Skepticism in Witchcraft

It’s healthy. It’s natural. It’s good.

Maybe while you’re in the midst of a spell, try to keep it at bay. (This will help you get the best results.) But question things. 

Not everything is a sign. 

Not everything is a curse. 

Test things out. 


All of this is important.

Being critical of things does not make you a bad witch.


The one thing that Trump/the Tea Party GOP…and religion…has in common…is their complete reliance…on blatantunadulteratedunabashed…bullshit…!

Oh, and hypocrisy…

CNN host Fareed Zakaria Said President Trump Has Succeeded By “Bullshitting”… “I think the president is somewhat indifferent to things that are true or false. He has spent his whole life bulls—ting. He has succeeded by bulls—ting. He has gotten the presidency by bulls—ting. It’s very hard to tell somebody at that point that bulls— doesn’t work, because look at the results, right? But that’s what he does — he sees something, he doesn’t particularly care if it’s true or not, he just puts it out there. And then he puts something else out. … When pushed on it, he doesn’t take responsibility: ‘I wasn’t saying that…I was just quoting somebody else.’!” Watch…  and also

Watch George Carlin - Bullshit is the glue…

People are individuals with independent thoughts from one another.

Women don’t have an opinion as a collective

White people don’t have an opinion as a collective

Black people don’t have an opinion as a collective

Trans people don’t have an opinion as a collective

Men don’t have an opinion as a collective

Gay people don’t have an opinion as a collective

If “erasure” means anything, it means ignoring the individuals in front of you and their individual ideas by making a collectivist caricature of them. You can’t just paint over real people with a collective strawman. There is no one exact way to be like or think like any of these superficial categories of people. People are individuals with individual minds, even if we’re talking about a clone. No degree of supericial similarness = sameness. You are as unique from the people of your race, gender, and family as you are from a cat or an iceberg. More similar? Sure. Same? Not in the slightest. You’re either the exact same or you’re not, and you’re not. Think for yourself, not as a group.


To celebrate the new series of Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime coming out later today, I thought I would have a go at making a few of those Buzzfeed Unsolved + Textposts! The last one was a conversation from my friend group chat but I thought it was appropriate.

On islamofascism

I’ve posted a bunch of longass picture posts featuring Islamofascists, rebutted with the pictures, added many videos to them, and I havent done that in a while. I never really did a stand alone post about it based on commentary, I mostly just shared my 60-ish pictures and a bunch of videos.

So here’s the thing about muslim nazis

The relationship between white neonazis and these islamofascists is complicated. White neonazis hate islamofascism. They like the fascism, they dont like islam, and they dont like nonwhites, so to them, it’s a “2/3 enemy, would lynch”. They hate muslims and any other ideology that claims to be better or more important than their nazi ideology, plus, they dont like other races and muslims are almost unanimously not white. But islamofascists love Hitler and the Nazis for killing so many jews that they actually dont care that the relationship is one sided. They honestly believe that white neonazis will see the truth of allah, the prohet, islam, and the quran. They honsetly believe they can convert them, especially if they can become the majority in places where white neonazis live, which is obviously nations where you find white people. If it didnt happen in one generation, it would eventually happen over time. It helps them rationalize the relationship that the Mein Kampf translations into Arabic are a lot softer about the hatred of non-whites and emphasize the hatred of jews. Nazis also share a hatred for western liberal values with islamic fundamentalists such as islamofascists, so there is also that aspect.

There is another relationship involving islam that is this one sided. Social justice warriors are unanimously in support of groups that they view as oppressed, and they view muslims as being one of the most oppressed groups. To sjws, all oppressed people will join in solidarity with one another to destroy their oppressors and status quo, and muslims are oppressed people in their view, and so if a muslim does not join in solidarity with the left, they are passed of as “not a true muslim“ and either being “internally oppressed” or privileged/oppressive in some way. Their view of islam is that an oppressive person could not be muslim, but also that a muslim gets a universal free pass on wrongdoings, because who are you to judge the oppressed? If they are fighting against their oppressor, they are just, according to the left. “Punching up is not the same as punching down”, so to them, 9/11 was justified because of western occupations in the middle east. When lead in a rally by an islamist leader who advocates sharia and has personally been involved in terrorist attacks, such as Linda Sarsour in the women’s march, they do not get upset, because in the leftist view, you can not denounce the cause of someone who is “more oppressed” than you.

The primary enemy of islamism and nazism both is western civilization and “the jew” (which they dont distinguish between). The primary enemy of marxism is capitalism, and therefor conservatism, liberalism, western liberal civilization, and to some leftists but not all, this also includes jews. The primary enemy of feminism is any group or society which has the most aggregate power and wealth, or any group or society that has the most liberals/capitalists among them, and all of those necessarily point to western civilization, white people, western white “cishet” males, christians, and also jews (though antisemitism is not a primary or necessary part of feminist views). I wont get into the nuances of how marxian analyses like feminist theory perceive jews, but I’ll instead just summarize that social justice is very two faced when it comes to jews. So, the problem of antisemitism among muslims has room to be overlooked in their view, or even quietly accepted. They can just point at israel as an injustice against palestinians and rationalize it that way, that’s good enough for them, and anyone who criticizes muslims is distinguished as the REAL badguy. And again, you cant judge someone who’s less privileged than you, so as a leftist, you’re not allowed to criticize their hate. Bad things = prejudice + (the leftist analysis that you have) institutional privilege, so actually, hate is a bad things and muslims are oppressed, so muslims cant hate by definition because, for it to be hate they’d have to have institutional power. And that’s your brain on social justice - not even once.

