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I am back! I am drawing everyday and selling them on Etsy. It is so nice to be motivated again. Coming up with new ideas everyday is the best feeling ever. 

Ink Drawings

Blind Contour Drawings

Custom Portraits 


As my followers it is your duty to take a look ;) 

anonymous asked:

*sketches twenty otters* For Naomi-senpai (Someday I'll draw one good enough to not be embarrassed to show you, just wAIT)

Omg anon, don’t be embarrassed ;u; I bet your otters are adorable!! Thank you for the twenty otters though ;v;v; 

Naomi Preizler In Shade | FashionTV’s Mannequin Of The Week

Naomi Preizler In Shade | FashionTV’s Mannequin Of The Week


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When she’s not busy rocking the runways, she might be discovered backstage sketching away different fashions, their runway appears, and the colourful world of trend. Meet Argentinian magnificence, artwork extraordinaire, and FashionTV’s mannequin of the week… Naomi Preizler.

Age: 22

Fame: A secretly sketching artist!

Trend Reality: Naomi’s drawing have featured in, Harper’s…

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