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yo i hella want to do a mumu or a small rp (like 6x6) about a band going on its first tour ever like small venues and cheap hotels, but being so eager to finally be doing their thing for a living. parties on college campuses and sketchy bars after shows, staying up all night on their bus running on pure adrenaline from a hyped up crowd, singing along as the guitar player does acoustic versions of every song they grew up listening to. the crew being made up of friends they’ve known since high school and a couple people they met in college. the band being up and coming and going absolutely mental when they’re driving in the middle of nowhere and some random radio station in indiana plays their song on the radio for the first time ever. a manager who isn’t much older than the band members, laying their career on the line but not caring because they believe in this band wholeheartedly. the fearless photographer who can’t do the college thing to save their life, but is one hell of a shot with a good lens and low light. the stage manager who plays a parent role because they’re the only person holding these shows together. light & sound techs who are best buds and love playing pranks on stage manager just to get a reaction. the solo opening act who could do stand up comedy with the way they keep everyone laughing. the roadies who constantly hot box the entire fucking tour bus but always have grilled cheese ready when the band + crew get back. writing songs on hotel balconies and using sketchy hotel closets as makeshift recording studios. messy intercrew relationships and hateships. adventuring in famous cities and small towns on days off. working their asses off to get their career up and running. a band on the cusp of fame. i just!! want a really tight knit group who travel the country and make musical magic almost every night and yes ok pls lmk if this interests you

We went to NYC yesterday to hang out with Andrew’s dad and had a great day until we got back to the parking lot at the Staten Island ferry terminal and saw it closed 20 minutes before we got back and we couldn’t rent a sketchy-ass hotel room without a bathroom because we didn’t have $80 cash on us so we went back to Manhattan and I took NJ Transit back to Hamilton and bummed a ride off a friend at midnight because the dogs were alone for 14 hours while Andrew stayed at his dad’s place to drive my car back in the morning.


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1) Name: Kara

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3) Zodiac sign: Cancer

4) Height: 5′7

5) Ethnicity: White British

6) Orientation: Heterosexual

7) Favorite Fruit: Orange

8) Favorite Season: Spring

9) Favorite Book: The Stand by Stephen King

10) Favorite Song: Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz

11) Favorite Scent: Freshly cut grass

12) Favorite Color: Blue, pretty much any shade

13) Favorite Animals: Dogs

14) Favorite Beverage: Cider, preferably sweet, not a fan of dry

15) Favorite Movie: Catch Me If You Can

16) Favorite Characters: I’m just gonna go with Choices characters for this one…

All of the cast of Endless Summer (I love them all equally), Kenna, Val, Dom and Sei from TCATF, MC from the Freshman

17) Blanket Number: 2

18) Cat or dog: Dog

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i see these a lot so some more facts about gerard way
  • the pixies are their favourite band
  • mgmt is their fav contemporary band
  • they love riot grrrl and want to cover i wanna be your joey ramone by sleater-kinney (can u imagine g singing ‘i’m the queen of rock n roll’ bc i can only imagine how glorious that would be)
  • robin hood is their fav disney movie
  • is vegetarian (only eats meat when they have to, the don’t like it. also lindsey is too!)
  • says jay-z has soft hands and believes rappers likes three cheers for sweet revenge bc it was fuelled from grief over their grandmother’s passing and believes rap music comes from a similar grief
  • despite having a good relationship (that we know) with their parents, g still carries a teenage rebellion (aimed at frustrating their parents) with them
  • party poison was originally named mike milligram, named after g’s nickname for mikey, mike, during tbp, bc quote “Mikey had become so calm and collected after his departure from the haunted Paramore house. He would show up, big black boots on, and do the bass part in one take.”
  • g and shaun simon would do secret activities they didn’t want anyone to know
  • during a tour in a “sketchy hotel room the band was barely able to afford” g found a suit of armor made from tinfoil and pieces of junk, from shaun.
  • during the world contamination tour, g made ‘rash’ decisions to stick it to “the man”, which was themselves. this happened until they lost their identity (may explain some of the antics during this tour) and was forced to “grow up” (this is from a passage g wrote in december 2013, after mcr’s breakup)
  • g’s initial title for the comic was ‘the true lives of the fabulous’, shaun’s was simply ‘killjoys’. 
  • phillip bond is one of their favourite artists, g likes pop culture inspired artists, also artists that take from the punk scene, much like the hernandez brothers who made love and rockets
  • gerard was introduced to al columbia at sva. lindsey had an al columbia comic strip taped to the wall in her apartment for ten years. they believe it was fate. 
  • al columbia contributed to an alt comic anthology called ‘zero-zero’, may have influenced the song but were not sure. 
  • gerard takes part in trascendental meditation 
  • g gave frances a gene simmons kiss lighter
  • g’s first job was working at a uniform store, and used to swipe patches to patch onto a cardigan
  • g’s initial zine cover

here is my first overwatch fanfic its really gay 

if yer into that give it a read i guess. it aint a monster but it isn’t exactly a drabble either. also ya can interpret this as like either rly close buds, or romantic, or queerplutonic i love all of the above. 

SUMMARY: Genji is very touch-starved and will turn to questionable methods to get attention. Including getting stabbed.

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Kitt’s Fic Rec List!

So in honor of Fanfic Author Appreciation Day, I set out to make a fic rec post. It got a little out of hand and now I have a giant list of what I consider to be some of my favorite TF2 fics!  Some of you have written SO much amazing stuff that selecting a story or two was really hard. 

Much of this is nsfw and contains a wide range of ships and kinks. Please read the author’s tags before proceeding. 

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the authors for all the blood, sweat and tears that goes into the work you do!  Lube and piss also play an important part, I’m sure. You’re all amazing!! I just feel so lucky to have so many wonderful stories to read. All the AUs and crazy pairing and theories and headcanons…. I love you guys!  

In no particular order I present Kitt’s Reading List!


I love u so much that ur no ones but mine - Heavy/Medic 

Jealousy, rough sex, Medic being manipulative, just… I love this one so much.

The Herded Frog - Scout/Frog

Scout is determined to break a curse.


Positively Filthy - Spy/Scout’s Ma

Hadn’t thought much about pegging until reading this, now I’m ALWAYS thinking about pegging. 

ALL of Monstrous Intent

Nip and Fuck - Heavy/Medic/Doppleganger

This is one of my favorites from MI.  I’m really hoping Heavy and Medic might need to go in for more tailoring help again.  

scouthater & Luna collaborating to break my fucking heart:

Lie to You - Heavy/Medic/TFC Heavy

Who said this was ok?!  So good, so sad, I need to go fetch a tissue.


Bunny & Wolf - Sniper Scout

Phone sex sniper/scout, I read this in as sketchy hotel room and wished I could call out for some food and get Scout instead.


Past the Edge - Sniper/Scout

Damn it, you know how I feel about socks!

Sniper’s Zoo by ello-meno-p and @je-suis-le-petit-lapin

For all of your pet play needs and desires!


Creature Feature - So many different monster scouts!  Takes place in the Luna’s MI AU.

Depth Charge - Tentaspy/Scout

One of my all time favorites.  I managed to impress people at a dinner party with octopus sex facts I learned from this fic!


Bountiful large breasted German takes oversized Russian Bear

Why is Medic with boobs so hot?  This leaves me confused and aroused, just like most of Proper’s fic!

Saxophone Wife - Saxophones and their many uses.  Freaking adorable. 


Vertigo - I love the atmosphere in this one.  And the snake!

Tigress  I just stumbled on this one and it blew my mind.  


What’s Done in the Dark will be Brought to the Light - Every time I got an alert that it had been updated, I did a little dance!

Perfectly Legitimate Reasons - Voyeur Engineer is my favorite


Libellule - Sniper/Pyro/Spy - I love Juni so much!

Spitfire - Sniper/Pyro - I love a good chase and pounce!


Betrayal - TFC Heavy/Medic - I love the last few lines of this one.  =)


Shameless - Pauling/Scout - Scout hears that Pauling likes guys in skirts. I love the characterization of Scout in this one.


The Deadly Monster - I was SO excited to finally read more about Klausbert!!


Of Sound Mind - Alexkingofthedamned LondonQueen001 - Just in case you need to cry a bit or a lot about Heavy/Medic.

Engie and Scout Make a Porno  - Voyeur Engie and a bit of daddy kink, this ones got a really nice pacing and build to it.


There is a Season - This is just huge and amazing.  I save these fics for long trips, so I can just curl up in bed and lose myself in them.

theoldaeroplane and preludeinz

First Do No Harm - Pemm and Prelude

I love this series. The story is great and I just got the sense that you were both having such a good time creating it together. =D


Young and Beautiful - This broke my heart into a million pieces.


Get Me Away From Myself - Wonderful interplay between Sniper and Spy and BDSM as a coping device

It Never Fails  by Lucca Kane

This one is still in progress and seeing it update makes me squeal with delight.

