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Derren Brown is a British mentalist, illusionist and mind control extraordinaire.

Showcasing and appearing to display abilities that allow him to hypnotize people, endure pain and extreme conditions, see the future and talk to the dead, he is mostly known for his impressive mind reading and mind control skills and has been blowing the minds of his live audiences since his college days.

Often presenting his shows to appear psychic, spooky or paranormal in nature, Brown is actually a skeptic, who often showcases to his audience how all that is needed to appear to be a medium, clairvoyant or psychic is a good set of skills, such as those he possesses.

An amazing example of which, can be seen in his recorded live show “Infamous”, wherein he invites onto the stage audience members who would consider visiting a medium  in order to contact a deceased loved one.

He then shows them how easily he can do so, by telling detailed stories and giving information that neither he nor anybody other than the audience member could know, without any psychic ability what so ever.

Derren easily lists off the names; exact ages at times of passing, pet names and stories from the lives of the audience members departed loved ones, much to their shock and disbelief.

He assures them that he has no supernatural abilities what so ever, and that anyone who says they do, are cruel scam artists and charlatans.

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In one of his TV series “Trick or Treat”, Derren hypnotizes a woman to believe that she has died in a car accident, and is wandering as a spirit who none of the paramedics, who are all actors, can see.

The premise of the show was to either “trick” the shows applicants months after they had applied, or “treat” them. Treats would be pleasurable experiences and tricks would be horror experiences.

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In another “Trick” episode, a boy playing a zombie arcade game in a local pub is hypnotized and taken to an abandoned building, where Brown’s team have created a real life simulator of a zombie apocalypse, complete with zombie actors who chase him throughout the building.

The boy is given a prop gun and has to fight his way out.

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Endlessly brilliant, chilling and entertaining, Derren brown has an extensive back catalogue of recorded live shows and TV series. From putting his life in his own hands with a game of Russian roulette to training a group of old age pensioners to become London’s best art thieves.  From convincing an innocent man to turn himself over to the police as a murderer to conducting séances and talking to the dead.

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If people aren’t going to consider what’s beyond the rational, how are they going to find answers? If people are open to astrology, it can be very revelatory. If someone sits there with there arms folded and says “Prove it to me”, of course nothing is going to happen. For those who are willing to see, it provides a lens. You have to participate. If you don’t, you’re never going to see.                    

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Pseudoscience is so seductive…so magnetic…so intuitively correct…that it constantly attracts the unsuspecting…unskilled and undisciplined in scientific thinking and practice… those unwilling or unable to do the hard work…that comprises…the scientific method…

Pseudoscience lives in the murky badlands area of “not fully tested or supported by verifiable science” on the outside of “supported by a consensus of the scientific community”…and ranges from dubious to harmful affects…and is typically associated with pouring your money down the drain/giving it to charlatans…

Found this on Craigslist and I think it's perfect

What NOT to say to an atheist (Lubbock)

1) “I’ll pray for you.” First off, don’t try to act all nice and shit; we all know you’re being snarky when you say that shit to an atheist. Plus, what we hear is “I’ll talk to myself for you.” Just remember, two hands working can do more than a thousand closed in prayer.

2) “You’re going straight to hell!” If hell does exist, and it most likely doesn’t, I’ll be in very good company. I’d rather spend my hypothetical eternity with Susan B Anthony, Albert Einstein, Richard Dawkins, Thomas Paine, and Neil deGrasse Tyson than Hitler and Jeffery Dahmer.

3) “If you don’t like religion in schools or the government, then you can LEAVE MY COUNTRY!” I get this one the most out of all of them, and let me tell you, it’s the most ignorant. If you don’t like the separation of church and state afforded to Americans by the establishment clause and the Supreme Court’s rulings regarding that clause, then you can take it up with the SCOTUS or leave MY country.

4) “If you’re wrong and there is a God then you are going to hell. If I’m wrong and there is no God then I have nothing to lose.” Pascal’s wager never, ever works. There are 2,000+ hypothetical gods that have been worshipped by people just as convinced that they have found “the one true god,” as you are. Newsflash: we could both be wrong! Plus, you have a lot to lose. You’re losing money putting it in the damn collection plate every Sunday. You’re losing time that you could spend doing things much more useful than church. People, like homosexuals, are losing marriage rights because some book says they’re abominations.

5) “Atheists have taken away our children’s’ rights to pray in school.” LOL NO. Your kids can still pray in school; however, school employees cannot lead organized prayer. That’s not infringing on your rights, that’s not persecution, that’s just equality.

