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I’m opening sketch commissions!

I’ve been having a hard time finding a job and bills this month has seriously taken a toll on my bank account so I’m opening commissions.

It will be $10 per person I sketch. That means couples will be $20, three people $30, etc. And since these are on paper, for an extra $2 I will mail it out to you!

Things I will attempt:

  1. animals
  2. armor (depends on how armor heavy it is)

Things I won’t draw:

  1. smut
  2. mecha
  3. gore

Everything else is fine! Don’t know? Just ask!

Please contact me at with your commission information.

I can provide more examples upon request.

Thank you for reading! Even if you can’t commission me, a reblog is always appreciated!

finally a proper commission post

Hey hi there! Want a cheap sketchy doodle of your oc, otp, and/or fave characters?!?! well have i got the greatest deal for you!

Will Draw

  • Fan Art
  • OCs
  • Ships
  • Furries/Anthros*

Will Not Draw

  • Mechas
  • Exaggerated body parts (anime tiddies the size of bowling balls for example)
  • NSFW (yo im a minor so let’s not get us both in trouble aight)

*Furries/Anthros are an entirely new concept for me, so while it may say I will draw them, I have no experience doing so so this may cost more

All prices are in USD so please make the proper conversion in your currency if you live outside of the US. payment is exclusively done through paypal, with exceptions to those who live near me

Chibis ($2-5)

Head/Bust ($10-$15)

Additional Fees

  • Color : +$2
  • Additional characters : +50% of style choice (Example: if you want two characters in the bust style, it would be an estimated $10-15 for the first character, and then $5-7.5 for the other.)
  • Additional charge for complex designs


I need to get some money, so I decided to open this!! The prices are above. I hate to make rules but  there are a few things you need to know:

! MORE CHARACTERS: I can draw 2 max. without rising the price, but more is just very difficult and makes the work heavier (+$2 adding one more character)

!RESTRICTIONS: I don’t really feel like drawing sexual themed drawings, at least explicit ones.. so please, no NSFW stuff.

!PAYMENT: I only have PAYPAL to make the payment. When I finish your drawing I’ll send you my e-mail so you can pay with the PayPal thingy.

Thank you so much guys!! I’ll be so happy to receive a message from you!!

See ya!

A friend of mine recently had their cat pass away, and are currently trying to raise the funds needed to help cover urn and funeral costs! As such, they’re desperately looking for people to commission them!

They produce what I think is amazing quality of work, and at a really good pace! Even if you can’t afford to commission them right now, helping to pass the message on would be super helpful!

Here’s the link to their commision page!

I’m doing like 13? 14? free sketches of dragons on FR, i’m doing one of each breed and then a gajinka because i’m probably going to open up an art shop but I want to practice stylizing the different breeds, you feel? 

This is the first one and i’ll probably do mass posts with 2-3 in them from now on but I just wanted to show that i’m doing progress OTL

Tbh tho I probably won’t like post anything until thursday afternoon because lord have mercy school is usually a busy time for me.

Either way, Dragon belongs to Nathlene, design to Flight rising I think?

(((On a side note, I was surprised that like the slots were taken up so quickly tho. Like I posted the two I did yesterday as examples and by noon today they had all been snatched up and I was like ‘woah that was the first time I had drawn a dragon since I was 8, you sure buddy?’ It’s a nice feeling tho)))

Alright commissions are open and what I’m offering is traditional sketches(colored digitally for the flats and cel-shade offers) for now.

Reasons for opening commissions besides that I like to draw.

  • Need to replace my portfolio backpack for classes
  • A new messenger bag. Old one is falling apart and I want to get one that that won’t kill my shoulder by equally distributing the weight across my body.
  • Art supplies for classes.
  • Funds for a new laptop.

Onward to details!

Here’s my TOS. It contains various rules, policies, and towards the bottom it lists the things I will and will not draw. If you have questions about that don’t be afraid to send me an ask.

Payments are done through Square. I will send you an invoice when all the commission details have been confirmed. I may be able to take some payments through Paypal(invoice method too), but Square comes first. (Having some issues with Paypal. Oi…)

  • I suggest emailing me (or sending a note on DA) the commission details instead of sending me an ask since Tumblr has a tendency to eat asks and replies.
  • I like a lot of references. Different views/angles are lovely and very helpful.
  • Anything specific you want done in the drawing let me know e.g. clothes, poses, tone/mood of the drawing(if colored). 
  • You are added to my queue when payment is confirmed. Waitlist is here.
  • I only begin working once the invoice has been paid
  • Sketches will be scanned in 300DPI or above.
  • I may do discounts for multiple characters(if the characters are not too complex) and possible multiple pieces.

If you need to ask any other questions don’t be afraid to shoot me an ask.

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