true story. i woke up late and dream about this.

weird dream is weird. Seraph just want to adopt foxxo. Ferrum throw a peach to the ground and it work like a smokebomb? wut.

and Nota is sparkling all the way. like magical girl. nobushi foxxo just don’t care, peach is life.

@ferrum-the-conqueror @peacekeeper-seraph @d00dlebugg 

i’m so sorry. X”D



Beauty and the Beast AU with Beast Yuuri and Belle Trans Victor courtesy of @jellyfishfics!

Based off this twitter thread and a chat convo!

Since the original Beast’s torso is based off a bear’s, I modeled Yuuri’s fur pattern after a Japanese Black Bear’s fur! Also, he can’t really see without glasses.

Their ball outfits are based off the Stammi Vicino outfits, but reappropriated for a sorta mid-1700s french fashion style.

Do not repost/redistribute and/or alter my description!
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