GV200 is a good boi who just wants Nines to be proud of him. THIS TORNADO LOVES YOU, NINES.

I’m about a week deep into a month-long continuous deadline crunch so this took me a million years to draw in between work! But I love them very much and would like GV200 to be safe and happy and in possession of everything he has ever desired. Give this little croissant some head scritches and a feather toy!

My design for characters from MXTX novel Heaven Official’s Blessing.天官賜福

XianLe nation’s crown prince Xie Lian and his trusty sidekicks/ subordinates MuQing and FengXin.  These three had lots of hilarious moments so people call them the XianLe silly trio ~

I sketched out a rough storyboard for a Heaven Official’s Blessing tribute video last December but I got not time to actually start drawing it  TuT ahhhh….so much I wanna draw, so little time ಥ_ಥ

“The Faces Of Jacksepticeye” - part 5! ✨

And this post concludes this series. I saved this for last, since I’m really proud of this one. I usually tend to hate drawing hands, but here it turned out so good, I even surprised myself. :) This was really fun to do and I hope I can do smth like this again sometime! :)

Also as an extra: on the full page you can see I also tried to draw @therealjacksepticeye ’s tattoos as well haha :’))💞

Reference pic credit to: @jessiefrance!