Traditional Art Commisions!!

Sketch- $3
Ink- $5
Colored- $7
Extra Person- $2

Full Body:
Sketch- $5
Ink- $7
Colored- $10
Extra Person- $4

Prices similar to full-body but will be discussed based on content.

Custom Journals:
$20 and up (plus shipping) depending on complexity. (Prices can be discussed)


So I decided to start commissions because I would very much like to attain that big cash money wad.

I’m starting out with sketches because I can produce them the quickest and, heh, I really need some quick money right now. 

So here’s what’s up:

  • Headshots/bust sketches will be $5 per character
  • Waist up sketches will be $7 per character
  • Full body sketches will be $15 plus $10 for any additional character
  • I will draw anything that I don’t find offensive
  • When you decide on what you’d like, email me at or send me a message
  • When I contact you back, accepting your order, you will send your payment through paypal with the email
  • I will email your sketch to you and you can decide if it’s okay for me to post it on tumblr/deviantart/any art site

Prices are in USD and for now I am only accepting payment through paypal. Again, my paypal email is If you have reference material for me, great. If you would like me to tackle a different art style, that’s great too. If you have something in mind that I haven’t listed, contact me and we can work something out. In the near future, I plan on providing more than just sketch commissions. For now, I just really need some quick money. If you’re not interested in my art, but are too kind of a person to let me starve from not having groceries, I do take donations and a donation button can be found on my blog

If you can’t afford a commission or donation, please consider reblogging this post. Signal boosts are very appreciated. I also have a preference for people to not remove my comments when they reblog, but it isn’t a big deal as long as you don’t remove my source. 

So, help an unemployed art student pay her rent, huh?


Click the pictures to enlarge!

I decided to open Commissions now that I finally have some free time on my hands! Unfortunately, my laptop is slowly dying and that really sucks since I need it for my school, I need a new laptop as soon as possible but I can’t fully effort a good one at the moment ;_; it was Tracymod’s idea to try and open commissions - so I can maybe earn some money so I can save up for a good laptop!

I will NOT draw extremely graphic porn or gore!
I’m willing to draw non-graphic yaoi/hentai/yuri/nude pictures, but nothing extreme. I prefer not to draw gore at all, please respect that.

I only accept Paypal as paying method! For Dutch commissioners, you can also transfer money to me through the Bank.

To commission me, you can send me an ask or you can send me a message on Skype ( beansprout-moyashi).

For further information or questions, you can always send me an ask. c;