OC sketch dump from the other day! Y’all already know my girls Alma and Vida but what’s their deal? And who’s that in the lower left corner???

Well, I cant say much BECAUSE these characters are for a future project/ possible webcomic I want to do so if you are interested in learning more and helping me make that project a reality please consider supporting me on Patreon! even $1 would help me out a lot!


i’m becoming increasingly enamoured with gaster, despite knowing so little about him. i think i must have read any and all threads i could get my hands on, that revolve around his very existence, at least a dozen times, and each time i’m pulled in deeper. i want to know what kind of guy he was/is, what kind of life he lived, and his relation to sans….i need to know everything there is to know about him, god dangit! 

also, real talk, i think all this poor guy wants is a friend, because existing in pockets outside time and space must get super lonely, you know?


a big… adrien/chat noir appreciation dump to follow up from the one i accidentally reblogged earlier today.. HAHA

from twitter! it’s rare that i draw THIS MUCH in one sitting so here u go -v-