yo, it’s been a while. here’s weekly sketchbook #66, finally! doodles, wips and crops and both traditional and digital this time! i’m not surprised at the contents in the slightest. i hope you like it!
  i’m trying to feel comfortable again, i think? i’ve felt a lot of pressure for a long time now and i’m trying to figure out Why or how to avoid it. it’s a little difficult because i’m very hard on myself for… drawing always the same things (note the smiles, the angles, the poses) but i’m trying to… give myself a break because i’m very tired. it’ll work out, right? i’m working on my damn thesis, i’m bound to be tired and just want to relax. all in all, i think i managed to this time, more or less.
  i wanted to try doing talksprites since they’re The Aesthetic but damn if it ain’t hard! that one’s on hold by now, and the loose panels i’ll tackle some other time. there’s three more and i’m thinking i’d like to color them… but the lines Might be too thin to use markers…
  but looking at the rest Is very nice -i think i’m too obsessed with Sharp Clean n Polished styles and pieces (what’s commonly understood as a Finished Product) when that’s… not really my thing, is it. i have to think on whether i want it to be or not. but there’s something sweet about my sketches, they might be much more important than i think, and i’m happy to share them

elamar-vite  asked:

Hey hey show me all Sketchbooks p.55 plissss

55 sketchbook A, oh man! these were some of my FIRST Homestuck fanarts! I think these are the sketches I made because “I wouldn’t read homestuck” but I liked Gamzee and Tavros HA HA. OH and those chibis at the bottom, is a weird kind of chibi I like to make, I call them “monitos de bolita”, I’m not sure how to translate that, just simple round chibis, and they have no arms so I thought they went really well with HS characters haha.

Sketchbook B [aahaha those tiny alpha and beta kids.. I was trying to explain something to a friend but it wasn’t making any sense, so I had to draw those, also Summoner + Tavros and Vriska. I feel like Vriska had some sort of crush on the Summoner from Mindfang’s journal, and that’s why she wanted tavros to be “Tougher”? So he’d be more like him?]


AND from sketchbook C [honestly this is the only thing worth sharing from that one??]

But here’s the whole page just in case [x]