sketchbook style


Swan queen! Started with some loose linework but I jumped to paint pretty quickly because it’s easier for me to see if things are working or not in color blocks. Here’s my first process gif ever… enjoy haha! I can do that more in the future if people are interested. 

Day 5: Long 

In my mythology class we talked about the Book of the Dead  - an ancient Egyptian guidebook buried with you to assist your spirit in the perilous journey of the afterlife. It was full of prayers and handy-dandy magical spells to help get you past monsters and the trials you’d face. However the longest version found is also a 78 foot long papyrus scroll. I hope this thing has a table of contents because I don’t think the monsters about to devour your soul are going to just wait around for you.

ART TIP: Keep a balance between digital and traditional art

because there are things traditional art will teach you that digital art won’t, and the same goes the other way

You can become happy…and get a glimpse of what paradise is like…if you take this elixir.

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