sketch request mondays

Rocket Raccoon for ‘Sketch Request Mondays’

So this character has been requested 3 or 4 times already and I just had to draw him. I really had a blast with this one.

He was requested on twitter by Steffi  and Andrew Warmington this week!

Also, for those who have been requesting every week. Don’t worry, I see you. I’m going to keep an eye out over the next few weeks for the people that have been requesting from the beginning. Thanks so much for your support and participation!

The Thing Vs. The Wasp for ‘Sketch Request Mondays’.

Wow, this week was nearly impossible to choose… so many things I wanted to draw and so little time.

This weeks requests were by 

DocShaner  one of the most talented and creative artists around… I really love his style and can’t wait to see more of his work. He requested “THE THING!”

and WhoaJordie who is honestly up there in the top colorists working in comics! She requested “WAIT you never draw the ladies - what about a WASP?”

Thanks for all the awesome requests this week! Can’t wait to see what you guys go for next time.

Dr. Strange for ‘Sketch Request Mondays.’

This character was requested via twitter by  @jamiegambell , Writer of the comic book series’, The Hero Code, Department O, Omnitarium .

You might not guess it because of the subject matter I’ve worked on in the past but Dr. Strange is one of my favourite characters to draw ever so I couldn’t pass it up… ALSO

the Dr. Strange:  Season One trade came out this wednesday and it is coloured by the one and only Jordie Bellaire (colorist on my upcoming image/shadowline comic COMEBACK) and she just absolutely kills it on this book. Her and Emma Rios create some of the most beautiful and dynamic magic I’ve ever seen on the good Doctor. Go check it out!