sketch a day february

Fill-a-Page February day 09!

I spent way longer on this than I should have done, but oh well. It just wasn’t working so I kept prodding instead of leaving it, and Keith kept getting ~softer~ each time lmao

Fill-a-Page February day 15!

Drunk sketching round two! It’s been a…long day. A big announcement at work led to department drinks…and here I am, crawling home at midnight like everything Cinderella isn’t.

Today’s page is dedicated to @starsabovethekat on their birthday, because they put up with everything I throw at them and encourage me at every turn (whether I’m rambling about fic or some bizarre AU idea I had while they were asleep) and I appreciate it very much <3


Bless you all for being excited and wanting to join me in doing this challenge! I think it’s great that you’re thinking of ways of doing it that will suit you! 

Artists/creators of any skill level are welcome, and if you wanna fill a page with words instead of sketches then go right ahead! This is literally the chillest challenge I could possibly think up, so just do whatever works for you <3

“Kim Jongin, time of death nine twenty-seven, January thirteenth, year two-thousand and fourteen. Monday.” Wrong.

“My name is Jongin. I’m the writer who lives next door. See you tomorrow, hyung. Don’t forget!”

Day 15 of the February Drawing Challenge 2016, by Ciara Slevin ~ #Wolf #februarydrawingchallenge #28drawingslater #febchallenge #quicksketch #lazysketch #wolfdog #art #sketch #drawing #scribblesketch #drawingchallenge #draweveryday #february15 #february2016 #28DL #art #pencil #graphite #sketchbook #greywolf #graywolf #canine #CanisLupus by @ciaraslevin