sket dance!

Try to find as many references to anime TV series as you can! Almost every item in this room is a reference.

What if

The swimming club from Free!
The basket club from Kuroko no Basket
The volley ball from Haikyuu
The SKET DANCE from Sket dance
The baseball club from Ace no Diamond
The soccer club from Inazuma eleven
The American football club from Eyeshield 21 
The tenis club from The Prince of tenis
The Kurata club form Chihayafuru

- Were all clubs in the same school.



Takumi & Isami (Shokugeki no Soma) Yuuta & Yuuki (Kimi to Boku)
Tatsuya & Kazuya (Touch) Hikaru & Kaoru (OHSHC)
Yusuke & Sasuke (Sket Dance) Hao & Yoh (Shaman King)
Zero & Ichiru (Vampire Knight) Rin & Yukio (Ao no Exorcist)

…I did this two nights ago and compltly forgot about it omg
Oh well, I wanted to do this draw the squad and since I haven’t been drawing Pedal in a while… :^)


Happiest 36th Birthday Sugita-san~! (10.11.80)

Who would have thought that the seiyuus of Gin and Shinpachi would have the same birthday? Hahahahaha!! I think you and Sakaguchi-san have greeted each other every year XD

Though honestly, I’m surprised by your very wide range of voice. From serious to foolish to someone in between. You do everything! Hope you had fun today with *Ehem* Yuukyan *Ehem* Hahahahahaha!! Just kidding. Though I think you really did celebrate today with him XD I hope you didn’t receive any weird gifts again like that whip or lover mask you received before. I wish you had fun today Sugita-san~! Also, thank you for Gin. You’re the best voice for him!