The Undying -  fire_is_my_happy_place

I started reading with the Cook series and I ended up completely unable to get any work done that day.


Uberbliss - Savoury Scotsman

Mmmm… not enough mindcontrol in this fandom!

Groin Strain -  DancingGrimm

With the tagline “The time Scout got his legs stuck behind his head and everyone was a dick about it” you KNOW it’s going to be good.

Looking Up -  DancingGrimm

I know what I’m thinking of every time I hear that voice line.  =D


Middle of Nowhere, A Dusty Shack - Spy/Soldier

Lovely sense of place and peace in this one!

Fascination - GiddyTF2 - A nice bit of Bush Medicine!  

Men of Science - Delphi

One of my favorite Science Party fics. And you know I’m all about mad science kink.

Our Name is Legion - SanctusCeddit

Great series, lots of ups and downs and twists.


The Master List - Rules - FAQ

Semi Smut Warning

(meaning there is no actual sex but there are hints, and implications)

“We’re in the middle of nowhere, Dan. Lord knows what’s going on in there!” I pleaded with my boyfriend as he had to practically pull me by the hand, toward the sketchy hotel we’d be staying in while the bus, which chose now to break down in the middle of nowhere, was being repaired.

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A/N: Okay, here it is, guys. I wrote this at 4:00 this morning because I felt like I had to write something. I just have so many feels from the concert and I can’t really contain it. I hope you guys like it.

Word Count: 1,433

Requested?: No

Chapter One

Y/N’s Point of View

There he was. What is he doing here? Oh, duh, he lives here. Why am I here? Did he even want to see me? Could he even remember me?

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One year ago today, I skipped class to get on a plane to NYC.

One year ago today, I almost got abducted by a man in a black van but I ran away and got in a taxi.

One year ago today, I made a really bad cup of coffee in a really sketchy hotel room.

One year ago today, I blared Taylor Swift music in that hotel room until someone knocked on my door and asked me to turn it down.

One year ago today, I showed up fashionably late and met a bunch of cool kids at the back of the line.

One year ago today, Taylor Nation asked a room full of people who the biggest Taylor fan was and I was the only one who raised my hand.

One year ago today, I was sitting on a bus and saw Karlie Kloss walking down the street and proceeded to die.

One year ago today, I was standing outside of Taylor’s apartment door shaking with nerves and excitement.

One year ago today, I explored the prettiest apartment in the world and stole a napkin out of the bathroom (sorry, Taylor).

One year ago today, I went to get a water and did not realize this simple decision would prevent me from being in the secret session video (still slightly bitter).

One year ago today, Taylor Swift walked down the staircase like a majestic angel giraffe and I proceeded to die (again).

One year ago today, the opening notes of Welcome to New York played and I actually cried tears of happiness.

One year ago today, I watched Taylor dance and sing along to 1989 and she looked so happy and I was so happy and everyone in the room was so goddamn happy.

One year ago today, I talked to Taylor’s parents and listened to them gush about how amazing Taylor was (as if we didn’t know) and hint at all the amazing things that would be happening soon.

One year ago today, I hugged Taylor and my mind completely lost everything I wanted to say and all I could think about was how I didn’t know where to put my arms and to this day I still don’t know if I properly thanked her.

One year ago today, I asked Taylor what she had been dying to do for a picture all night, and she requested we get behind the staircase and pretend we were in jail.

One year ago today, I was sitting on the floor waiting to leave when Mr. Swift brought Olivia over and I got to hold her and she snuggled into my neck (I think she sensed my cat lady aura).

One year ago today, I got back to my hotel room, sat down, and furiously wrote everything down in my journal because I knew I wouldn’t have a day that perfect in a very, very long time.


has only wanted to doodle bored looking ‘Mingo, then my hand slipped LOL idk oops~  _(:D ノ L)_ 

obviously not sure if he could actually do that with his Black Knight or not - but in my brain, he could - n u cant convince me otherwise >w>;;;

& sorry for the quality (& bad anatomy - ESPECIALLY the fingers OTL), its almost 4 am lmao now imma bed; nitez~ ;w; 


this week consisted of: four states and over 1500 miles of driving, hardly any sleep, a beautiful wedding, a little bit of hiking, the hottest weather of my life, time with good friends, a baby who gets grumpy in the car (but is otherwise the happiest), hot cheetos + turkey lettuce wraps + vitamin water for every meal (for real), so many breathtaking views, cheap / sketchy hotels, swimming in the sketchy hotels’ pools, holding hands while driving, iced coffee, and showing more of the world to our tiny (and somewhat unimpressed) kid. it was a good road trip, I would say!

