sketchy alleys

Beyond the mask that withholds your appearance, you peer down at the lifeless body before your feet. As blood pools from the once living troll’s neck, the radioactive hue painting the floor of the sketchy alley, silence grows, your body slowly relaxing… The hunt is over for this one. 

You are The Virulent. A high-ranking assassin within the empire’s ranks. Your sector of the empire is known to hold some of the most efficient soldiers the empire has. Usually used to wipe out enemy forces and aid the take-over of settlements, You’ve been tasked to clean up the mutant disease that has been slowly building in population. Despite feeling as if this task is a waste of your skills, you’ve been admittedly enjoying the hunt.

Leaving the alley in which your last hunt ended, and the cooling limeblood’s corpse within it, you start off on the hunt once more, for your next target- for fresh prey.