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17th Century Mephisto!
Prelim Sketch.

I described an old portrait of him in one of my Fic chapters, where the protagonist was confused as to why it looked so similar to the director, and I just had to sketch it out (cause I’m a history buff and I go to Ren Faire every year cause hell yeah?!)

He’s dressed in pastels, of course, because this is the Rococo! What better era than this to let him go crazy?! He wears a lavender and cream brocade coat with gold flecks, adorned with cream and gold lace edging, and a gold and cream waist coat with gold silk trim and matching brocade lavender buttons. He boasts a dark purple, almost black, felt tricorn hat with gold and cream edging, lavender brocade buttons, and a cream plume. We wears a lace cravat, and his shirt sleeves pop out from his cuffs with just a touch of matching lace. He of course wears his gloves, and holds an intricate rapier to show off his grandeur. Guns were beginning to be crafted around this time, so for a gentleman of stature, openly carrying a custom sword was a sign of importance, wealth, and style! And his hair is tied back in a little bow! *slams head on desk*

I’m now thinking I need to do a series of portraits of our beloved Mephy in clothing from different eras. Because look at him. LOOK AT HIM. He’s been alive and fabulous for ALL OF TIME. *wheeze* THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF FANTASTIC FASHION CHOICES.

10/10 would pay someone to digitally color this and detail it once I get my line art done. I can’t do digital work. But I would so hang this in my room. Hahaha