surround sound speakers, wrapping you in a horrific sound cocoon as you clung on Sombra’s arm and shrieked with the rest of the theater’s moviegoing crowd.

Sombra, on the other hand, had arms across her chest, feet resting on the back of the empty seat in front of her, and a grumpy scowl on her face as she observed the gory scene playing.

“Really?” you whined quietly through the screaming, waving a hand in front of her face, “Nothing? Not even a squeal?”

The Mexican woman’s purple eyes flickered to meet your pouting gaze, so you dropped your hand, and her scowl turned into a good natured smirk. It was a mildly terrifying look as red lights from the movie screen flashed across her face and dying screams rang through the theater.

Sombra freed her arm from your loosened grip and slipped it around your shoulders instead. She tugged you closer to her, as if you were watching some dopey rom com, even as the movie’s scene changed to police finding the decapitated body of a blonde woman resting in a ditch of the side of a road.

“Sorry, my love,” she murmured against your ear, as to not disrupt the rest of the audience; the warm breath and soft lips against your ear made you blush. “Horror movies don’t do it for me.”

“Well I love them,” you countered, eyes glued to the screen again as the police officers continued to a baseless investigation. “So you should try to enjoy yourself.”

The police scene was quick, as they tended to be because they were useless in horror movies. The setting changed to a sketchy hotel room where a couple, some of the last main characters alive, were going at it. Behind them, the room’s window was visible and, after a flash of lighting, the killer appeared behind the glass. Soft gasps and whimpers rippled through the audience and you were just as guilty as the rest of them, eyes wide; that couple was made of two of your favorite characters and you couldn’t help feeling bad that they were about to die, especially after having such a passionate scene.

Sombra rolled her eyes at the movie and absentmindedly traced her fingers along your arm. It briefly caused you to jump, which she chuckled at. She insisted, “I am enjoying myself. I enjoy any time spent with you. It’s just the movies that I dislike. They’re so cliche.”

“That’s the point,” you grumbled. “There’s art in repetition.”

“Well, when a large portion of your life has been your own personal horror story, these boring films with no plot and mindless gore seem like bad jokes.”

“Please don’t ruin my favorite genre,” you pleaded softly. You couldn’t move your eyes from the screen as one member of the couple wandered into the bathroom, leaving their lover alone in the room, where they would soon follow their blonde friend’s fate. Still you leaned close enough to give Sombra a smooch on the cheek without obstructing your view, adding, “Sorry you life’s shit.”

Sombra snickered loud enough to draw draw some concerned stares but the eyes quickly averted, either back to the screen for to hide faces in hands, as more screams seemed to shake the entire theater; the partner who had been left alone had hide. The screams from the movie, plus screams from the majority of the terrified audience, including yourself, caused deafening noise but your girlfriend didn’t seem affected in the slightest. Instead she held you tight as you gripped onto her, her eyes sparkling with amusement at your horror-loving antics.

It took a good chunk of time and the end of the second partner’s murder before the movie and it’s audience calmed down again. When everything did, you rested your head against Sombra’s, who returned the slight affection with a kiss to the forehead.

“My life’s not all shit,” she commented, continuing the conversation that had been interrupted by gore.


“Yeah,” she confirmed with a nod. “I got you and your stupid horror movies to look forward to.”

“Aw, that was sweet,” you muttered, “Gross and sweet.”

“‘Tis the season,” she replied with an amused snort.

You smiled and gave her lips a peck, then snuggled down for the rest of the all-night horror marathon.

Made it to Florida safely after an exhausting marathon 16-hour road trip with only three essential breaks.

And as I am lying in my sketchy hotel room, tired beyond tired, I am smiling in utter contentment.

Because I am now more confident than ever that Rey and Kylo are going to be antagonistic foils who slowly find begrudging understanding, likely ending in an inadvertent bond that neither of them wanted but at the same time can’t ignore.

And that’s all I ever wanted for them.

My sweet, tormented babies and their multifaceted counterpointing narratives. ❤️❤️❤️

So this AU has been in my head the last day where Ben didn’t turn against Luke, but the First Order was able to attack and destroy the academy, with Luke and Ben the lone survivors.

And Luke still disappears, leaving Ben the last remnant of the Jedi order. 

So I hacked out a start of somewhere around a thousand words here. I think this has potential.


He wasn’t a fan of the Capital City.

It wasn’t the worst place, gods knew it was a hell of a lot better than the hell that was Coruscant, but it was still too busy, too crowded. And don’t let him get started on the den of snakes that was the senate house. Out here on the far edges of the seemingly endless urban expanse, though, it got bearable at least. The area was a little bit run down, a little bit sketchy, but the hotel was cheap and the frantic energy of the center of the city dissipated into a lower drone. And then there was this diner, he liked this diner. It was tiny, just a few booths and a long counter. The caf was good, as were the eggs and hotcakes. And the fried nerf steak with a side of hash might be the best hangover food in existence.

Still, he was glad his business here was coming to an end. The feeling of all these people remained overwhelming. Sitting in a worn booth, turning his cup of caf between his palm, he felt a certain relief that in a week he’d be gone. Maybe it was time to go somewhere by himself for awhile. Some desolate place where it could just be him and the force for awhile.

The bell on the door dinged as someone walked in. He didn’t bother looking up from the cup of caf. He had felt him coming when he was still blocks away.

“Where the hell did you find this place? It’s… quaint.”

A small smile crossed his lips, “My hotel is across the street.”

“That dump?” he looked up to see Poe leaning to look across the street at the shady and ill kept inn.

He shrugged, “It’s a roof and it’s quiet, and it’s cheap. Believe it or not being the last remnant of the new Jedi order doesn’t pay particularly well.” Nodding to the seat across from him, “Take a seat, Commander, the caf is good.” He motioned to the waiter, “Another cup here.”

Poe rolled his eyes but slid in across from him, “How you been, Ben? It’s been awhile. Organa wanted me to tell you to get your ass to D’Qar and visit her sometime more often than never.”

“Let my mother know her request is duly noted,” he picked up his caf and took a sip. “And really, tell her I’m sorry, I’ve been busy.”

“You been on Hosnia the last few months?”

He shook his head, “Just the last few weeks. Looking into something– about to wrap it up really. Then I might take a few weeks to get my head back together. I’ve been burning out.”

The waiter swung by, dropping a cup in front of Poe and filling it from a carafe. She topped his off too and he gave her a small smile and a polite nod before she walked away. “So what are you so keen on talking to me about that you had to track me down in person?” he asked, taking a sip of his caf.

“Organa got a message from a guy named San Tekka–”

“Lor?” he blinked, setting his cup down.

“You’re familiar with him?” Poe picked up the cup in front of him and took a sip, a surprised look crossing his face, “This is good.”

“Always doubting me,” he mock scolded before nodding, “And Lor San Tekka, he’s a bit of an artifact hunter. Worked closely with Luke on more than one occasion while searching for Jedi artifacts. Wasn’t sure if he was even still alive now, he’ll be getting up in years.”

“He thinks he has a map to Skywalker.”

His entire body stiffened and he felt the hair on the back of his neck prickle, “A map. To Luke?”

“That’s what the man said,” the man across from him shrugged his shoulders, “I’m going to Jakku to meet him tomorrow, in a village called Tuanul.”

For a few seconds he didn’t know what to say. The last six years of his life had had two main focuses, one of which was the seemingly fruitless search for his uncle since the man vanished.  Biting his bottom lip, he leaned forward, voice soft, “Who knows about this?”

“On our side? Just Organa and me, and now you. I figured you’d want to know.”

His eyes drifted to look out the diner windows, “Be careful. If the wrong people get word of this…”

“I know, the First Order wants him dead.”

He nodded, taking a deep breath and setting credits on the table, “I need to get going. If I can get things wrapped up here, I’ll try to meet up with you.”

“Always appreciate the last Jedi’s help,” Poe winked.

A sharp flash of irritation hit him, but somehow he managed to keep it out of his voice, “I’m not the last Jedi, Poe, so don’t call me that.”

Poe just raised his hands, “Sorry, just joking around, Ben.”

“I know, I just…” he let his voice trail off. What was there really to say? He sighed, “I’ve got to get going, it was good seeing you, Commander.” He turned and left in a hurry, stuffing his hands into his robe’s pockets as he walked across the street to his hotel room.

It was small and dingy, a lumpy bed, a tiny closet, and a ‘fresher. Rooting through his bag, he pulled two small holoprojectors out, placing the first to project onto the peeling wallpaper. Six years worth of searching, of notes, of clues and hints, were projected in front of him. Everything he’d been able to put together about where Luke may have gone after the First Order wiped out the temple and the academy. Leaving just him and Luke as the last of their friends, last of their Order.

With a few taps, he added additional notes in shorthand to the bottom “San Tekka– Tuanal. Map?” before shutting it off and replacing it with the second projector.

This was another six years worth of notes, but where his file on Luke was thin, this… this was quite large. Names, lots of names, links, notes.

The First Order may have been the ones who destroyed the academy, but they weren’t the only ones responsible. There had been many acts of betrayal from people within the New Republic that had allowed it to happen. How had the First Order found the location? How could the Republic fighter patrols have missed a star destroyer violating their space?

Because someone had told them. And because someone had turned their back and let it occur.

He pulled up the profile and picture, Viado Marnel, a retired captain in the new Republic army.

