I tried to go to bed super early so I don’t end up in the freaking hospital again, but the cultural version of the Blue Man Group woke me up at like 8 (there’s a festival coming up and Japan is big on GIANT-ASS drums), so I figured I might as well sketch.

Quick overpaints of sketchbook sketches - I wanted to tackle the Kaenam/Noaia equivalent of the Kanerodoptrix forever, now I finally started. Obvious influences from Inostrancevia, sheep and opossums. :)

My Rodgau Monotones mode is now in full swing. I look like I wear a tent even with their smallest bandshirt, but it’s worth it - they live about ten kilometres from here, gotta support the neighbourhood!

U BETCHA, but UD isn’t romance centric and their relationship is a slooooow burn narrative wise. Eventually Dan lets Es get this close without being too upset about someone in his personal space!

Personally nsfw stuff doesn’t bother me! But all I ask is to keep it vanilla (oh and make sure to tag it nsfw, just for those who prefer not to stumble on that kind of stuff). I’m not someone to get in the way of other’s exploring characters they like if it’s not hurting anyone.

Just for the record tho, since it’s not very explicit: Dan and Es’s relationship is for the most part platonic, but that isn’t to say stuff couldn’t happen later on.

This sums the two up pretty well.



but I haven’t seen anyone do it before so… I’m sorry if it has been done!