Sjws see that muslim populations have been successful in replacing centrist and right wing voting populations, liberal people, westernized groups, white people, etc, and that’s an effective way for leftists to attain political power. So they’re in favor of all the policies that will cause muslims to flood into Europe, which btw, includes destabilizing their nations - look no further than Obama and Hillary for that kind of military, strategy, & weapons related behavior from leftist politicians (behavior which the leftist masses ignore, because it’s their party that they wont criticize, and if they only hear the info about their candidates being warlords from people outside their party, they think it must be fake info or that there is some other reason for the massive armaments and actual wars, so leftists just dont think about it, they’re too busy slandering everyone else).

One of the amazing things about islamofascism is that these outright nazis actually take full advantage of leftist stupidity. The Muslim Student Association apparently started an unironic Hitler Youth Week in a university, according to this Palestinian girl (right before she proclaimed jews deserve death to a jewish man’s face):

There were no anti nazi rallies, of course. These islamist nazis even join leftist parties like Labour:

Immigrant muslims largely vote leftist because leftists have chosen to unconditionally serve muslims, specially, to the point of allowing them to commit atrocity that sjws would normally froth at the mouth over and riot against. So they support encouraging muslims to immigrate and outpopulate everyone in Europe, because leftists politically benefit. Plus, muslim immigrants mostly dont integrate, they have very tightly knit ingroup based communities like jews do, but muslims actually go so far as to replace local western systems with sharia. So not only does the left get rid of whites, liberals, conservatives, and gain a huge voting block, they get to replace the western societal structures by painting the map with islam. It’s not bringing about the communist/socialist/feminist magic fairlyland utopia they want, but it’s “diversity” and the next best thing, the destruction of the status quo for an “oppressed class”. It’s especially great for them if they realize their fantasy of converting all muslims to a legitimately leftist worldview. They genuinely think they can convert islam in exactly the same way islamofascists think they can convert white neonazis. ISIS is already like how they wish antifa could be, antifa cant organize a takeover or rebellion like ISIS, so antifa wants to be like them and they want radical groups to be allies with leftists like themself, so really, antifa just want ISIS to be a little less fa and little more com. People like Malala give them hope that islam is compatible with leftist ideology:

The left will backtrace on their support of outright nazis, but it wasnt the left who blasted Zakia Belkhiri. They praised her for her ‘courageous stand against islamophobia‘ for taking a selfie in front of anti-islam protestors. When she was found out to be a legit neonazi, the left was silent about it while liberals and conservatives were outraged.

Muslims and nazis rarely have direct hostilities that play out, so that keeps their one sided relationship stable. Although the white neonazis in muslim populated areas are certainly getting very stirred up, they’re not actually a very large group, other less radical ethnic nationalist groups seem to have almost completely replaced them, and even those arent particularly huge groups. And at least in the west, hostilities specifically between leftists and islamists are rare, but when they happen, leftists are 100% more likely to thank them and apologize to them than to actually go after islamist extremism for being violent. And so that one sided relationship is, if anything, reciprocal. Islamofascism is not even on the leftist radar whatsoever, it’s not a though in their head or an idea they’ve been exposed to in anyway, so that’s not a problem for them to rationalize nor to actually stand against, so that’s not a mental obstacle for them when it comes to rationalizing mass immigration. And I dont suspect their response to islamofascism is anything that would in any way be productive, it would probably make things way worse, so from now on, I’d rather point it out to everyone else besides leftist radicals & progressives.

Very important video. I had to cut it this way for time and had cut out some things I didnt want to. So click here for the full uncut lecture of Jordan B Peterson explaining how ideas have people rather than the other way around, how ideas have people rather than the other way around, and a rundown on collectivism, identity politics, neo-marxism, and post modernism. He also explains post structuralism which is nested in post modernism, but he only calls it post modernism. I just call it all ‘social justice ideology’ or ‘marxian philosophy’. He actually gives a very short short explanation of marxian conflict theories, but calls it post modernism too.

“when push comes to shove, you see how much concern there is among the radical feminists for the rights of women… If pushing those rights forward doesnt undermine the ‘western patriarchy’, we’ll take the undermining and leave the damn rights behind”

“I’ve always been of the idea, especially reading Jung, people dont have ideas, ideas have people… It’s not like every social justice warrior is a… post modernist, but the ideas are distributed among them like they’re distributed among a mob, and when you put the whole mob together, you get the whole post modernism thing happening at the same time”