Rick and Morty fascinates me because when I was younger I always got pretty emotionally invested in everything I watched, and then after a while I started getting this feeling from comedies (especially more rough around the edges “mature comedies”)  that being emotionally invested was all kinds of uncool. But then here comes Rick and Morty as like, that one dude in high school who is ACTUALLY cool and he’s like “Man, like life’s trippy and weird and you shouldn’t take it to seriously…but there’s nothing wrong with crying, dude”

(This is doubly true with the comics! Which you should all be reading)


Last instagrams+some things from my folder:-P Well,what do we have here?The sketches of heroes because sometimes they’re a big source of inspiration for me,my OCs again,team Snow Kids (DO U REMEMBER?REMEMBER THEM?btw I’m rewatching this show and I think it’s still epic especially 3D and music and the characters) and also FMA sketches. Digitals:I practiced with timers( 1-5 min sketches) and also I tried to paint something digital without sketch and lineart. As a result,I have a random girl which reminds me of “Inside Out” characters.And finally…ehh…Daichi.Just Daichi