sketch quest


Riordan give me stylized CHB outifts for my demigod children please


Heyyy, more of this. The first one was the only survivor of like an hour and a half of attempting to scribble anything, the second was a request to have the Netflix-Teodora wearing one of the movie-Teodora’s outfits. Third one is just a simple doodle of Marcella.

And all 3 are facing to the right. And looking to the left. Huh.

Kay, think it’s out of my system for now.


Anakin’s Nelvaan quest: The Clone Wars 3D + Clone Wars 2D mixed styles sketch.   

I was just curious of how might look in the 3D animation style. Is a pretty cool look :)

Also plan to do a realistic depiction later. Yeh, sketchy as always, but I can’t dedicate it much time besides it took me effort to get the proportions to keep TCW style haha. And in part… this is why I do not color often, sometimes it doesn’t end like I plan it but ok. Tho I think it would be better to save it for digital.

And I want to share this with my friend @the-far-bright-center who was more than happy to contribute with great suggestions!