Ashton Imagine: Travelling the World

Author: Rhine


You forgot where you started, but you knew you sure as hell didn’t want it to end.

You’ve lost count of the places you’ve been to, lost track of the days on the road and hours on the plane.

You’re lost – so unbelievably lost – but with him by your side, it’s not so much being lost as it is discovering something new.

And that’s just what it was – you were exploring the world together.

No guides, no schedules, no plans, no tours – just you and him on a whim, spontaneous plane flights and car breakdowns halfway across yet another country.

And if you woke up to grey skies and rain dotting the motel windows, lips pursed as you said I wish it wasn’t raining, he’d spin you so you’re looking at his hazel eyes instead, smiling when he whispers then we’ll go someplace where the sun doesn’t stop shining.

It was that simple – pack your bags in an hour, in the taxicab, and you’re at the airport asking the receptionist two seats for your next flight.

You were just two rugged travellers who couldn’t get enough of the world, couldn’t get enough of each other.

It was just you and him across countries, large backpacks strapped to your shoulders with the bare necessities – mostly an assortment of snacks and carefully stashed polaroids of you and him with the places and the date scrawled messily underneath.

It was all you needed.

He’d kiss your suntanned forehead with soft lips and stare into your eyes, fingers interlaced with yours as he leaned back on the airplane cushions, broad shoulders taking up some of your space.

And half of the time you didn’t even know where you were going – it wasn’t until you touched down that you thought oh, here I am, always knowing this is where I’m supposed to be.

With him.

You’d watch the clouds clear from the airplane windows and suddenly you’re bracing yourself for landing as another city comes into sight – sometimes pointed skyscrapers, sometimes flat fields, always a new adventure.

And then you and him are off, tearing through the airport like little kids, stopping only to grab a map and flag a taxi down, pointing to the biggest pictures on the tourist guide.

You’d go to all the monuments and museums and famous landscapes and you’d take those cheesy pictures of pushing the Leaning Tower of Pisa or triumphant star at the end of the Great Wall of China and holding the Pyramids of Giza in between your fingers with laughter as you tried to get the angle right.

There’s the tourist-heavy places where you and him with the large camera strapped around his neck fit right in, sunglasses perched on your heads and irregular tans from travelling between hot and cold, sun and rain.

And then there’s the places you got lost with him – he’ll take your hand and lead you down some road to take a picture of an age-old oak and before you know it, he’s leading you down a near-invisible path to the streets that the timeless locals called home.

Those were the places you liked the most, you think.

Because then you’re really discovering the place, you’re really hearing the chatter of different languages and dialects, you’re really seeing the worn clothes and shingled roofs of a place that people called home.

And Ashton’s there, he’s there with his tall figure and loud voice, eyes staring in wonder through his camera lens as he takes picture after picture; rain puddles with reflections of cracked homes and locals with chipped smiles.

You’d try the foods straight out of the ovens of the residents’ homes, none of that industrialized famous meals that restaurants so proudly boast – family recipes and homegrown vegetables, spoons with worn handles and squeaky chairs.

He’d always to his best to discover as much as he can, taking your hand and pulling you with him.

Broken English with the natives, dirty shoes in brand name stores, farmer’s tan in the middle of a family farm, loose curls escaping a thick knitted hat as he tried to catch snowflakes on his tongue.

And god, there’s no way to describe it – travelling with Ashton was unpredictable and exhilarating, sometimes frustrating, oftentimes with a smidge of danger, but always, always fun.

He’ll say he wants to try snorkeling and he’ll hold your hand as he pets a manta ray, he’ll say he wants to drive across the country then forget to fill up the gas, he’ll say he wants to go urban ziplining then shout your name as he parachutes off a fifty-storey building.

There’s an abundance of sketchy hotel rooms – everything’s usually spent on plane tickets – where the showers are too cold and the toilets too covered in grime, the bed probably infested with something and the windows slightly jammed open with a draft.

But there’s his arms around your waist and even though he reeks of sweat and you swear you can practically smell his adrenaline and puppy-dog excitement, you don’t think you could ask for better service than this.

There’s food that doesn’t always match your taste – Ashton what did you order oh my god is it moving – and the occasional crashing at a house of someone that looks trustworthy enough – you’ll knock them out if they try anything, right? – but Ashton’s charm always guarantees you a couch and a belly full of food at the very least.

