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RFA Magazine Mockups!
{{I also have a Society6 account now!}}

They were supposed to make magazines about the charity parties and benefits lol – i guess everyone did little edits on each other’s covers too hhhhahaha

V’s approval stage:

11.01.17 // finally getting round to scanning my art stuff

this is from a project which I did in early October… I’m slowly putting my sketchbook scans up on Instagram so follow me if you want to see more at

They are renovating the apartment next to mine. ಠ_ಠ 

It sounds like they’re breaking through the wall every second now. I can’t sleep because of the deafening noise (and the ungodly heat) and all my tired brain could think of was putting Kuroo right in my place making him suffer…

Sorry babe.

that messed up anatomy and perspective though… ugh…
Want to start learning how to draw the human figure??? Start here!!! Well.... actually, start with the previous video, but still!!! Previous video is HERE: h...

Human figure basics tutorial!!! 

I made a video tutorial about how to draw human proportions, and defining the shape of the human figure using shapes and volumes.

It’s perfect for begginners!!! 


Here it is! The list you’ve all been waiting for (not really though)! It’s only temporary, so I’ll probably add more or make another in the future! I really hope you guys find the list helpful, or at least a bit inspiring! Stay creative guys, and know that I believe in you! 

(Oh, and credit to Markiplier for his face)


New avatar! Plus a coloured version - AND the unwanted norted version, that happened when I accidentally activated all layers except the blue one (which included the skin layer copy I had). Ironic.

You know, I’ve got so many favourite characters. Quiet a few characters I feel a certain connection to, in whom I recognize a part of myself … and still Saix is special. Not like he’s got a special place in my heart, but more like he is my heart. I’m never going to escape this guy ever again in my whole life.

Tuesday Art Tips # 1

I’m starting out a new series where I share some tips and tricks :) Please note that I’m not saying that these tips would be the ‘right’ and only way to go about drawing certain things. These are methods that I have learned from various sources over the years, and I hope they would be of use to others as well.

For this week, I’m kicking off the series with some tips on how I typically draw faces. If there are other tips you would like me to share in future weeks, do let me know by dropping me a question in my Ask Box :)

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