Pulling off his robe, he walked to the closet, opening the door and putting the robe on a hanger. A set of all black clothes, padded and armored, hung next to it, raising his eyes to the closet shelf above, his eyes settled on the black mask resting there.

Viado Marnel.

Ben Organa’s work was done now.

Kylo Ren’s night was about to begin.


It’s not fun unless Ben’s got a dark side ;)

i see these a lot so some more facts about gerard way
  • the pixies are their favourite band
  • mgmt is their fav contemporary band
  • they love riot grrrl and want to cover i wanna be your joey ramone by sleater-kinney (can u imagine g singing ‘i’m the queen of rock n roll’ bc i can only imagine how glorious that would be)
  • robin hood is their fav disney movie
  • is vegetarian (only eats meat when they have to, the don’t like it. also lindsey is too!)
  • says jay-z has soft hands and believes rappers likes three cheers for sweet revenge bc it was fuelled from grief over their grandmother’s passing and believes rap music comes from a similar grief
  • despite having a good relationship (that we know) with their parents, g still carries a teenage rebellion (aimed at frustrating their parents) with them
  • party poison was originally named mike milligram, named after g’s nickname for mikey, mike, during tbp, bc quote “Mikey had become so calm and collected after his departure from the haunted Paramore house. He would show up, big black boots on, and do the bass part in one take.”
  • g and shaun simon would do secret activities they didn’t want anyone to know
  • during a tour in a “sketchy hotel room the band was barely able to afford” g found a suit of armor made from tinfoil and pieces of junk, from shaun.
  • during the world contamination tour, g made ‘rash’ decisions to stick it to “the man”, which was themselves. this happened until they lost their identity (may explain some of the antics during this tour) and was forced to “grow up” (this is from a passage g wrote in december 2013, after mcr’s breakup)
  • g’s initial title for the comic was ‘the true lives of the fabulous’, shaun’s was simply ‘killjoys’. 
  • phillip bond is one of their favourite artists, g likes pop culture inspired artists, also artists that take from the punk scene, much like the hernandez brothers who made love and rockets
  • gerard was introduced to al columbia at sva. lindsey had an al columbia comic strip taped to the wall in her apartment for ten years. they believe it was fate. 
  • al columbia contributed to an alt comic anthology called ‘zero-zero’, may have influenced the song but were not sure. 
  • gerard takes part in trascendental meditation 
  • g gave frances a gene simmons kiss lighter
  • g’s first job was working at a uniform store, and used to swipe patches to patch onto a cardigan
  • g’s initial zine cover
Kitt’s Fic Rec List!

So in honor of Fanfic Author Appreciation Day, I set out to make a fic rec post. It got a little out of hand and now I have a giant list of what I consider to be some of my favorite TF2 fics!  Some of you have written SO much amazing stuff that selecting a story or two was really hard. 

Much of this is nsfw and contains a wide range of ships and kinks. Please read the author’s tags before proceeding. 

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the authors for all the blood, sweat and tears that goes into the work you do!  Lube and piss also play an important part, I’m sure. You’re all amazing!! I just feel so lucky to have so many wonderful stories to read. All the AUs and crazy pairing and theories and headcanons…. I love you guys!  

In no particular order I present Kitt’s Reading List!


I love u so much that ur no ones but mine - Heavy/Medic 

Jealousy, rough sex, Medic being manipulative, just… I love this one so much.

The Herded Frog - Scout/Frog

Scout is determined to break a curse.


Positively Filthy - Spy/Scout’s Ma

Hadn’t thought much about pegging until reading this, now I’m ALWAYS thinking about pegging. 

ALL of Monstrous Intent

Nip and Fuck - Heavy/Medic/Doppleganger

This is one of my favorites from MI.  I’m really hoping Heavy and Medic might need to go in for more tailoring help again.  

scouthater & Luna collaborating to break my fucking heart:

Lie to You - Heavy/Medic/TFC Heavy

Who said this was ok?!  So good, so sad, I need to go fetch a tissue.


Bunny & Wolf - Sniper Scout

Phone sex sniper/scout, I read this in as sketchy hotel room and wished I could call out for some food and get Scout instead.


Past the Edge - Sniper/Scout

Damn it, you know how I feel about socks!

Sniper’s Zoo by ello-meno-p and @je-suis-le-petit-lapin

For all of your pet play needs and desires!


Creature Feature - So many different monster scouts!  Takes place in the Luna’s MI AU.

Depth Charge - Tentaspy/Scout

One of my all time favorites.  I managed to impress people at a dinner party with octopus sex facts I learned from this fic!


Bountiful large breasted German takes oversized Russian Bear

Why is Medic with boobs so hot?  This leaves me confused and aroused, just like most of Proper’s fic!

