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I’m opening sketch commissions!

I’ve been having a hard time finding a job and bills this month has seriously taken a toll on my bank account so I’m opening commissions.

It will be $10 per person I sketch. That means couples will be $20, three people $30, etc. And since these are on paper, for an extra $2 I will mail it out to you!

Things I will attempt:

  1. animals
  2. armor (depends on how armor heavy it is)

Things I won’t draw:

  1. smut
  2. mecha
  3. gore

Everything else is fine! Don’t know? Just ask!

Please contact me at with your commission information.

I can provide more examples upon request.

Thank you for reading! Even if you can’t commission me, a reblog is always appreciated!

finally a proper commission post

Hey hi there! Want a cheap sketchy doodle of your oc, otp, and/or fave characters?!?! well have i got the greatest deal for you!

Will Draw

  • Fan Art
  • OCs
  • Ships
  • Furries/Anthros*

Will Not Draw

  • Mechas
  • Exaggerated body parts (anime tiddies the size of bowling balls for example)
  • NSFW (yo im a minor so let’s not get us both in trouble aight)

*Furries/Anthros are an entirely new concept for me, so while it may say I will draw them, I have no experience doing so so this may cost more

All prices are in USD so please make the proper conversion in your currency if you live outside of the US. payment is exclusively done through paypal, with exceptions to those who live near me

Chibis ($2-5)

Head/Bust ($10-$15)

Additional Fees

  • Color : +$2
  • Additional characters : +50% of style choice (Example: if you want two characters in the bust style, it would be an estimated $10-15 for the first character, and then $5-7.5 for the other.)
  • Additional charge for complex designs

I’m opening up commissions for personalised Pokemon Trainer drawings!
If you would like one like these! Then please message me!

Send me a picture of you (Full body one would be cool for the outfit). And tell me some of your favourite Pokemon! (Approximately 3, but open to requests).

I’m charging £10 for one, or two for £15.
I’m using Paypal for payment, and we can talk more in messages!

Looking forward to hearing from you! :)


Hello, and welcome to my commision info!! 


I’m starting my emergency commisions!! I don’t know for how long will I be in this state of needing money or how much do I need. So please, if you can, help me out. Even if I could, I wouldn’t be able to work because I’m still recovering from my spinal operation. So there’s that.

I have about 5 free slots atm!!

- I will not draw nsfw ( nudity is fine though! Study is nice )
- Extreme gore ( some blood is fine but no flowing out organs n shit please)

That’s basically it.

When you buy my art you should pay me via PayPal so here’s a small guide how to do that just in case, but I’ll probably just send you a link to through IM.

If you want some more details, maybe more examples of my current work, OR want my email IM me here so we can talk.

That’s all. Thanks for reading!!!

Also if you can’t buy or just want to help me signall boost this!!! I’m still underage so I can’t work, otherwise I wouldnt sit here ]:

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I made sketch for commision drawing :), one is Miku Hatsune, I think he want to use the picture for he’s music picture on youtube… and second one is Avanna Vocaloid, I barely know her because someone want me to make her lol.. inspirate by music called “sad machine” and I become a fan for his work… Porter Robinson.. Do anyone know him? His great composer


2 sketchs commisions and sme practice of my favorite couple of my lair <3 the grandpa dragons! Can you guess i love sketching and this two?
Art Shop here! Lightening folks, ou get 15% on your festival <3  may Bossdad bless you with extra coffe 

Some facts about this two.
- Ramos is blind from age and Shula sits on his head to guide him with soft pats in the direction she wants him to go.
- Shula loves to knit for other dragons, even in the Ashfall Waste.
- Ramos beard was trimmed (much to his disgrace) due to him constantly stepping on it and causing it pain. However it still long enought to let Shula sleep on it, as depicted
-The gembond actually appared when they started to became old and was not a gene they had before, neither its a disease. Either way, it makes movement, specially flying, difficult and tiring.
-The right drawings and tumbnail, are drawings of their story: Shula trying to save a fire egg from falling in to the sea while trying to fly in a storm (which caused her to twist her wing and a few broken bones) Ramos trying to get to her aaand….when they reached the ashfall waste (and if that feels as safety, i must say that they are Ice dragons, they dont get along very way with the hot lands) I swear i love them, i just…keep adding torturing my characters ;_;