sketch for art class

Shy babies adults ;//A//;

Marinette: –So after school, I’ll need you to pick up some things for my mom then drop by the venue at 10am for your shoot.
Adrien: Don’t worry, I’ve got your back, m’lady.

Some days I want angst, other days I want lots of Agreste-Cheng family fluff with mundane arguments, Adrien being a dorky dad and Mommy Marinette. Also, HC that he’d never stop calling her milady.

~Ω, η τέχνη. Κάθε της μορφή είναι μια οπτασία~

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Whenever my Demon Boy gets a new pet, he tells them they have to sleep with him so that they could be covered in his scent to ward off other demons who might hunt them if he’s not around.

Here’s a new piece for!
One of my favorite trips as a boy was to the southern parts of Escalante, Utah.  There were all sorts of vantage points and shady looking, could-be hideouts. In this piece, I went classic western style with a touch of Edgar Payne. Coyote Gulch explores making an environment in confined space for characters. Sign up from March 1-31