Saxophone Wife - Saxophones and their many uses.  Freaking adorable. 


Vertigo - I love the atmosphere in this one.  And the snake!

Tigress  I just stumbled on this one and it blew my mind.  


What’s Done in the Dark will be Brought to the Light - Every time I got an alert that it had been updated, I did a little dance!

Perfectly Legitimate Reasons - Voyeur Engineer is my favorite


Libellule - Sniper/Pyro/Spy - I love Juni so much!

Spitfire - Sniper/Pyro - I love a good chase and pounce!


Betrayal - TFC Heavy/Medic - I love the last few lines of this one.  =)


Shameless - Pauling/Scout - Scout hears that Pauling likes guys in skirts. I love the characterization of Scout in this one.


The Deadly Monster - I was SO excited to finally read more about Klausbert!!


Of Sound Mind - Alexkingofthedamned LondonQueen001 - Just in case you need to cry a bit or a lot about Heavy/Medic.

Engie and Scout Make a Porno  - Voyeur Engie and a bit of daddy kink, this ones got a really nice pacing and build to it.


There is a Season - This is just huge and amazing.  I save these fics for long trips, so I can just curl up in bed and lose myself in them.

theoldaeroplane and preludeinz

First Do No Harm - Pemm and Prelude

I love this series. The story is great and I just got the sense that you were both having such a good time creating it together. =D


Young and Beautiful - This broke my heart into a million pieces.


Get Me Away From Myself - Wonderful interplay between Sniper and Spy and BDSM as a coping device

It Never Fails  by Lucca Kane

This one is still in progress and seeing it update makes me squeal with delight.

The Undying -  fire_is_my_happy_place

I started reading with the Cook series and I ended up completely unable to get any work done that day.


Uberbliss - Savoury Scotsman

Mmmm… not enough mindcontrol in this fandom!

Groin Strain -  DancingGrimm

With the tagline “The time Scout got his legs stuck behind his head and everyone was a dick about it” you KNOW it’s going to be good.

Looking Up -  DancingGrimm

I know what I’m thinking of every time I hear that voice line.  =D


Middle of Nowhere, A Dusty Shack - Spy/Soldier

Lovely sense of place and peace in this one!

Fascination - GiddyTF2 - A nice bit of Bush Medicine!  

Men of Science - Delphi

One of my favorite Science Party fics. And you know I’m all about mad science kink.

Our Name is Legion - SanctusCeddit

Great series, lots of ups and downs and twists.

here is my first overwatch fanfic its really gay 

if yer into that give it a read i guess. it aint a monster but it isn’t exactly a drabble either. also ya can interpret this as like either rly close buds, or romantic, or queerplutonic i love all of the above. 

SUMMARY: Genji is very touch-starved and will turn to questionable methods to get attention. Including getting stabbed.

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has only wanted to doodle bored looking ‘Mingo, then my hand slipped LOL idk oops~  _(:D ノ L)_ 

obviously not sure if he could actually do that with his Black Knight or not - but in my brain, he could - n u cant convince me otherwise >w>;;;

& sorry for the quality (& bad anatomy - ESPECIALLY the fingers OTL), its almost 4 am lmao now imma bed; nitez~ ;w; 


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Semi Smut Warning

(meaning there is no actual sex but there are hints, and implications)

“We’re in the middle of nowhere, Dan. Lord knows what’s going on in there!” I pleaded with my boyfriend as he had to practically pull me by the hand, toward the sketchy hotel we’d be staying in while the bus, which chose now to break down in the middle of nowhere, was being repaired.

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Fanfic: Dichotomy

For the Durarara Secret Sandy Claws Gift Exchange

Fandom: Durarara!!

Pairing: Orihara Izaya/Heiwajima Shizuo

Characters: Orihara Izaya, Heiwajima Shizuo, Yagiri Namie, Kishitani Shinra, Celty Sturluson, Orihara Mairu, Orihara Kururi

Rating: Teen

Words: 2,201


It was easy enough to pick him out from the late evening crowd below and the sight of him sent Izaya’s blood pumping, the railing creaking under his palms as he leaned over it to taunt his enemy. The bite of metal on his hands soothed his agitation somewhat but Izaya wanted— no, needed— more. A brawl that left them both bloody and bruised, perhaps, or a rough tumble in a sketchy hotel if they could manage it, a back alley if they couldn’t. Izaya was up for either that night.

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A/N: Okay, here it is, guys. I wrote this at 4:00 this morning because I felt like I had to write something. I just have so many feels from the concert and I can’t really contain it. I hope you guys like it.

Word Count: 1,433

Requested?: No

Chapter One

Y/N’s Point of View

There he was. What is he doing here? Oh, duh, he lives here. Why am I here? Did he even want to see me? Could he even remember me?

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