don’t call me that…i keel okay,honestly i’m only posting this cause whatifgirl,while out with me today,saw this in my sketchbook and thought it was hilarious and told me to post this shows how i feel about labels and assumptions based off of what you like to draw.obvi,i’m not okay with it.that’s all.i don’t wanna be all ranty er nothin’.just laugh at it, is that guy okay?


Here’s some more werewolves. From the first sketch to the others, you can see how my quick study of other werewolf works improved my designs. All of these were from my head, most of them were done over coffee with some of my art friends at a cafe (good times!)

The lower right head is so far my final design for Ciar, a feral, rather dumb,  she-wolf character for my Ironclaw campaign (an anthropomorphic pen and paper rpg game).

More to come!

Let’s also remember that Louis’ account didn’t @ Naughty Boy or Zayn in the first tweet, yet Naughty Boys’ account responded 14 minutes later.  When I check, @NaughtyBoyMusic isn’t following @Louis_Tomlinson.  That’s not a lot of time for fans to notice, react, and make a big enough deal for anyone to pay attention.

Wow, Naughty Boy either sits on Louis’ Twitter all the time checking for possible references to himself or he’s got a posse specifically watching over Louis’ account to let him know when shit goes down 2.5 hours after his last tweet . I’m impressed. 

Sketches of Sherlock’s Mouth - as drawn by Alexander Nussbaum, humble draftsman. He’s a character from Sketchy, an utterly lovely and absorbing fic series from Serpentynka (aka theartofforensics). Three of these studies were later given to John as a gift. Various hardnesses of graphite in Alex’s doubtlessly beautiful sketchbook. Individual views below the cut. [my art tag]

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