elamar-vite  asked:

Hey hey show me all Sketchbooks p.55 plissss

55 sketchbook A, oh man! these were some of my FIRST Homestuck fanarts! I think these are the sketches I made because “I wouldn’t read homestuck” but I liked Gamzee and Tavros HA HA. OH and those chibis at the bottom, is a weird kind of chibi I like to make, I call them “monitos de bolita”, I’m not sure how to translate that, just simple round chibis, and they have no arms so I thought they went really well with HS characters haha.

Sketchbook B [aahaha those tiny alpha and beta kids.. I was trying to explain something to a friend but it wasn’t making any sense, so I had to draw those, also Summoner + Tavros and Vriska. I feel like Vriska had some sort of crush on the Summoner from Mindfang’s journal, and that’s why she wanted tavros to be “Tougher”? So he’d be more like him?]


AND from sketchbook C [honestly this is the only thing worth sharing from that one??]

But here’s the whole page just in case [x]