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Notes Doodles of Ml Mermaid AU//
Adrienette/Ladrien night thoughts// and isn’t the Bee Kwami the cutes and fluffiness thing you’ve ever seen!!
The beds are big clams, like in the little mermaid Ariels beginning, I’ve seen it millions of times cuz of my sister lol, I kinda liked the clam bed ideas;3;
And we’ll also since Adrien lives in a mansion, he lives in a castle and I think his room is in a tower// that gives me silly ideas lol
Well simply translating the conflict in miraculous, into the mermaid au, trying to stay true to the story, with of course some fun additions for fan service lovey dovey scenes sake//
I’m so glad many people are liking these sketches and my mermaid au;3;no really get excited for more and what people think^^