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Trying to get back into art so decided to do quick portrait doodles of my girls and their lovers.

Emma and Solas, Ivy and Sera, and then Kali and Blackwall.  Tomorrow I’ll probably doodle my two boys along with Dorian and Josie :)


Modern AU and morning routines

What goes on in Gotham tonight?

Tonight’s sketches! I have a habit of initially filling in characters with a colour that feels like it fits them, before actually adding colours..!
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asdfdjfh i was watching your ig story and you draw so effortlessly it was so pleasing to watch! i'm such a slow drawer myself, i'm so jealous that someone can make an amazing sketch in like 5 seconds

agsjska i used to take 5 years to sketch but developing new habits definitely helped!! try not to lean in too close to your drawing and look at it as a WHOLE to have better perspective for proportioning.

when sketching, be daring with swiping and dynamic guidelines before you slowly mould your drawing into shape with heavier lineart! feel free to start wild!

lastly, hold your pencil higher so that your hands can draw more fluidly and your view of the canvas opens up!

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Headcannon of maybe the boys reaction to a s/o drawing their portraits and showing it to them? (I can't tell you how many times I've sumited this to another blog and it never gets answers 😫😣)

Ah, sorry it took so long to get to your request- especially given that you haven’t had this request filled anywhere else you’ve requested (though that has probably changed since you dropped this request in my inbox, huh? :D) I’ll write these as legit headcanons because I’m reaaaaally tired and I just want to get some good content out before I conk out for the night! <3

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Noctis: Noctis admires that you are interested in drawing. Although, given that he doesn’t like getting his picture taken a lot, he’s probably not too keen on getting sketched either. Not to worry though, you end up sketching your sleeping prince because that’s when he looks the cutest! It doesn’t take you very long to get it right- you’re only drawing for fun anyways- so you plan to show him the sketch when you go to visit him at the Citadel during your summer break. When you eventually show Noctis your sketch, you feel a little nervous because you’re just trying to prepare yourself for the very real chance of Noctis getting angry that you sketched him without his permission- and while sleeping at that. But you really wanted to share your work with him, so you took the plunge. Luckily, Noctis is pretty gobsmacked by your talents and ends up shyly placing his arm around your shoulders and nuzzling into your neck in a display of rare affection. “Thanks for this, y/n. I really like it- you can draw me whenever you want- I really don’t mind.”

Prompto: Prompto LOVES to take everyone’s pictures, but similarly to Noctis, he doesn’t really like it when others take pictures of him. He’s pretty much got the same attitude towards being sketched. One time, when you tried to sketch him at the Crow’s Nest, Prompto got so uncomfortable he choked on his food and called it a night early. From then onwards, you learned not to sketch Prompto while he was having meals- although you found his eating habits extremely adorable, you weren’t going to make Prompto feel uncomfortable to capture it on paper. It took you a while to figure out when it would be safe for you to sketch Prompto, but you finally found your chance when Prompto was immersed in an intense game of King’s Knight with Noctis, Gladio and Ignis. You ended up sketching Prompto’s intense look of concentration, getting the angles of his beautifully handsome face just right before you grinned at your final rough product and brought it to your lips to kiss affectionately. Later that night, just before bed, you surprised Prompto with a kiss to the cheek and handed him a piece of paper- the sketch you had made of him playing King’s Knight- before taking a seat beside your boyfriend. Prompto merely stares at it for a few moments before turning to you, tears misting over his usually clear blue eyes. “Do you… really see me this way? Do I look this perfect to you?”

You, of course, nod. “Of course,” you say “you’re my sweet angel and I love you.”

Gladio: Gladiolus Amicitia doesn’t have any qualms about himself or your habit of sketching him doing random things throughout his daily routine. You’ve sketched him while he was working out, you’ve sketched him while he was out on a grocery run, you’ve sketched him while he was in the shower, you’ve sketched him while he was in post-coital bliss… you’ve got a drawing for almost every aspect of Gladio’s life. This time, Gladio’s cleaning his broadsword when you approach him with a pen and paper in your hands. You left your drawing things in the Regalia, so you had to improvise and beg Ignis for a blank page out of his recipe notebook and a pen. Ambling up to Gladio, you grin down at him and plop down beside him while raising your drawing utensils up to his face. “You mind if I draw?” you ask Gladio. Gladio shakes his head, a small smile gracing his thick lips.

“No, of course not. Get my good side, yeah?” Gladio jokes, throwing you a wink before you roll your eyes and get started on the sketch. The two of you sit in mutual silence, Gladio cleaning his sword and you sketching his perfect side profile as he worked. After around and hour, the two of you are finished and Gladio immediately turns to you and wraps you in his large, strong arms. “So babe, whatcha got for me today?” He takes your sketch and smiles down at it adoringly before pressing a tender kiss against your temple. “You’re so talented- thanks y/n. I love these sketches.”

Ignis: You like to draw Ignis while he cooks different dishes. And Ignis enjoys getting a copy of your sketches of his delectable masterpieces. So initially, you’d hidden the sketches you did of Ignis, and just offered him the sketches of the food. He was absolutely thrilled to see how detailed you could make your art, and praised you endlessly. One day, after a particularly trying hunt with a behemoth, you decided that after dinner, you would show Ignis the sketches you had done of him DURING the cooking process of his prized recipes. Ignis is washing up after providing you and the rest of the guys a wonderful, nutritious meal, so you approach him with a rather teeming pile of sketches in your arms. Ignis glances at your briefly and offers you a welcoming smile. “Hello love, something the matter?” he asks, his brow furrowing slightly as he rubs against a rather stubborn piece of dried food on a plate.

You sigh and shake your head. “No, not really. Just… I drew you something.” Ignis’ smile widened and his moss green eyes lit up in excitement. Your heart soared at his reaction. He was always so openly enthusiastic about your art.

“Oh, well then- let’s take a seat after I finish up and you can show me your meal sketches-”

You smile up at Ignis, cutting him off. “They’re not… meal sketches. They’re of something- or someone- else.” Ignis stops his movements for a moment before nodding carefully.

“Okay. We’ll take a look at those then.”

When Ignis finally sits down and views your numerous sketches of him, your cheeks and flaming red. Ignis, however, is dead silent for a few moments. Suddenly, he turns towards you and his eyes a brimmed with fondness and appreciation.

“Y/n… sweetheart. This devotion you have for me is unfounded- I am only a man, and not a perfect one at that. And yet you draw me like I’m divinity.”

You smile and shrug gently. “You are to me.”