sketchy barf

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To the mod: you've changed styles a lot since the beginning, was there a reason?

Ooh, well, I suppose this is a bit of a two parter

firstly, a lot of the change in how i draw these dudes comes from sheer improvement, getting familiar with the style I use and stuff like that. The character are fundamentally drawn the same but, well, you gotta improve after three years of drawing the same three guys

the second thing is how I went from b&w to colour to a sketchy barf, and that’s pretty simple to answer. I liked the b&w in the beginning, it was clean and flat and simple. then i wanted colour, and i really really enjoyed being able to brighten up the blog but colour is way way way more time consuming that the original format.

then i learned about loosening up your lines to give them more life and stuff, found some nifty new PS brushes courtesy of my sister and voila! sketchy barf i love to draw that is really quick to get done

And that’s pretty much it!



i finally put something up for sasuhina month! drawing four characters is exhausting, but it was totally worth it. plus, i’ve never actually drawn any other naruto character so this was a first for me. it was too hard to pick the other couple (believe me there were so many running through my head), so this is what i ended up with xD

sakura and hinata needed some emergency dates for some event or whatever, so ino probably messed up and thought they needed some strippers ahahaahahahahha