skeptical cat

  • Friend: How many kinds of cats are there?
  • Me: Practical cats, dramatical cats, pragmatical cats, fanatical cats, *slithers across floor* oratorical cats, delphicoracle cats, skeptical cats, dispeptical cats
  • Friend: Please stop.
  • Me: Romantical cats, pedantical cats, *continues singing while changing into costume* critical cats, parasitical cats, allegorical cats, metaphorical cats
  • Friend: ...
  • Me:
  • Statistical cats and mystical cats, *starts stretching* political cats, hypocritical cats, clerical cats, hysterical cats, cynical cats, rabbinical cats
  • Friend: Don't.

anonymous asked:

Aaa if requests are open, I saw a really good post about RFA + V and Saeran reacting to MC having a few sphynx cats and I was wondering what ur take on that was? I especially look forward to Zen's (because they're hypoallergenic B)) I ♡ ur blog, btw!

Thank you for the love, I’m always here for it! Sorry this took so long, I hope you like it~


  • loves animals of any kind, so he’s right at home with your cats
  • he likes playing with them and giving them treats, also cuddles
  • sometimes you think he’s more excited to see your cats than you, but that’s not even close to true, he loves you more than anything but the cats are cool, too


  • he’s pretty skeptical about the cats at first, but when he figures out that he doesn’t sneeze around them, he’s ecstatic
  • he’s so happy that you got hypoallergenic cats, regardless of whether you bought them for him or not
  • for once, his allergy isn’t getting in the way of his happiness, and he grows to love the cats as much as you do


  • when you told her you had cats, she smiled but you saw the fear hidden in her eyes no, not again
  • but as soon as she sees that your cats are well-behaved and, most importantly, don’t shed, she’s over the moon
  • she’s so relieved that she doesn’t have to remove fur from everything like she did with Elizabeth and she’s so glad you chose this type of cat


  • he prefers his cats with fur, but he still loves all cats
  • the most important thing for him is whether your cats will get along with Elizabeth, but his worries are for naught because the cats have a grand old time
  • he babies your cats almost as much as Elizabeth, and your cats really enjoy the luxuries he provides, so everyone’s happy


  • he has to restrain himself when he finds out you have cats, he’s so excited he’s worried he’ll break them
  • whenever they’re in the room he gets so distracted he can’t possibly concentrate on anything but the cats
  • he’s surprisingly gentle because they’re your cats, and they get along pretty well he even buys little sweaters for them


  • he doesn’t mind animals, but he’s worried that he’ll accidentally step on or sit on your cats because they’re so quiet
  • he’s extra careful when he’s near them, and your cats eventually develop a system – they meow when he’s nearby so he knows where they are
  • they get along splendidly, and your cats love lying on his lap because he’s so warm


  • he’s kind of skeptical of animals in general, but your cats are clean and well-behaved so he doesn’t mind too much
  • he avoids them at first but then he actually grows fond of them, and they start to like him too
  • sometimes you walk in and see him staring into the eyes of one of your cats, but he never tells you what that’s all about
Movie Night 3/8

“Hold on.” Winn stopped his typing to give Cat a skeptical look. “You’re telling me that you had a full bathroom… in your yurt?”

Cat held up a questioning hand. “Of course.”

“With, like, walls and everything?”

“A yurt is not a dungeon.” Cat stood from one of the chairs in front of her desk and walked over to refill her drink. “In fact, in Oregon, the designer yurt industry is thriving.”

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Okay so Bruce and Selina are getting married and that’s great and all but….Im gonna be a Negative Nancy because I genuinely believe it won’t last. Bruce and Selina are famous for their on-and-off relationship and I can’t believe that they’ll end up happily married. Elseworld Bat n’ Cat? Yeah, I can believe it. Main Universe Bat n’ Cat? Nope.

Bruce and Selina will be in bliss over getting married. Selina’s gonna realize she can’t be tied down and will go off on her own, or Bruce makes the decision to let go for Selina’s sake/safety. Maybe they’ll both get some earth shattering event is gonna happen to them that causes them to break up or they just mutually agree that marriage just isn’t for them.

