sketch theater

It’s not often I get commissioned to create a more detailed rendition like this on an Etch A Sketch. This MST3K-themed Etch A Sketch was created for my roommate to present it at one of the Kickstarter viewing parties that took place last night. Regretfully I was out of town and therefore unable to attend, but from what I was told, Joel was most appreciative of the gifted final art! 🤗 The Etch A Sketch was custom framed in a beautiful black shadowbox. The original might have been gifted, but prints are available for purchase on etsy here!

this is the full size original clayboard etching for my Crimson Peak print for Guillermo Del Toro and Legendary Pictures. 18x36″ and easily 250+ hours of work on this alone. beginning to end, my crude sketches in the theater to sending the final separations this poster took me a month, and i couldnt be happier with it. i also couldnt have been more thrilled to work with the director himself on the project and been more thankful to a studio for understanding the best results are going to come from trust between them and us artists.


some Shakespeare stuff HAMLET

Hamlet is a v good artistic puppet because you can just put him in like a hundred different angsty poses

Also what does Hamlet actually look like because in the play he

  • makes a comment about his beard
  • is actually 30 years old
  • his mom calls him fat

Oh well, I “casted” this guy B) I’m also like hnnng should old Hamlet and Claudius look like twinssss?

In other news, I hate tumblr’s image compression so. much.


I made a little 3 panel sequel to this… it really only makes sense if you’ve seen it, and plays off of the last line in that sequence. Set hundreds of years later, Legolas finds his father in the same tree he had one hidden in when he was feeling sad. 

The first and third panel have a bit of motion in them, and the last picture shows them all in case the gifs don’t load properly. The rules I made for myself were– I had to stick to three panels (or camera angles). I cheated just a liiiiittle bit by decided it was perfectly with in the rules to add some motion. :) I’m practicing storyboarding. I want to get better at it. I hope you guys like it!