He’s the first to hold your hand when you’re hiking – step on this rock babe, careful – head turned back to make sure you were okay, running through everything with you – we don’t have to stay if you don’t want to – and always more than happy to carry your backpack and you while he was at it – I’m Smash, I’ve got this.

He’s a stranger to every country but he’s no stranger to you, and even if the world around you is a blur of languages you’ll never understand and cultures that you’ll only ever skim on the surface – you’ll know him like he’s the only thing you’ve ever been taught, you’ll understand him as if he lived inside you.

He’s your home – right where your heart was.

And this is it, this is all you’ve ever wanted.

No more dull worries of if you remembered to buy milk or pay your rent, no early morning drags out of bed and same old paths, no more mundane routine and waiting for Friday night.

You’re living under the same sun and seeing the same sky, but god, now your life was something you were actually living.

Writing your names on the inside of a paper lantern before releasing it to the night sky in Taiwan, the echoes of your breath in an empty historic opera house in Siberia, giving elephants baths in Thailand, smashing tomatoes in his face during the tomato festival in Spain, discovering every last crevice of the Lost City of the Incas in Peru, falling asleep on his shoulder as you ride the bullet train in Japan.

You’ve lost count of all the things you’ve done with Ashton – things people only dream of, things people spend their lives wondering and wishing – and here you are, two free spirits who scattered themselves around this great world that they called home.

The list goes on and on and the polaroids grow and grow – hundreds upon hundreds of you and him, faces together, staring off, when you aren’t looking.

His frizzy curls during the downpour as you walked through the Summer Palace in Beijing. His tanned skin against the green mountains on the shores of Mekong River in Laos. His glinting hazel eyes beneath the layers upon layers of clothing in the Antarctica snow. His dimpled laugh as he dances, picture a blur from his movement, pure carefree joy during the Brazilian Carnival. His long fingers pointing to a pub sign in Ireland, a beam on his face. His wild curls in the wind along the Boulders Beach in South Africa.

Your eyes drink it all in, your lips taste it all, your skin savors every touch.

The northern lights shining in his eyes when stares at you instead of the sky in Finland. The feeling of his hands on yours when he holds you tight on a rollercoaster in the middle of India. The little intake of his breath just before his lips meet yours when you’re on the peak of a mountain in British Columbia.

There’s no limits for the two of you, not for the world, not for your love.

Dog sledding in Alaska and picnics on the hills in Scotland, hang gliding in São Conrado then slow-dancing on Victoria’s Peak in Hong Kong. Climbing El Potrero Chico in Mexico, whispered stories in your ears next to the stone Moai on Easter Island.

You’re running, running to catch a train to Paris in St. Pancras station, running to make that last jump off the cliffs of Jamaica with Ashton’s arms around you, running to avoid the rain in Hawaii, running all around the world but always running with Ashton’s hand in yours; running and running but never running out of laughter, of memories, of love.

And no matter where you are – sacred temples or mountaintops or bustling cities – Ashton loves you, the one person he wants to see the world with, the one person he wants to spend forever getting lost and being found with.

You could be on a plane to another country or underneath a waterfall or swimming through the ocean or trekking the dessert but Ashton’s love never changes no matter where you are – his eyes still glimmer whenever he sees his girl with a smile on your face at a mountain conquered, flowers woven in your hair and dirt smudging your cheeks, scratches from branches on your calves and mosquito bites on your arms.

He loves you like no other – in the snow, in the rain; breathless underwater in a deep sea scuba hunt and nothing but air to catch him on a skydiving fall.

Jetlagged timezones and last week’s dirt under your nails, breaking sneakers and uneven tan lines on your skin; Ashton loves you to the moon and back and fifty times around the world.

You’ve seen thousands of people with hundreds of stories, but none of them make you smile quite like he does.

You’ve seen millions of stars dotted across the night sky, interlaced with colours and glimmering by the moon, but none of the shine quite as bright as him.

You’ve tasted food that were made out of things you didn’t know could be edible and you’ve pronounced names of places that washed you with something excitingly foreign, but nothing even compares to the taste of his lips on yours, his name in your mouth, no matter how many times you’ve run your tongue over it.

You’ve slept on musty motel beds and worn couches of families’ homes, but nothing matches the warmth of home, of Ashton’s arms around you at the end of every night no matter where you were.

You were discovering the world with him.

But with his hand in yours, it’s almost like you’ve never left home.


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