sketch comic art


I’m sure there’s a bunch of Yuri on Ice x ballroom AUs out there but here’s another hahaha. I’ve been wondering about it since the two of them danced together at that afterparty, so it was a lot of fun to sketch them out ;D

A bit afraid to continue it any further though because while I EXTREMELY love any form of dance, I don’t know a whole lot about dancesport (just researching it for an evening got me dizzy lol). I just don’t want to draw it wrong, considering how important posture/line/expression/etc is. 

But anyways! Bottom two pics are some sketch/character info. I like to think Yuuri focused mostly on standard, but is secretly quite good at latin (revealed in a drunken moment perhaps heh). And Victor has had his vain streak bumped up a notch, but is no less skilled. I was on the fence about him being injured but I felt it might humanize him a bit more to have him be in the middle of some sort of personal hardship. Ahhh still in yoi withdrawal oh well…

*EDIT* I forgot to mention I totally drew this while thinking about Inoue Satou’s 10 Dance manga! If you haven’t read that (it IS bl though), please go read it. It is amazing!


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I really wanted Jess to be part of the comic, but not in that sense. For now.
Also, sorry if my style sometimes mess a little, becoming kinda sketchy or cartoony. It’s a metter of concentration, I think. Same about backgrounds and shadows. Jesus! I’m such a lazyass.
I know the first part broke lots of hearts in two, mine first. I’m sorry guys, but the idea of this comic was hurting me from the inside since ages and now that I’m finally sharing it with you… I feel… worse.
Not sure where this is going or for how long I’ll be able to continue it: I’m letting the inspiration to carry me, which means that I have no plans about the story but only a vague idea of what happens next. Really vague idea.

(to be continued)