It’s nice to think that Bruce is so in love with Selina that he asks her to marry him but….idk. I’m skeptical.

Beauty and the Beast

Word count: 5399 (I apologize to everyone with ocd)

Summary: (Beauty and the Beast AU) Dorian is on the run from his home land. Forced out by his countrymen and unwanted by his family, he finds comfort in an unlikely place with an unlikely friend. Cullen, trapped in the body of a lion, falls for the handsome mage and his accepting nature almost immediately.

           Wind blew from all directions, even upwards as Dorian’s skirts went flying into his face. If he had known he would get lost in the mountains for weeks on end, he may have thought to bring some more sensible clothing. But this journey, being as spontaneous as it was, left no time for preparation, only running.

The wind only blew harder, soon making it impossible for Dorian to stand upright. He swore as he threw down his pack and began unraveling his tent. He fumbled with it for a few minutes, the wind molesting him throughout the ordeal, until a sudden gust ripped the fabric from his hands and sent it whirling into the air. Dorian chased after it for a few feet before tripping and falling face first into the snow. He didn’t move for a good three or so minutes, hoping he would get frostbite and die.

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Title: Valentines and Denial (part 4)

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Marichat with some heavily implied Ladynoir

Word count: 2992 I have no self control

Originally inspired by this post by @lilacblossoms

I promised I’d post it tonight, so…here it is. This fic is gonna be the death of me. (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3)

“You’re in love with a picture, Princess. Fairy tale princes like that don’t exist.”


This wasn’t happening.

Oh, God, this couldn’t be happening.

“Hey, Princess,” Chat greeted Marinette as she arrived in a breathless panic on the terrace. He was leaning back against the railing in what was clearly meant to be a seductive pose. Personally Marinette thought it just made him look like the dork he was.

“What are you doing here?” she sputtered. “It’s the middle of the night!”

He grinned. “So I noticed.”

“That’s not funny! Why are you here? Did you follow me home or something?” Please, she prayed to whatever divine being might be listening, don’t let him know I’m Ladybug. Please don’t let him have followed me home.

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“You Have No Chill” (Simon Dominic)

Full prompt: “We started with one and now we have seven. You have no chill.” - about collectibles or cats

Requested by blameitonssamd

Originally posted by yooneroos

    You woke to the sound of purring in your ear and smiled as you extracted your arms from under the blanket and wrapped your arms around Oscar, the small gray cat who was one of the most affectionate you owned. You scratched his head and he purred louder, pressing the crown of his skull into your palm. You laughed and he burrowed closer against your body, his throat rumbling with a long purr. Next to you, Kiseok was starting to rouse, and he finally rolled over to face you, raising an eyebrow as he watched you and the cat. “Even the bedroom isn’t sacred anymore…” he muttered, his voice rough from sleep.

    “It never was ever since I married you,” you said and he laughed.

    “Well-played. But I meant from the cats.”

    “Come on, Kiseok, you know you love them,” you said, lifting Oscar off your chest and setting him next to Kiseok. He settled into the warmth against Kiseok’s chest but Kiseok just looked at the cat skeptically. “You have a cold heart,” you said finally before pushing back the covers and climbing out of bed. “Come on, Oscar, let’s get some breakfast!”

    When Kiseok joined you in the kitchen, you were pouring cereal into bowls for the pair of you while the cats were clustered around their dishes to eat.

    “Isn’t this a little much?” he said, almost tripping over Jade, the newest addition to your family, on his way to his seat. “We started with one and now we have seven. You have no chill.”

    You laughed. “Yeah, I guess I don’t. I won’t get any more, don’t worry.”

    “Okay,” Kiseok said. “I’m holding you to that.”

    You shrugged. “Sure. But I know you love them even if you try to deny it.”

    “Keep telling yourself that,” he said, though he was chuckling as he said it.

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