sketchy art is sketchy

Have some more honeyketchup~

Was going to draw the rest of Papy, but the paper ended right there so I attempted to add him in on the computer but it didn’t work, so I tried by removing a empty page of my sketch book and then put it together with the page this was on with tape but… that failed too

So you only get this :D

Now when I think of it, this is sort of a continuation of THIS my first ever fontcest art that I posted, to think it was just about 3 months ago

tryin to get better at drawing smoother lines so?? i doodled a smol gammy bear


I can’t believe you were expelled because you laughed too hard at a gay joke.

probably how Keith got expelled lmao

bonus klance:

It was the only time he laughed at the Garrison’s too.
How do you know that?