sketch zap

My kinda dark, very dramatic depiction on how it feels like being out-ranged in Splatoon. 

I would have left this as a regular pencil sketch, but I decided to add in colour digitally so that it’s easier to differentiate the teams. Splatoon is a game of colour after all. 

I like to imagine what could have been. Us, not at war.
I like to imagine you without the shadow under your eyes. Your smile without the guilt behind it.
I like to imagine to wake up beside you, the sunlight leaking on our bed.
You wake up so fast, and you start talking way before I’m actually awake, but I like to make the effort for you. Maybe you don’t know, but I always listen.
Sometimes I can hear you cry when you think I am asleep.
I’d like to promise you one day we will be home again. That we will have a home for ourselves.
That we will have the sun, leaking on our bed, disturbing our sleep. That nothing else will disturb it.
That we will have a child, maybe. I’d like to have a family with you.
But I can’t make promises. I can only promise I’ll wake up tomorrow. I can only promise to stay alive one more day.

A collaboration between me and my cousin onone-san (who wrote the awesome thing below my sketch) to remind you about one of our project, zombieapocalypsepartners!

You guys make spending time on this shit website a lot more fun than it should be :^)


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