sketched this super quickly

So I really wanted to go to bed early… but unfortunately I saw Phil’s new video and… yeah. I sketched this super-quickly and it’s got basically no artistic value - but enjoy - Daniul and “Lucas”. 

Gotta give it to Phil though - these outfits looked awesome. And he gave off these Quicksilver vibes with his blue wig



I put in some quick color but I actually really enjoyed the sketch of this! Cute besties are the best! Their names are Clover and Poppy (Pop for short). 

Edit: I’m just looking at this again and the sketch really makes me happy?? The characters are kind of off model and certain things are a bit wonky but ahhh…still..not bad

anonymous asked:

So for making comics, do most people just dive in and start drawing? Or is there a writing process to this? Like do people usually write out a script first?

im not sure! I guess it’s what works for you. If im making something that im not sure about story-wise I’ll write it out or bullet point it first… but other times ill just sketch it all out super duper quickly then work on it from there

owakura  asked:

Hi, I like drawing but a suffer a but of same-face and same-body syndrome, could you please share some advice on varying faces and body types? P.S. Your Shion/Dohko comics are the best ever xD

Hey there!

Sorry it took long i just didnt know how to answer properly, mainly because 96% of the time i do things without really. having a pattern. nor a method. actually i still feel like i have a long way to go to make faces look different, and I guess osberving and trying to recreate stuff is the key here, but i’m gonna try to explain how it could go. i super quickly drew some sketchs to explain my stuff so you EVEN get a+ quality drawings made in like 3min. lucky.

- observe people, but not only actors or models, who tend to have very similar traits. There are different shapes of faces, heads, nose, different ways to place the eyes, the nose. The tumblr humanae is really useful to see people in similar situation/pose/light and see the difference in their face structures. For example, look at these people :

Notice how some have higher placed eyes, higher cheekbones, bigger jaws, etc? And now with a (very fastly done) line i get the basic shape of their faces :

as you can see they are quite different, and from basic shaping, i try to get a face on ¾ view.

my faces are nowhere near accurate/looking like their model. but that’s not what i’m aiming here, if they look different enough from one another without their haircut or special features, then they are different enough period (which is also nicely explained here )

- that’s a personal touch here, but to me noses are very very important. like i feel like you can have the same type of face, the nose will be the first thing you kinda notice to be different?

- finally : it’ll take time. i had a very anime style in the past and i decided to go for more… my style, but it took time and lots of disappointments. don’t give up because your first tries are disappointing. slowly, it’ll come to you. good luck!

EDIT : this is witchcraft bc i reread several times the question and i only see NOW the mention of body types. and actually, I’m not sure what else to add on this matter because the process happens to be the same. observing different body types and drawing them again. also, maybe something i forgot to mention : get rid of the idea your characters have to look beautiful in your eyes. they just have to be different, and it includes not being 100% pretty! :)


Heyy guys!

Thankies for the 300 followers! Everyone’s support is really nice!

As a thanks here’s a little digital painting of my take on the Shinkane child~

I also added the original sketch as a comparison c:

this was colored super quickly, I did the sketch on Wed and colored it just now in about over 1 hour so sorry if it’s rather messy.

Also I’d like to say Happy 16th Birthday for shinya-k ! Hope you have an awesome day ;D