One of my many headcanons is that Madam Red and Nina were childhood friends and that when Madam was pregnant, Nina made her try on different dresses so she could show off her figure even in her current state. She sometimes brought her to the shop so she could take new measurements.
When she found out about the accident Madam Red had about the baby and her husband, Nina tried to cheer her up.
She was completely broken when she found out that her best model had passed away.

Let’s also remember that Louis’ account didn’t @ Naughty Boy or Zayn in the first tweet, yet Naughty Boys’ account responded 14 minutes later.  When I check, @NaughtyBoyMusic isn’t following @Louis_Tomlinson.  That’s not a lot of time for fans to notice, react, and make a big enough deal for anyone to pay attention.

Wow, Naughty Boy either sits on Louis’ Twitter all the time checking for possible references to himself or he’s got a posse specifically watching over Louis’ account to let him know when shit goes down 2.5 hours after his last tweet . I’m impressed.