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My kinda dark, very dramatic depiction on how it feels like being out-ranged in Splatoon. 

I would have left this as a regular pencil sketch, but I decided to add in colour digitally so that it’s easier to differentiate the teams. Splatoon is a game of colour after all. 

anonymous asked:

I have a question about the stuff you sell on ur storenvy <:3c? I love y'alls stickers and the keychains look amazing, but I was curious as to how or what y'all use to produce ur things? the quality is p dang great and i was hoping to get some insight for a gift idea im doing for a friend

aaaaa thank you for your support !! <3 

Im guessing you mean the stickers we make? o:

After sketching, lining, and coloring, we convert the RGB image to CMYK in photoshop. It ruins a lot of colors but honestly its the best way to get the most accurate print job. 

We go on Amazon and usually search for ‘ matte white sticker paper ‘, take those to fedex along with the files of our stickers, and ask them to print them for us on the paper we provide! (( they have no problem doing this! Just make sure you get laserjet friendly paper ))

after we print the stickers we cut them out (bulkier than the final product) and cover them in Transparent Laminate sheets, smooth out the bubbles, and hand cut them one last time for the final product ! 
For Holographic stickers, we do the same thing except instead of covering them in transparent laminate, we cover them in holographic vinyl! This seller has a few different options 

As for Keychains, same thing with sketching, colors and lines and converting the files to CMYK. buts the final part is about finding the right company to send the files to. 
We used Chillypigcreations and are pretty happy with the final result! 

Other options are: Acorn press, Inkitlabs, and Zap creatives ( that i know of )
Although i heard some sketch things from Zap, so id be careful!

And for prints I used Catprint !! and i LOVE the quality. ( they also offer holo prints ♥ and dont require a minimum # of prints per order ! )



What I’m bringing you today is a bunch of sketches based on that time Lottie, Nick and Norma went to prom and Will remained at home watching Netflix and petting Mr, Sissy Jupe, the cat.

No, he actually secretly went checking his younger sister but nobody knows except everyone.

Actually, just some OC fun, set during the Spring before the apocalypse.

The Zap Book Experiment - Trahearne - GW2

Wooden color pencils

We got a french saying that goes like: 
“ Shoo away your natural self, and it’ll come back galloping!”

What was suppose to be a sketch book gradually went from sketches to illustrations ><
I can’t escape it.  

… This time  it’s Trahearne’s fault!  He made me do it!  That sexy leafy guy wouldn’t let me only sketch him!  =^.^=

The Zap Book Experiment: Challenged myself into drawing by hand again after many years of working solely through digital painting.

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Watch: Deleted ’SNL’ Sketch “Nickelodoeon: Zap!”

Another year passed and it’s almost Christmas so I wanted to make another Follow Forever!  I always get paranoid making these lists ‘cause I end up forgetting people and I feel bad D:

Anyway, I want to take a second to thank you all guys! This year has been one of the hardest to me, I had a lot going on and a lot of personal issues. Nevertheless, you all have been there for me. You cheered me up with your presence and your kind words. Thank you for your help and support, this 2014 wouldn’t be the same without you <3

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