I dont have time to do anything else, so please consider it!

If you’re interested you can send me a message here or to my e-mail:

I’m open to draw pretty much anything except something hateful, or ilegal, or very NSFW. The payment is upfront and through paypal, though if you live in Mexico it can be through a bank transfer.

If you have any doubt please ask me! And I’d really appreciate it if you could spread this around, thank you!!! 


my guys!!!! ive opened up commisions!!! my family is struggling a lot, we’re going off of $10 per week to feed 7 people. a 3 year old, a 5 year old, a 9 year old, a 12 year old, a 16 year old (me), and my disabled mum and my stepdad.
we just spent a whole fuck ton of money to fix up the house to sell, but our realtor was extremely mentally ill and was telling lies about our house, saying it needed everything fixed and could crash in at any time etc. all of that was false, and so we fired her when she decided she was gonna take a vacation, and now we have to stay until next summer.
im too mentally ill to get a decent job, and with school starting i wont be able to anyways.
all im asking is for you guys to commission me, so i can have money to buy food for me and my family and eventually go back to therapy and get on meds.
ill draw you, your oc, your friend, anything except porn and more than one character together.

headshot, sketch: $3
headshot, lined: $5
bust, sketch: $7
bust, lined: $9
full body, sketch: $11
full body, lined: $13

if you cant commission me, please please please reblog. itd be nice to y'know eat this month. thank you!!!

my paypal:

Commission for @thelastpilot!

From her glorious Comedian!Nino AU which you can read HERE. This is specifically from part 2. (That’s Adrien in the bottom left.)

(I’m pretty sure I caught any spelling errors I might have made, but let me know if you see any and I’ll fix them.)

Hope you enjoy!

^ Also, bonus Nino sketch I did to use for reference for the rest of the comic.

Limited commisions!

So, to make a little extra money and get that Anti shirt I’m gonna open up 5 commisions!

3 sketch commisions available in chibi or stylized

One line art in chibi or stylized

One full color and effect bust or torso drawing in chibi or stylized

Please PM me for details!

I won’t do NSFW or mechs.

I will draw OCs or Pokemon or Markiplier or Jacksepticeye related things

If you can’t commision please spread this!


Hey, I’m opening commissions because I had to go back on my meds and teraphy and both are unfortunately really pricey, and hard to afford for me, I would be really grateful for your help.

Payment via paypal (or if you’re paying in pln you can pay directly to my bank account) I accept payment in USD and PLN

If you’re interested in a commission/ have any questions send me an email: (this is important. I don’t want your message to get lost in my tumblr inbox). Payment is upfront after I accept the commision.

*Simple sketch option is also available in just black and white without backgound colour- price stays the same.

Things I won’t draw: porn / smut, any offensive materials, backgrounds

I’m ok with: anthro/furries/aliens, nudity, gore

Sketch Commision from @charlieslowartsies Flash Commision sale

Continuing my trend of Shaggy Crossiver pics, we now have Shaggy as a Voltron Paladin. Bayard is a Bo Staff both because it’s a defensive non-lethal weapon and so he can use it to pole-vault away

As always the art is great! Lots of beautiful detail and I love his expression. It somehow is sheepish and determined at the same time and I love it.

davestrider123 is now space-cadet-123

Hey everyone! I fealt it was time for me to finally switch my name up! I’ll still be making art for this account and continue to use it like I normally do I just wanted the name to somewhat match my YouTube account (@ SpaceCadet123). Because I don’t currently have a reliable tablet to do online commisions and I won’t be able to get my hands on one till sometime mid-July I won’t officially be listing my digital commisions until around that time. However I am still taking traditional sketch commisions if anyone would like to contact me for those you can message me on here or at 

Thank you very much! <3