sketch quest


Riordan give me stylized CHB outifts for my demigod children please


Heyyy, more of this. The first one was the only survivor of like an hour and a half of attempting to scribble anything, the second was a request to have the Netflix-Teodora wearing one of the movie-Teodora’s outfits. Third one is just a simple doodle of Marcella.

And all 3 are facing to the right. And looking to the left. Huh.

Kay, think it’s out of my system for now.

“Don’t break her heart, Leo. Do you understand me?

… take good care of Marcella for me.”


I ship these two but I also don’t want to break up Leo and Marcella. However I do have this little headcanon.

Teodora has an obvious crush on Leo, but she covers it up. Like a lot of things, she’s not good at talking about personal stuff so she turns that love into frustration. She gets jealous whenever she sees Leo and Marcella hanging out, hating her for seemingly no reason for awhile. But once Teodora and Marcella start getting closer, she starts to realize why Leo likes her so much. In the end, she just wants Leo to be happy and to put the hate for Marcella in the past.

This is her finally letting go.

S i l d a r  H a l l w i n t e r

Sometimes I think about how much I wish Griffin had known more of the story ahead of time so he could have really leaned into some of that sweet sweet foreshadowing. Who’s this guy with the stupid name? How is he so dorky and badass at the same time? Why is he unphased by waking up naked in caves? Why does violin music make him cry?