(( Derping around sketching Tulio to see if I got the groove back and thought ‘Hey! Been getting the urge to give him some more design changes, why not try the hair and make it follow the laws of reality just a tiny bit for once?’ Now boom. Here’s this. The sketch looks better. I think I might change more things here and there, doodle different hair styles to see. Maybe? 

Also, I’ve been meaning to get this out of my chest for a while since I haven’t figured out a proper way to reveal it. But I figured Tulio might be part another species that isn’t Squeek. ( Of course, you can’t ask Tulio directly since he doesn’t know/remember (amnesia) ). He could be part Boom Boom. It explains so much about the way he looks. More specifically his height, big arms (Even though it’s part of my style but it’ll give me a good excuse to not feel bad about his arm anatomy), thick tail, and even the pointy teeth that shows when he opens his mouth. Like seriously, it makes so much sense I can’t believe how well it fits. 8V ))


Some owls from my stand-up meetings this week.  I’m trying to get back into the groove of sketching and doing personal artwork in my free time.  Since moving to Colorado, I’ve sort of gone on an unofficial hiatus due to the demands of work and lack of time during the week.  I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things by the end of this month :)