The Edom Connection to Lord of Shadows

Some of you may wonder how I come up with my ideas. This one I feel was a Eureka moment—where everything comes together to finally make sense. But to understand the Edom connection to Lord of Shadows, I’ll have to explain to you step by step how I got there…

And the standard disclaimer: My theories are built not just on the Dark Artifices, but from all the previous Shadowhunter books, and will contain SPOILERS (including from Lord of Shadows). These ideas are based solely on book canon.

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About the similarities between Magnus and Jace

Third chapter of the “About Magnus” series.
I mentioned in the previous meta that I wanted to focus on Magnus’s relationship with the characters in “The Mortal Instruments” trilogy. I would have loved to do something shorter and more coherent but then, someone (*cough @alyxhavok cough*), pointed out some interesting aspects and nudged me in a certain direction. And here I am, writing a whole meta focusing on Magnus and Jace. This is not much about their relationship per se: it’s about the similarities in their vulnerabilty as characters.

I’m not talking about their physical appearance, of course. I’m referring to their personality, behaviour and past. There are certainly more aspects to cover but I decided to address five.

Thanks again to @alyxhavok who started this (<3), @reivenesque who metaed my meta and killed me with Magnus feelings all over again, and to @sfjessii who’s basically a saint, because she reads everything and puts up with all the metas and fangirling.

Quotes and gifs from:

“City of Bones” (first book of the “Mortal Instruments”)
“City of Heavenly Fire” (sixth book of the “Mortal Instruments”)
“The Bane Chronicles”
Shadowhunters TV Show – Season 1, Episode 12 “Malec”
Shadowhunters TV Show – Season 2, Episode 02 “A Door Into the Dark”
Shadowhunters TV Show – Season 2, Episode 08 “Love is the Devil” 

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There is a time,” said Asmodeus, “when we must all return to live in the houses of our fathers. Now is Magnus’s time.”

“‘In my father’s house are many mansions,’” Jace whispered; he looked very pale, and as if he might throw up. “Magnus. He can’t mean—he doesn’t want to take you back with him? Back to—”

“To Hell? Not precisely,” Asmodeus said. “As Magnus said, Edom is my realm. I shared it with Lilith. Then her brat took it over and laid waste to the grounds, destroyed my keep—it’s in slivers out there. And you murdered half the populace with the skeptron.” The last was addressed to Jace, rather petulantly. “It takes great energy to fuel a realm. We draw from the power of what we have left behind, the great city of Pandemonium, the fire we fell into, but there is a time when life must fuel us. And immortal life is the best of all.”

“You want to take his life?” Clary asked. “That’s just cruel and stupid, even if you’re a demon. How could you want to kill your own child—”

Asmodeus laughed. “Delightful,” he said. “Look at them, Magnus, these children who love you and want to protect you! Who would ever have thought it! When you are buried, I will make sure they inscribe it on your tomb: Magnus Bane, beloved of Nephilim.”

—  City of Heavenly Fire, Judas Kiss, Chapter 23
Finished "City of Heavenly Fire" Mortal Instruments book # 6 (Part Four)

Part Four guys 

Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers. Don’t hate me for them. 

Simon’s idea to invade Sebastian’s Gard without being spotted: 

Sebastian taunting Simon about him killing Raphael: 

Jace holding the skeptron in the air “‘You thought we didn’t know you were expecting us,’ he said. 'Be we were counting on it.’ He took a step forward. ’I know you,’ he said, still breathlessly, his hair wild and his golden eyes blazing. 'You took me over, took control of me, forced me to do whatever you wanted, but I learned from you. You were in my head, and I remember. I remember how you think, how you plan. I remember all of it. I knew you’d underestimate us, think we didn’t guess it was a trap, think we wouldn’t have planned for that. You forget I know you; down to the last corner of your arrogant little mind I know you.’” (558): 

“Go forth and light the lights of war.” (561) 

Jace gets slammed against the wall and isn’t moving: 

Brother Zachariah helping Emma and the Blackthorns in Idris (Infernal Devices reference # 4): 


The Wild Hunt getting destroying the fairy-proof items and Endarkened breaking into the place where all the children are hiding in Idris: 

Clary ascending the throne with Sebastian: 

“'Well done,’ he said. 'My sister, my queen’” (590): 

Julian killing his father: 

Clary saying to Jocelyn that she’ll learn to love Sebastian: 

Jace giving Clary over to Sebastian: 

Sebastian wanting Clary to kiss him and closes the demon realm so they are stuck there forever: 

“Hail, master” - Clary slams her sword in Sebastian’s chest and he bursts into flames: 

Then Sebastian turns into Jonathan—green eyes and normal: 

“'I am so…’ His eyes tracked to Clary. 'I know there is nothing I could do or say now that would allow me to die with even a shred of grace,’ he said. 'And I would hardly blame you if you cut my throat. But I am… I regret. I’m… sorry.’”: 

Jace destroying the Infernal Cup: 

“'I’ve never felt so light,’ he said softly, and then he smiled, and closed his eyes, and died.” (617): 

(Jonathan never got to live. Because of Valentine.) 

