sketches of doom


I was lucky enough to be wandering Cambridge city centre on a small errand at just the right time to catch a fabulous concert by Exeter band Sound of the Sirens.  It’s not often I come across seriously impressive new music but they delivered, and the multitude of people who stopped to listen and buy CDs clearly shared my opinion of them.  Well done, ladies!  I hope to see you out east sometime again!

Just an sketch that I’ve been adding to when I’ve had the time.
Inspired by the unfinished episode “10 Minutes To Doom”

Excuse my inability to draw hands.


Hurr hurr I have such original titles. It’s better than “Pattern Vomit”, which is what I was calling this as I worked it.

I’ll stop drawing RGB when he stops being my favorite.

RGB is from the webcomic “The Property of Hate” by ModMad and really, you should all be reading it.

Done on 8 ½" x 11" cardstock using a ruler, a mechanical pencil, and inking pens. Colored in SAI.


“Hey Youtube, you know me, I’m Doom.”

Dr. Doom’s Makeup Tutorial by Sketch From Superheroes


“YouTube Fall”

Two Groups of 600 people were given a game, depending on how well they were displayed on the internet/ the growth of their youtube channel. When they enter, they get sucked in the game, losing conscience in the real world, passing out at their computer. When they wake, they turn into their avatar, and have their powers, but they have to learn how to use them. They are in a world where they do not know where they are or why they are there. They learn from the floating head CPU XIGHUS, that they are trapped there until they climb though all the floors though the tower, fighting bosses and minions until they reach floor 101. And fight the final boss, to wake up. A boss shows up every 3 floors.

All the enemys are mixes or clones of game bosses, and are harder then normal. They are given upgrades and potions as they explore, but there are some twists. As XIGHUS says “If you die in the game, you mind is saved until the end is reached, and depending on which ending you get, you will be released or deleted. Their are three endings, you could all kill each other, but I will not tell you what happens, You could all die fighting the bosses, you will be deleted, and if you beat floor 101, you will all be released. You all must make your choices wisely, this is all livestreamed, everyone can see you now”

This is floor 75, the battle of the boss BigDoom, and mixture of Doom Enemy’s and a Big Daddy from Bioshock. 4 people have already died fighting this boss, so they voted to send the team that has the best synergy and mental connectivity, to fight. The fight rages for an hour in the boss room until……

(This is just a little idea I had and I thought it would be cool. I think this is the best I have done with my tablet yet! This comic features @azure-sketch @robot-scout and @chimakiisane

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