Let’s also remember that Louis’ account didn’t @ Naughty Boy or Zayn in the first tweet, yet Naughty Boys’ account responded 14 minutes later.  When I check, @NaughtyBoyMusic isn’t following @Louis_Tomlinson.  That’s not a lot of time for fans to notice, react, and make a big enough deal for anyone to pay attention.

Wow, Naughty Boy either sits on Louis’ Twitter all the time checking for possible references to himself or he’s got a posse specifically watching over Louis’ account to let him know when shit goes down 2.5 hours after his last tweet . I’m impressed. 

Sketches of Sherlock’s Mouth - as drawn by Alexander Nussbaum, humble draftsman. He’s a character from Sketchy, an utterly lovely and absorbing fic series from Serpentynka (aka theartofforensics). Three of these studies were later given to John as a gift. Various hardnesses of graphite in Alex’s doubtlessly beautiful sketchbook. Individual views below the cut. [my art tag]

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