Illusion Or Reality? Uncanny 3D Paintings By Russian Artist Are Impossibly Lifelike

Stefan Pabst is a 35-year-old Russian born artist who has mastered the art of 3D digital painting to the extent where his paintings trick the eye as the are often mistaken for real photographs, and more frighteningly, the real subject walking off the paper. The artist has adopted a French technique, known as trompe l'oeil technique, which literally translates into the French term “trick the eye”. The expert painter’s abilities extend into photo-realistic portraits as well. Fine details and flawless precision of each stroke and shadow, made effortlessly as seen on Pabst’s Youtube channel, is a beautiful process to witness as the artist becomes absorbed into his art until a realistic snake readies itself to strike at him from the canvas.

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The Wolf and the Fall of Haven

Imagine…the wolf howling in the distance as you make your way to the caravan deep in the Frostbacks after you buried Haven - the wolf whose voice gets stronger the closer you are to your destination, guiding you through the snowstorm - imagine that the wolf is Solas.

And because you’re a slow poke, he came to find you, instead.

Yes, I have totally utilized the yesterday’s doodle of a mug here.