Taking a deep breath, you called Jungkook into your office. He did the same thing he always did, walked in, closed the door, bowed to you, sat in front of you while you sat at your desk, then just looked down at the ground.

Jungkook, why don’t we sit over on the couch today? You asked and Jungkook looked up at you. You could tell he was skeptical of the idea, but he followed you over there. You sat in a chair next to the couch, while he cautiously sat on the couch. I wanted to tell you a story. You said before wishing you could crawl into a hole. But you could see your brother egging you on and you shook your head, starting from the beginning.

My parents were older when they had me. You started off. My brother was already well into his teens when I came around, my dad was about 13 years older than my mom and so he was in his 60s when I was born. You shook your head at the family dynamic. It was strange to look back on it. And because my parents were much older, they got ill. I was 3 when they passed away, my father went first, lung cancer, and the doctors said that my mother died of a broken heart. So my brother took me in. He was 18 at the time and ever since then, I have become his child in a way. You laughed at the absurdity and the complete confusion written on Jungkook’s face. I swear, this story will become more relevant. You told him and continued.

We weren’t rich, my parents didn’t leave us that much and my brother worked hard to get any kind of money. When I was 5, my brother had gotten into some trouble with some mob members in my town. Jungkook’s ears perked and you sighed. I guess some guys approached him saying that could get him some quick cash if he sold me. You murmured, intertwining your fingers together. My brother said no and then turned the guys into the police. It only took a couple of days for those men, or maybe it was the guys in charge, to come to our shack of a house and beat the living shit out of him. You looked at Jungkook, who still hadn’t said a word, but his eyes were wide open. Taking a deep breath, you began to describe your feelings.

I was just a kid and my brother was all I had, they kept kicking and punching him. At one point the men stopped for a moment, then began again. You gulped down the tears that welled up in your throat. They kept saying they were going to kill him, but a man came running up and said they couldn’t, he pointed to me and told them to stop. The men left, the leader spit on my brother as he walked by, then I was left screaming, hoping someone would help me.

Jungkook sat there and began to remember the similarities of that night as you spoke. He felt a lump well up in his throat.

Did someone help? He croaked, realizing you were the little girl from his first consequence. His voice was broken and low as he asked. You nodded.

The landlady that we rented from heard me and came out, she got Seo Yeon to the hospital but … You paused and Jungkook looked at you with fear. But he was paralyzed. The loss of blood and the impact to his spinal cord made his paralyzed from the waist down. Jungkook sighed a little in relief as he saw you put your head down. I always felt responsible.

But it wasn’t your fault. Jungkook stated, but you shook your head.

Had Seo Yeon listened to those men — You started, but Jungkook scoffed.

And sold his little sister?! No. Jungkook interjected and you looked up. As someone who is in the mob, I can tell you that even I wouldn’t do that kind of shit. Shame on those guys. That’s fucked up. He spewed. You had never seen him so passionate, maybe Seo Yeon was right.

Well it’s nice to know that some mob guys have hearts. You murmured and Jungkook froze.

Don’t think so highly of me. He said and shook his head.

What do you mean? Jungkook, you just said that you would even go against those guys. You tried to reason with him but he shook his head.

My family was the one that asked for you. He said and wished right as the words left his mouth that he could take them back.

Wh…What? You muttered and Jungkook looked around erratically.

Uhm. He tried to focus on something else, but you continued to look at him through a piercing gaze.

Your family was the one that paralyzed my brother? You asked slowly and Jungkook looked at you. Those eyes, the same sad and scared eyes that he saw as a 5 year old, were now staring at him once more. He knew he recognized your eyes, but now seeing them reprise their terrified state made him shiver.

Do you remember a little boy? One who screamed for the men to stop the beating? Jungkook asked and you closed your eyes, trying to remember the night you had shoved into your memory so long ago. Then you could see him, a little face watching you as he was being carried away from the fight, you remembered feeling helpless as the men started hitting Seo Yeon once more and the little boy was gone. Opening your eyes, you saw Jungkook’s eyes right in front of you and gasped.

You were there. You whispered and Jungkook nodded.

It was your incident that made me see I’m not cut out for mob life. Please know that I would have never wanted that to happen. Jungkook was now pleading as you sat there, frozen in time. Y/N? He asked, touching your arm, and you jumped. A shiver went down your spine and you looked into his eyes. I promise, I wanted to make it end that night, just as much as you. He murmured and you tried to breathe.

The world was spinning and Jungkook could see you were about to faint. The last thing you heard was Jungkook calling for the guards before you fell into the darkness.  

People are individuals with independent thoughts from one another.

Women don’t have an opinion as a collective

White people don’t have an opinion as a collective

Black people don’t have an opinion as a collective

Trans people don’t have an opinion as a collective

Men don’t have an opinion as a collective

Gay people don’t have an opinion as a collective

If “erasure” means anything, it means ignoring the individuals in front of you and their individual ideas by making a collectivist caricature of them. You can’t just paint over real people with a collective strawman. There is no one exact way to be like or think like any of these superficial categories of people. People are individuals with individual minds, even if we’re talking about a clone. No degree of supericial similarness = sameness. You are as unique from the people of your race, gender, and family as you are from a cat or an iceberg. More similar? Sure. Same? Not in the slightest. You’re either the exact same or you’re not, and you’re not. Think for yourself, not as a group.

Very important video. I had to cut it this way for time and had cut out some things I didnt want to. So click here for the full uncut lecture of Jordan B Peterson explaining how ideas have people rather than the other way around, how ideas have people rather than the other way around, and a rundown on collectivism, identity politics, neo-marxism, and post modernism. He also explains post structuralism which is nested in post modernism, but he only calls it post modernism. I just call it all ‘social justice ideology’ or ‘marxian philosophy’. He actually gives a very short short explanation of marxian conflict theories, but calls it post modernism too.

“when push comes to shove, you see how much concern there is among the radical feminists for the rights of women… If pushing those rights forward doesnt undermine the ‘western patriarchy’, we’ll take the undermining and leave the damn rights behind”

“I’ve always been of the idea, especially reading Jung, people dont have ideas, ideas have people… It’s not like every social justice warrior is a… post modernist, but the ideas are distributed among them like they’re distributed among a mob, and when you put the whole mob together, you get the whole post modernism thing happening at the same time”

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Placements that can make someone very critical of religion?

- Mercury in Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Scorpio
- Jupiter in Virgo, Gemini, Capricorn, Aquarius, Scorpio
- 9th house cusp in Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Scorpio
- Mercury/Saturn/Uranus in the 9th/11th/12th house