Daily doodle #283 - We Know Better

One of the unused songs from Frozen which can be found in the Deluxe Edition of the soundtrack, ‘We Know Better’, just sounds like it would be a very sweet scene, so I thought I’d illustrate some of the lyrics from it. Click on them to see the captions where I typed the line from the song the drawing is inspired by.

(also I know Marshmallow wouldn’t make much sense there, but I had that idea and couldn’t not do it)

"We had a good run." c:

I intended to have this more polished, but after all the feeling unwell lately, I feel as though I’ve lost my strength a little. Here it is nonetheless - Batgirl sporting her great new design, whilst holding part of her previous costume nostalgically, as a nod to gailsimone's run which officially ended this past week. Excited for what's coming, yet I want to mention that I love what Gail did with Babs, and all the other characters (especially Alysia); her work has inspired many people and it will be missed!

Also want to say that I wish all good things to the new team; I can’t wait to pick up their first issue!

Daily doodle #459 - Alfred Pennyworth, my favourite comics dad

To everyone who, like me, doesn’t really celebrate Father’s Day, you’re awesome and there are always many other people to look up to, inside AND outside of your family, and even within yourself. Have a good one! c: