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I am currently dying, crying, screeching, screaming, and happy asf inside and realizes I’m not creative and bad at making art raffle thingys and omfg all of those have CA I’m still dying 

How to Enter

Just reblog or like the post. One reblog is one entry, one like is one entry, do both, 2 entries

You don’t need to be followin me 

Drawing Info 

- I ain’t the best artist out there what so ever so sorry if what I draw isn’t what you expect QvQ..

- I will NOT draw the following : 

  • Nsfw
  • Mechas 
  • Very very complex things or backgrounds (still not a great artist)
  • Anything offensive? Tho I don’t think any of you will ask for that.

- Things I WILL draw

  • Any fandom (tho I’m not familiar with much fandoms)
  • Any Ship (This is a free shipping blog, I never judge anyone in what they ship trust me XD I SHIP ALL AND RESPECT ALL SHIPS)
  • Literally almost anything that isn’t in the “NOT” list.
  • OC’s (yes a character based off a cannon character or a different version is counted as on OC)

If ya got any questions or whateve ask meh in an ask or message me


(Oh look that’s Time’s bday-)


no trump! no kkk! no fascist usa! germany is with you!

we are strong! we stand together & we will never let an angry old white man ruin the lives of minorities in an entire country! never again! respect everyone’s existence or expect our resistance! 

(Germany, 21 jan 2017)

keith: yeah while we were stranded i had to save shiro from these giant angry space geckos and then we camped out waiting for help

pidge: while i was stranded i got to hang out with these cute fluffy guys and then built a satellite to contact the castle

lance: [casually inspecting nails] huh, yeah, those are cool i guess. hey, hunk, what was it we did again?

hunk: oh i don’t know, lance. maybe SAVED AN ENTIRE PLANET ON OUR OWN?? [high fives lance]

anonymous asked:

OK so I have this queston, I really like you, you have been a great influence on me but sometimes I kinda get scared of liking your tweets, tagging you or whatever, I follow you in every plataform and I feel like is a bit weird sometimes?... 1/3

♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) woah don’t feel like this smol babu !

i definitely never felt annoyed by any of these things! i’m glad i can inflence u!

Maybe i’m sightly not used to this but don’t worry! i’m not uncomfortable with ! ///cries//  ( ・ัω・ั; )

I also love to see ppl liking or sharing  mah tweets/art !(Call meh wahtever u like btw! Even piece of trash or fuckface looks relatable !)

(*´◒`*) hmmm, do i remember ppl? let meh think..i usually remember ppl who reblog / add a comment or kyote and kind tags! AND ALL MAH FOLLOWERS WHO SHIP PEWDS AND KEN.yes i remember all of them

 And  i remember these kyote nerds //winky winky wonkK//: (thanks for liking so many things hon hon //gives  cookies //)

ల(◕ ◠ ◕ ) However,promise me u won’t follow meh like a sheep

If someday i say something bad,not respectful or that doesn’t suits to you,tell meh and  neveh agree with mah bullshit. it’s mah opinion and u should neveh be inluenced by that. 

Don’t support someone who says complete bullshiet.EVEN BECAUSE U ADMIRE THEM OR LIKE THEIR ART . ┌( ◕ 益 ◕ ) =O





 I want u to think by urself. If i say somethin’ shitty,do an english mistake or draw like a piece of trash. tell meh .i accept bein’ wrong, i accept reviews so plz plz tell meh or unfollow meh if in ur sense,i look too stoopid and out of the reality.

hp blog aesthetics ✨

because i’m v bad @ self motivation these days so i’m going to do 3 max per item i cross off my (never ending) to-do list, let’s see if this helps??? eheh lmao 

to get one - 

  • must be following me 
  • reblog this post 
  • send me an ask with: (aes) + a word you like 
  • (if ur confused what the (aes) means see here! ) 
  • that’s it! pls bear with me though as i work through my to-do list! 


your hogwarts location / hogsmeade location / favourite confectionary / your morning owl post / diagon alley shop / weasleys’ wizard wheezes order / favourite subject / potential wizarding career / + one bonus category which will be dep. on your blog (surprises are fun)