135: “Steamroller”. G.I. Joe “Real American Hero” Series 6, 1987.

Steamroller came with the EPIC Mobile Command Center (hereafter referred to as the MCC). He wasn’t the prettiest stick in the tool bin, and he had more abs than there were lifeboats on the Titanic.

The MCC has been referred to as “The Tackle Box” because of the way it opens up, much like those multi-tiered fishing or tool boxes. Personally, it reminds me a little bit of those old Hot Wheels “city” sets, that were just two levels, but you could join ‘em together. Anyways, the MCC was a great vehicle/ play set. It held TONS of guys, and the transforming aspect of it was fun too.

As for the drawing part, whoa nelly, I thought the DEFIANT was a doozy. But this one might take the cake. Actually I know it did, haha. Drawing the TOP view of the MCC took 26 HOURS. The sideview was a measly 4hrs. And Steamroller only took 1hr! But yeah that top view I went full-board on. I just chipped away at it when I was able to, and hence the massive delay in posting. These vehicle drawings are what slows everything down! Haha sigh.

I’ll have a link up on the site soon where you can purchase poster/print versions of either of those views of the MCC, btw.

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(I’m drawing something longer and it’ll take me a while but have this for now!)

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