sketched this super quickly

So I really wanted to go to bed early… but unfortunately I saw Phil’s new video and… yeah. I sketched this super-quickly and it’s got basically no artistic value - but enjoy - Daniul and “Lucas”. 

Gotta give it to Phil though - these outfits looked awesome. And he gave off these Quicksilver vibes with his blue wig



I put in some quick color but I actually really enjoyed the sketch of this! Cute besties are the best! Their names are Clover and Poppy (Pop for short). 

Edit: I’m just looking at this again and the sketch really makes me happy?? The characters are kind of off model and certain things are a bit wonky but ahhh…still..not bad


Heyy guys!

Thankies for the 300 followers! Everyone’s support is really nice!

As a thanks here’s a little digital painting of my take on the Shinkane child~

I also added the original sketch as a comparison c:

this was colored super quickly, I did the sketch on Wed and colored it just now in about over 1 hour so sorry if it’s rather messy.

Also I’d like to say Happy 16th Birthday for shinya-k ! Hope you have an awesome day ;D