126: “Techno-Viper”. G.I. Joe “Real American Hero” Series 6, 1987.

A complete 180 from the previous post, this is actually one of my MOST favourite figure designs.

This figure also reminds me of my Grama. I’ve mentioned this with certain previous figures as well, and once again I will state that no, it is not because she dressed like this. I was 10 years old when I got this figure, and I think the association is because either a) she got the figure for me, b) she either really liked the colour combo, or c) just because of her being around while I was playing.

See, we all lived in the same house when I was a kid, that had separate apartments in it, like flats, I guess. So me, my Mum and Dad in the middle, Grama (Mum’s Mum) on the top floor, and my Aunt (Mum’s sister) on the bottom floor. Those were the highlight years of G.I. Joe for me, playing in the house, and the yard, all the time. I am sure that my association with the memory of my Grama with some figures is simply due to the fact of her being around a lot during those times I was playing with those figures.