There is a time,” said Asmodeus, “when we must all return to live in the houses of our fathers. Now is Magnus’s time.”

“‘In my father’s house are many mansions,’” Jace whispered; he looked very pale, and as if he might throw up. “Magnus. He can’t mean—he doesn’t want to take you back with him? Back to—”

“To Hell? Not precisely,” Asmodeus said. “As Magnus said, Edom is my realm. I shared it with Lilith. Then her brat took it over and laid waste to the grounds, destroyed my keep—it’s in slivers out there. And you murdered half the populace with the skeptron.” The last was addressed to Jace, rather petulantly. “It takes great energy to fuel a realm. We draw from the power of what we have left behind, the great city of Pandemonium, the fire we fell into, but there is a time when life must fuel us. And immortal life is the best of all.”

“You want to take his life?” Clary asked. “That’s just cruel and stupid, even if you’re a demon. How could you want to kill your own child—”

Asmodeus laughed. “Delightful,” he said. “Look at them, Magnus, these children who love you and want to protect you! Who would ever have thought it! When you are buried, I will make sure they inscribe it on your tomb: Magnus Bane, beloved of Nephilim.”

—  City of Heavenly Fire, Judas Kiss, Chapter 23
Meanwhile in edom
  • Jace: *sees skeptron sword on Johnathan Shadowhunter statue* I WANT IT!
  • Simon: Dude it's probably a trap
  • Alec: How do you even know that?
  • Simon: Dungeons and Dragons
  • Jace: *starts climbing statue* I'm going to get it
  • Alec: What??
  • Clary: Its a game
  • Alec: ...
  • Simon: No dude seriously IT'S A TRA-
  • Jace: *grabs sword* I got it! In YOUR face Lewis!
  • *demons attacks*
  • Simon: *looks into camera like he's on The Office*
  • *****
  • *****
  • Moral of the story here: trust in Simon Lewis' extensive knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons