So Amika’s role for the team is basically being a trainer. Since her people,The Jaltans, were able to actually fight the Galrons and win, she teaches the Paladins her fighting techniques. I like to think of the Jaltans as alien Amazons except with variety lol. They have a unique ability of Density Manipulation (is that what I wrote up there? lol) Meaning in simple terms, they can make themselves light or heavy blah blah. i included my friend’s (berrieblosym on dA) in this because I know Margo fiesty af can probably hold herself in a fight with Amika.

wHAT ARE THESE CRUDE DRAWINGS OF YOUTUBERS,crimsonfirebolt!!?? you say, no i don’t know either. Nahh I’m not switching styles or whatever. I’m experimenting. or whatever you put it.

I drew these while watching this video ! Check it out! It’s really helpful. Check out their whole channel!!!! (im not affliated with them or anything but their channel has so many helpful art stuff.)