A little tour on my sketchbooks :)
Different techniques, different countries, different subjects. Lot of friends

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anonymous asked:

I love your watercolour artwork so much!! I want to start a watercolour sketch book myself and was wondering what kind of sketch book (paper quality etc) did you use for your 2016 one?

Thanks so much!
In 2016, I used both a Moleskine Watercolour Album sketchbook, and a Winsor & Newton Watercolour Visual Journal sketchbook. The Moleskine was a lot more cheaper than the W&N, but the paper was only 200gsm, so it warped a lot under lots of paint, so it wasn’t really that good with handling water in comparison. Washes had to be kept light, and the texture was quite uniform. But, if you’re using for light watercolour sketches / washes, it’s almost ideal because it’s cheaper than most watercolour sketchbooks, and the paper is almost waxy, rather smooth, which can sometimes be ideal for mixed media. 

The W&N is my favourite thus far, because the paper is 300gsm, so its a lot tougher and can take a beating. It takes water well and warps far less than the Moleskine with washes and layers of paint. My favourite part though, is the texture. It’s got two textures throughout, one that’s a bit more uniform which can be quite funky when used to the advantage, and one that’s more irregular and subtle, which feels and looks great to work with. The downside, is that it’s ridiculously expensive.

Hope that helps!


Sketchbook tour pt2. I remember every single moment : )

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All of my illustrated journals from 2016!  Some of them have even more stickers on the back. A lot of the stickers I bought at comic conventions so lots of awesome art that is Not Mine.  They’re all moleskines (the blue one is off-brand and still pretty good) because I’m weak for that paper quality….

Journaling has been vital for me as a coping skill for whatever life throws at me, and as a way to chronicle and remember my life, which is important to me.  My friend inspired me to journal, and I hope to pass it along to someone who might be interested in starting!

anonymous asked:

Hey, I remember you used to do fake pages from Steve(?)'s diary, the ones where you would write out passages or smth in a sketchbook, and add drawings of them etc, and I kind of want to do a couple of things similar to that for another show, so that I'm not always drawing the same thing, but I can't think of how to do it or where to start. Do you have any tips, or anything you found out when you were doing them?

Hi anon ^^

Hey, I remember you used to do fake pages from Steve(?)’s diary, the ones where you would write out passages or smth in a sketchbook,

Yup, you remember well anon! I used to post pages from my sketchbooks and some of them could have been Steve’s sketchbooks (well, that’s what people told me ^^)

Do you have any tips, or anything you found out when you were doing them?

1) Ok, first, you have to decide what medium you want to use, traditional art or CG art.

CG art: you can use brushes that look like a pencil (see HERE and HERE) and a sketchbook texture (see HERE). The asset is that it’s easier to do, you have a better control on the final result, you can arrange the sketches on the page as you wish and add writing with a font that emulates hand writing (or just write whatever you want yourself using the brushes I linked you above). The rendering can be really cool!

Traditional art: That’s what I used above. The problem is that you have to scan and retouch everything with Photoshop. As you can see, sometimes, the pages don’t even have the same color even if they come from the same sketchbook, I never understood the reason why xD You can have a look HERE at my drawing supplies. I scanned my sketchbooks in 300dpi with a Canon scan. It’s fun but I think that if I had to do a “Steve Rogers’ sketchbook” project, I would go digital but it’s just me.

2) Now you have to decide what you want to draw in the sketchbook. Will it be random sketches or do you want to tell a story? I think it’s great to tell a story, respect a chronology and draw for instance moments that were in the show/movie you want to draw for, missing scenes and scenes from your imagination.

Let’s take an example. Supernatural, Episode 12, Season 1, Faith. Sam and Dean Winchester are ghosts/demons hunters and during a hunt, Dean is severely wounded. While Sam is at the motel trying to find a way to save his brother (because the doctors told him that there was no more hope), he hears a knock at the door and guess what, it’s Dean who escaped from the hospital, in a rather piss poor state. Stuff happens and Dean is finally saved. Happy end! (Yes, I know, TONS of other things happen in this episode, but let’s stick to this part of the story for the sake of simplification). Now, imagine that you are drawing a sketchbook from the point of view of Dean:

- moments that were in the show/movie you want to draw for: the hunt that caused Dean to go to the hospital (ex: the monster, the house where the hunt happened, etc…), Dean at the hospital.

- missing scenes: Dean escaping from the hospital and riding the bus to join Sam at the motel. It’s never shown but we guessed that’s how he showed up at the motel.

- scenes from your imagination: Sam happy to have saved his brother and the boys at a bar/a strip club/a concert celebrating because “fuck death”. Pure headcanon.

You see what I mean? Your sketches can be a mix of familiar canon and various headcanons but what is important is always to tell a story.

Also, don’t forget to add details that will tell people what kind of character draws the sketches: fake coffee stains, doodles here and there on the page, ink stains, grocery list at the top of  a picture etc…

Voilà! I hope it helped! Good luck to you ♥