Magnus’s father: 


anonymous asked:

Any advice on writing/building sexual tension?

  • Attraction: Don’t rely on too much on the tension part of sexual tension.  There has to be some honest-to-god attraction in there, too.  In fact, part of the tension can even be based on the attraction, in a “god damnit, I don’t want to be attracted to this asshole, so the fact that I am pisses me off” way.  There needs to be something between the two characters that makes me think they could work.  Physical attraction, mutual interests/values, compatibility, preferably all of the above.  Basically, if you take out everything that’s causing the tension and you don’t have a working relationship leftover, that’s going to be a problem.
  • Equality: A lot of times sexual tension means bantering and bickering, and that’s a valid choice, but there has to be some measure of equality between the partners.  They need to be on even footing as this banter goes on.  That doesn’t mean they both need to get in potshots at each other; you could easily make it one person being snarky while the other one blithely doesn’t care (and that fact needles the snarky one).  But the two characters need to be able to push against each other, otherwise one is just a steamrolling bully.
  • Believable Problems: Whatever the ‘tension’ part of sexual tension happens to be, it should have some weight to it.  A bad first meeting can get some distance, but carry that on too long, and it becomes trite.  Same thing for any problem that could be solved with a five second conversation, like “I thought you were/did/said X.”  Give me a block to their relationship that actually needs a novel to solve, not a phone call.
  • Or, Flirty Fighting: If there isn’t a real block, if these are characters who just happen to argue a lot, that’s fine.  Lots of people do that.  But if bantering is going to be part of the relationship you’re building, then it’s part of the relationship.  You have made two people who argue when together.  Embrace that.  Plenty of people are actually capable of arguing without being mean or hurtful.  Make the banter flirty (you know, unless they stumble across something too serious for that) and don’t erase the fighting after they hook up.  If it’s part of their personality and not something external, then it needs to stay true to the characters.
Realizations after COHF
  • its mandatory to ship BlackStairs
  • if you don’t ship BlackStairs you are wrong
  • Brother Zachariah is hot and brunette and hot
  • if there would be a Shadowhunters Weekly and Silent Brothers Calendar it will be the end of me
  • Malec is still otp of otps
  • there is a thing called DTR
  • Simon is super adorable when drunk
  • Vampires can be drunk as shit
  • Meliorn is an ass
  • you pity the Seelie Queen
  • Clary’s rune thing has went up to lvl9999
  • Sebastian/Jonathan with green eyes is dreamy
  • you still cry about Max
  • only Jace brings condoms to demon realms
  • Clace has gone way past City of Cock Block
  • Simon is always right
  • When Simon says its a trap, its a trap children
  • the Skeptron thing is the bomb
  • Clary and Jace’s plan is A+++
  • Jonathan with green eyes had been real and you can’t
  • you can’t even deal with this shit
  • you freak out and think of how they’ll live at Edom
  • Asmodeus is a frigging jerk
  • you can’t even deal with the thought of Magnus dying
  • and then SIMON
  • wiping Simon’s memory was it
  • it just was it and you lose it
  • you cried at that Izzy + Clary moment more than anything
  • The Mortal Instruments could really be a band name
  • Sizzy is still everything
  • Jessa would probs have adorbs children
  • the BlackStairs parabatai thingy is heartbreaking
  • you can’t wait for TDA
  • Clace is perf and they probs would have adorbs babies
  • Herondale babies yes
  • its over
  • its all over
  • no
Theories on Cortana...

A few weeks ago I referenced this quote in an earlier post about Edom: When they arrived in the mirrored city of a destroyed Alicante Alec tells them Edom’s story (COHF 482-483): “They didn’t have seraph blades; they hadn’t developed them. It doesn’t look like they had Iron Sisters or Silent Brothers, either. They had blacksmiths, and they developed some sort of weapon, something they thought might help them.”


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Meanwhile in edom
  • Jace: *sees skeptron sword on Johnathan Shadowhunter statue* I WANT IT!
  • Simon: Dude it's probably a trap
  • Alec: How do you even know that?
  • Simon: Dungeons and Dragons
  • Jace: *starts climbing statue* I'm going to get it
  • Alec: What??
  • Clary: Its a game
  • Alec: ...
  • Simon: No dude seriously IT'S A TRA-
  • Jace: *grabs sword* I got it! In YOUR face Lewis!
  • *demons attacks*
  • Simon: *looks into camera like he's on The Office*
  • *****
  • *****
  • Moral of the story here: trust in Simon Lewis' extensive knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons