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can you recommend the markers you use for colouring? and what paper do you use? duh, sorry for the question spam but I want to try new markers out and I thought I'd ask someone with experience :) thank you, hippano! :)

No worries! Thanks for asking! :) I use Promarkers, Brushmarkers, Prismacolor markers, and Copics based on whatever the art stores near me carry (really any alcohol-based marker will do). I believe Winsor & Newton bought Letraset so the Promarkers packaging will look a bit more like the Brushmarkers nowadays. BUT their tips are different so keep an eye out for that! Here’s an image showing the different tips:

Personally I like Brushmarkers best for their size and the brush tip, but if you’re going to an art store, try out as many types as you can to get a feel for what you like! I recommend starting out with pastel colours and applying several layers to increase intensity rather than starting out with intense colours if that makes sense?

As for paper, almost any paper works, though you’ll want to put a piece of scrap or two below the sheet you’re working on because these markers will bleed through the page. I usually use my sketchbook paper (65 lb / 96 gsm) which has a slightly rough texture, but recently I’ve found that I like heavy printing paper (32 lb / 120 gsm) which is smoother and thick enough that the markers don’t bleed through. I do NOT like using these markers on glossy paper – layering looks weird and it seems to take forever to dry! Be aware that alcohol markers will bleed a bit on any paper, so test out how much time and pressure to apply to each stroke before you start going over sensitive linework!

A couple more links: I mentioned a few of the colours I use here, and another pic of markers and pens I use for outlining here. Oh! and a comparison of bleeding on sketchbook vs printer paper here.

I hope that helps! If you think of any more questions, feel free to give me a shout! Good luck to you and your art!