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prompt: goro and smoll! (150 cm) akira , as goro watches amusedly as Akira tries to reach for something on the shelf but THEN HE SCALES THE SHELF

I’m… pretty sure you wanted something more hot but I ended up making them derps. I’m not sorry.



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What’s the matter samurai, scared?

OT-Pest - @hao-aceakura​ So the idea behind this one is an OTP where one is always pestering the other. Naturally I chose Keith and Lance from Voltron; Legendary Defender. I love these guys

So The background on this turned out kind of crummy, but I’m pretty pleased with how the pair themselves went. The last time I drew a character from a TV show (Opal from Steven Universe) I spent a lot of time trying to draw her the same way she was on the show. It was interesting this time to try and figure out what Keith and Lance looked like in my style of drawing. I think it went okay, all things considered.

The really informative part for me was drawing their jackets. I know that sounds odd, but I really don’t do clothing very well in my drawings. Anyone who’s been following the project has probably noticed how simplistic all the clothes are. Drawing this gave me an idea of how you can add detail to clothes without getting to intricate. It could be worth trying to draw more characters from shows some time. It’s something to think about, anyway.

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how about 5 and 53 for the prompt?

  • 5. What do you think is going to happen to Lea and Isa?

I love my boys and I’m so incredibly scared for them. So honestly, I think there are only two options. The good and The bad ending. 

The good ending is this drawing I did, but they’re just older. Like this.

They get to have at least one (1) good time in kh3 And it will all be fine because Nomura loves us for one second. Isa gets his body back and Lea has more friends than he ever had. 

Or it’s the bad ending and we get to see Isa fucking die.

53. Any AU’s you think are interesting?

I’m not familiar with many kh aus but listen… It may be very old and I hope I won’t upset @hanyounomiko for bringing this up but!! Not Who We Used To Be will never leave my mind. 

To put it short it’s an au where Isa was never turned into a nobody but Lea was and one day grown up Isa meets Axel and all Hell breaks loose. 

I’m, 100% into this au Isa he’s like sad 70% of the time, angry 25% of the time and content the rest 5%. 

I should draw Actual Good fanart for it someday..