anon asked for some wedding dress femslash

happy to oblige the sailor ships ;3

  • Mars & Venus
  • Uranus & Neptune
  • Mercury & Jupiter


  • Small Lady & Saturn (for me cuz i want)

dresses based on this chapter art cuz beautifully fashion (    /  v \) <3


For those that asked about my technique & ideas - here’s a super messy post with a bunch of images from my sketchbooks to show the process!

* I do a lot of my initial sketching and brainstorming in coffee shops. Because a) coffee addict here and b) it’s a good change of scene from my desk at home. (Bonus points if the coffee shop has a lot of sun and green plants!) I’ll always start with characters, then thumbnail sketches of composition and lighting ideas. Once I’ve had my coffee I’ll go back home and scan everything in and rework any designs I like by adding more light and shadow with a photoshop brush or two and play around with the layouts. Although sometimes they don’t work out, I have a lot of time to think while I’m illustrating and I find the story evolves the quickest during this stage.

* Black and white illustrations consist of a preliminary sketch, cleaned up line-work then a giant experimental digital collage of different brushes and textures (usually between five to twenty layers depending on the complexity of the design. The rat above was about ten layers/brushes I think). For colour illustrations, it’s essentially the same but I use my own scanned textures a lot more, so it’s basically just a case of one on top of the other until it looks good.

I’m not sure if any of that was useful/helpful but at the very least…there are pictures of dancing owls, so happy Monday y'all



8.2.16 So Saturday was one of the busiest days ever! Went clothes shopping, then to the V&A to do some studying under this beautiful staircase and in the National Art Library, visited a photography exhibition of 19th century stills, then walked around the gothic medieval England section, then went to a party aaand went too far and done really remember much more! Oops! Xxx emily