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Rhett and Link Ask Meme

1. Favorite season?
2. Favorite episode?
3. Favorite Rhett outfit?
4. Favorite Link outfit?
5. Favorite crew member?
6. Favorite wheel ending?
7. Do you ship rhink? If not, why?
8. How did you find Rhett and Link?
9. What’s your favorite music video?
10. What’s your favorite song?
11. Favorite Buddy System episode?
12. Did you like Rhett clean shaved?
13. Opinions on Link with a beard?
14. Opinions on Link with a mustache?
15. Favorite Ear Biscuits guest?
16. Favorite collab?
17. Favorite Rhett character?
18. Favorite Link character?
19. Favorite Will It?
20. Which GMM set is your favorite?
21. Rhett or Link?
22. Favorite The Mythical Show episode?
23. What color do you think Rhett’s eyes are?
24. Ranch bath or chicken noodle soup bath?
25. Favorite fic? (if you read it)
26. Best friend in the fandom?
27. Favorite AU?
28. Favorite tbt photo?
29. Favorite story?
30. Do you make fanart?
31. Do you write fanfic?
32. Do you like the crew?
33. Link before of after the haircut?
34. Do you like Rhett with his hair down?
35. Favorite Buddy System side character?
36. Are you gonna get The Book of Mythicality?
37. Belvedere or Randler?
38. Are you subscribed to the Mythical Monthly?
39. Have you ever been noticed by them?
40. How long have you been in the fandom?
41. Favorite Sketchtober sketch?
42. Do you own any merch?
43. Have you seen Commercial Kings?
44. Have you seen Looking for Ms. Locklear?
45. Favorite TMS segment?
46. Do you follow any of the crew on social media?
47. Jade or Barbara?
48. Does anyone you know in real life watch them?
49. Favorite rhink moment?
50. Any other questions!

Pencil sketch from Chapter 42 of Take My Sins - because I just kept seeing this scene discussed on my dash today. 

@sugdensquad I hope you like this because it’s late and I have no objective opinion on this drawing anymore. @turquoiseterrier can attest to my complete breakdown over trying to draw Robert’s face in this. I think it’s to a point now. Also there may have totally been some photoshop proportion doctoring because his head ended up too big at the end of it…sigh…it is what it is…Sometimes I really do prefer digital…

sean-gaffney  asked:

For the Wardrobe meme, Lucrezia, 19.

Workout clothes! But she doesn’t actually work out.

Lucrezia never went to the gym to exercise. Careful planning by her chefs, occasional nights out dancing and more regular nights of other physical pursuits, and a metabolism frozen at just the right moment in time combined to make the maintenance of a desirable figure completely effortless—which was just the way she liked it. So when she occasionally did grace one of her family’s country club gyms with her presence, it was with one of two purposes: to see or to be seen. She enjoyed the way her gaze inspired whomever it fell on to try a little harder, to show off a little more… to join her in the hot tub, when they were finally done working so hard, and then perhaps to come home with her afterwards. 

(from “How Idleness Rewards Diligence” (which is smut, obvs))

Forming magic petals? Idek anymore… Here’s some more magic Chara though! I just wanted to slap together colors tonight

More magic Chara here and here (excuse my pretty inconsistent style)

BONUS comic here

Watch Chris Pine’s Best ‘SNL’ Skits

“Wonder Woman” star Chris Pine was the guest host last night for “Saturday Night Live,” and he definitely brought some laughs. He poked fun at his “Star Trek” role, clarified exactly which Chris he is and did a lot of musical numbers on the NBC show. Check out the best sketches from Pine’s “SNL” episode below:

Opening Monologue — Pine wanted to start off his episode of “Saturday Night Live” by finally ending the confusion between him and Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt, and the best way to do that is with a song. “We’re all white guys, but these aren’t the white guys I am,” Pine sings. Regardless, the cast of “SNL” doesn’t seem to actually know who he is. Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson all question which Chris he is.

Jones carried the joke to Twitter where she posted the selfie she took with Pine and called him Thor (who is played by Hemsworth). 

The Handmaid’s Tale — The sketch mocks the apolitical by using Hulu’s new show “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Pine plays a dude who just wants to party, and he’s pretty sure he read something about the women who can have kids are forced into sex slavery. He thinks that they should like totally fight back. Even the soldier, played by Alex Moffat, is just a bro who just wants the women to come out and party — after they’re tortured by the government for punishment, of course.

Star Trek Lost Episode — Pine plays Captain Kirk in this “lost episode” of the original series. Spock is revealed to have a brother, Spocko. The new character tries to coin the term “Now that’s a Star Trek!” and hits on Uhura. Neil deGrasse Tyson, played by Kenan Thompson, says the producers let the Spocko actor do whatever he wanted after they realized the episode would never air, so the episode ended with a musical number.

Couples Game Night — There are always those people who are a little too competitive. Chris Pine and Cecily Strong play a couple who are supposed to perform a TV theme song for their friends to guess, and they take it just a little too far. Pine pulling out an actual synthesizer is only the beginning of the over-the-top performance.

Where in the World is Kellyanne Conway? — The “SNL” writers must seriously love Pine’s singing. He sings a new version of the “Carmen Sandiego” theme in this sketch, but this time it’s about Kellyanne Conway. “What could’ve happened? She is not on any channel. Tell me where in the world is Kellyanne Conway,” Pine sings.

Auto Shop — In this sketch, a bunch of macho guys in an auto shop are having a conversation about “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and they all try to initially pretend that they don’t know a ton about it. Eventually, they admit that they all love it and start competitively lip-synching to Erika Jayne’s “XXPEN$IVE.”

“Saturday Night Live” will have more hilarious skits coming later this month. The final two episodes of Season 42 have some seriously funny actors hosting. On May 13, Melissa McCarthy — who has visited “SNL” plenty this year to play Sean Spicer — will host, and Haim will be the musical guest. “Baywatch” star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will host the season finale on May 20, and Katy Perry will perform.

Chris Pine appeared in several funny sketches when he hosted “Saturday Night Live” on May 6. Pictured (from left): James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, Pine and Kenan Thompson promote the show. Photo: Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

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Day 42

Yet another failed attempt

Tomoko Kuroki anyone? She’s a cool character that I always liked and the bags under her eyes only make me like her more. Every day, when I decide what to draw, I just open up my folder of images and pick a random one to redraw. I didn’t really pick Tomoko myself but I’m glad RNG rolled her, I enjoyed drawing this one.

Have a great day,