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Have this. I thought this would be a some what cute idea. ^^ 

But have another making fiends thing! But as cats!

I can see Vendetta as a short tail with somewhat long and messy fur. She of course is really grumpy and scratches up all the couches. Likes to stay inside (likes the house dark as well)

But Charlotte acts like a kitten at all times. I see her at a maine coon. A very fluffy cat! She loves being outside playing. She likes to rest out in the sun. Also loves being petted! 

Loves to play with Vendetta even if it is in the dark!

But Vendetta always tries to get away but climbing higher up and hissing. She bats Charlotte on the nose (but not to like hurt her)(she likes her too much as well as hating her??)

Vendetta likes to go out to the beach and dig for clams. Doesn’t eat anything else. If she doesn’t get clams well, lets just say she has sharp claws. 

Sorry if this is something dumb I made. But I like this. 

Lets just call this 

Making felines (cat au?? I don’t know) But if you guys would like me to make more just say so. Give me a character in the ask and i’ll make him/her and give my little headcanons for them!

Hope this isn’t too bad. This was for fun so that is why it is so sketchy. 

But hope you all liked it!