6) “Evolution shouldn’t be taught exclusively in school because it’s just a THEORY. We should be teaching our kids creation also! After all, they’re both theories.” First off, evolution is a theory just like gravity is a theory. They both have insurmountable evidence to back them up, and they are both SCIENTIFIC FACT. Don’t like it? Prove it wrong. All it takes to shatter the theory of evolution is finding ONE fossil where it’s not supposed to be. If you want to keep asserting that evolution didn’t happen because one book told you so, you better have that fossil in hand. And, to be clear, creation isn’t a scientific theory. Scientific theories require a shit-ton of evidence to support them, and creation has absolutely none. 

7) “I know God is real because the Bible says so and I know the Bible is right because God said so.” Oh, okay. Well, if you want to continue to believe in a hypothetical god just because a story book says so, that’s your call. Harry potter is much better story-book character to worship in my opinion, but to each their own.

8) “Why are atheists only concerned with CHRISTIANS. Why aren’t they out trying to take rights from Muslims or Hindus!” Because here in the Bible Belt, Christians like to shove their religion down everyone’s throat by putting it in school, the government, ect; The second a Muslim teachers tries to lead a prayer to Allah in school, I will be on the phone with the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

9) “We Christians aren’t able to practice our faith anymore. What happened to freedom of religion.” Here’s the thing: American xtians have had special privileges for soooo long that they don’t know how it feels to be on equal footing with atheists, muslims, ect; Your freedom of religion doesn’t permit you to shove god in everyone’s face. Freedom of religion gives you the right to go to church, pray to whatever gawd you want, and read your bible wherever you please without the government stopping you. Instead of whining that you can’t shove gawd down everyone’s throat, be thankful that you live in a country that allows you to worship one.

10) “If you don’t believe in God, why do you hate him so much!” Ugh, no. Atheists don’t hate God. We don’t believe God exists. We hate what religion does to society when one is given special treatment over the other. We hate that religion is restricting other people’s rights everyday, despite that being completely unconstitutional. We hate how hateful and disgusting some “christians,” are. But we do not hate God because God is a mythical character.

Being a Mod on the Most Hated Subreddit

With FPH being banned, I thought it might be interesting to share what it was like being a mod who also had a lot of off-Reddit stuff under the same name.

Most surprisingly, I found that people opted to tell me how bad I am for being hateful by hating me. There were racist, sexist, and homophobic slurs hurled at me. People made fun of my eating disorder. One called me a liar for saying I am disabled. People felt justified in doing so because, in the words of another person, I am “truly evil”. I found it odd that they chose to spew hate at someone to try to express why hate is bad and wrong and I shouldn’t do it.

So, why was I so hateful?
That’s the thing: I wasn’t.

I was part of FPH for two reasons:

1. Some people genuinely came to FPH for motivation. Not all or most people use negativity and frankness as motivation, but some do. Before quitting at the gym to do personal training for free, there was a percentage of clients that wanted me to yell at them and even degrade them. On FPH, I received multiple messages each month either asking for help or thanking me for my help. 99 people sending hatemail seemed worth it for one person asking for help or sending a thank-you. I was even used as troll target practice for the other mods there, but I just put up with it for the people that needed help.

2. I am absolutely against obesity and think we need to do more to address it openly and honestly. FPH was the only subreddit that did that. Were there users that acted like complete dicks and called for the death of others? Sure, but you get those folks in any group, from religion to politics to gaming discussions.

I found that people were happy to paint me with a broad brush, making completely ridiculous assumptions about my personality and hobbies and motivations. I did not and still do not do that with fat people (or any people), but it didn’t matter: I was part of a group some hated, so those people felt totally happy to call me a cunt and tell me to kill myself. For many people, when I tried to address their concerns and explain my involvement, I was called a liar (in a number of colorful ways). They did not to believe that I was anything other than the person they made me out to be. Why that is, I have no idea, but it always is annoying to meet someone who values their own opinions over facts.

Now, I don’t say any of this to ask for pity. I don’t feel bad about the hatemail. I am used to being shat on…I was raised that way, in fact. When you hear that you’re a useless piece of shit that is a waste of space all your life, you either start believing it or it stops bothering you; I fall into the latter group.

Instead, I am asking all of you, whether you agree with those people or not, to always remain open to new information and to not take yourself so seriously that you believe yourself to be able to read the minds of total strangers. It is not a good trait to have, and prevents you from being skeptical. A lack of skepticism can lead you to buying into all kinds of nonsense…nonsense I do my best to dispel here, on my atheist blog, on my YouTube channels, on my Twitter accounts, on my Ask accounts, on my Facebook page/fanpage/fitness group, and via emails…that is a waste of your time and money.

I also wanted to show you the negative effect of “ingroup-outgroup” thinking. It is a prejudice that keeps rearing its illogical head and I just felt this was a nice time to post a reminder.

Keep up the skepticism, folks :3

Matt Bellamy is the lead singer, guitarist, and pianist for the hugely-successful band Muse. He is also a freethinker.

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