sketch of tent

Local City Boy Goes Camping,, is Wildly Unprepared.

His backpack?? Its just marshmallows in there. Sidepockets? Chocolate bars. Front pocket? Slightly crushed graham crackers. He is ready to experience,, The Wilderness. And also he’ll just borrow some of his boyfriend’s clothes he’s fine.

I was inspired to draw Andre on a camping trip based on a convo w Darla. Andre’s not to used to the outdoors, but he’s very excited. :)c And I drew him as a lil chibi because,, it just seemed to match his marshmallowy excitement. And because it’s cute I really don’t need an excuse,, just look at him.

Kylux Faust AU?

I should be trying to fix my sleep cycle; it’s messed up due to night shifts in the past few months. And here I am, coming up with yet another AU and adding to my ever-extending to-do list.

I’m using this AU as an excuse to draw demonic Kylo fucking Hux in a frilly white shirt:P Here are some sketches for their tentative designs.

Demon Kylo:

Faustian Hux: