#day 407 #daily #sketch #challenge #art #illustration #sketching #sketchbook #drawing #doodle #ink so I don’t actually know much about the 1st and 2nd known generation. But I figure to explore who I am and my role as the 4th, it’s important to know their major actions that ultimately put me in the seat I am today. There’s only maybe two black and white or sepia pictures existing of the 1st. (1st known patriarch to be precise, there may have been others) Tall, serious and lanky looking person. It’s possible him or his father were sent over to his resting place as slaves or indentured servants, because of the superior European white race at the time. And it’s important to say it like that. Because it’s the truth. When you shoot a club, and ask why people are panicking, even though the shots are done, then you are denying the existence of the problem, which is synonymous with racism in 2015 in the states. You should know who your oppressors are and at what time period, so that you won’t repeat the past. Anyways, Left to die, they survived somehow, holding onto the minuscule traces of culture, religion, language and their names, which were reworked to make it more palatable for the white officials. It’s unfortunate because the ethnic cleansing was so thorough that I can’t trace my ancestry beyond the 1st and thus there is a hole in my heart. But anyways, I was told he use to walk barefoot in the rice fields, (symbolic strength) and agricultural lands they owned. Stories about him slapping his brother silly were also told. He seemed to have been a “tough” person in every sense of the word. Brutish? Savage? Perhaps? Surely not uncouth or uncivilized, because traditions were preserved through him. His nickname was akin to a vast water… Which is very symbolic because mythology origins mankind from the ocean. And As we drift from the 1st to the 4th you’ll notice the level of physical strength and brutality goes down. But, his physical presence and well known intimidation is important for the solid foundations that is the framework for the 4th. From the 1st, the transgression and the aggressive, we move into the 2nd generation, the epoch of expansion and oppressive..

Watercolor Paper Background

Watercolor Paper Background

I get quite a few requests to share the backgrounds in my demos. I do plan to release a set of seamless papers, canvases, cards and other backdrops for digital artists. It’s in the works I promise, but in the meantime, here’s the watercolour paper used in many of my digital painting brush demo videos.



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