sketch book work


Y'know. I was actually considering not posting these for a while… But, best not to hide about what I spent the most time indulging in for the past months. (especially since this would be the 5th time I’ve done so) I’m. STILL. VERY MUCH in love with Yamcha having a daughter (and the art style of that one OVA). Those Dragon Balls are a gift 💙🌸👍🏽

….Also the first image was another prompt from that exact same unfinished DBZ art meme I gave myself… (Being: “Do you have any OC’s?” and at this point, she counts since it’s always the same child.)

And since people kept asking, and I need to own up to what I’ve done for once: the girl’s name is “Yantan.” She’s a dumpling.

OF COURSE the first thing I draw from the TOA book is big brother Percy. Really, I wanted to draw something really sweet with Percy holding his little sister. But then I thought I wanted Annabeth in the picture. Then I thought what would happen if Percy had to babysit his little sis. And then this was born.
To set the scene: Sally is at a book signing and Paul is at a conference, so Percy and Annabeth babysit while visiting New Rome for college stuff. And of course, Percy has to show off the cute babes.  

and that was the last time anna took gabriel with her to the library to ‘study’


Finished up that sketch from my work book;; Pidge the next on the ‘paladin’s with banners’ list.

I’ll have to re-do Shiro cause he didn’t get a banner. Lucky me <3<3

But yeah :O Im getting better at getting these darlings proper which is awesome <3


I hope you’re all doing well. If you ever need to talk I shall always be here to listen;; never a judgement to any and all. 

You are always valued, you are always loved.