Είναι μια από εκείνες τις ημέρες όπου τίποτα δεν είναι πραγματικά λάθος, αλλά τίποτα δεν είναι πραγματικά σωστό,είτε και ο ουρανός δεν μπορεί ακόμη και να επιλέξει να είναι λευκός ή γκρι.

I can’t believe I forgot to upload this! A fav pic of mine :)

Morrigan is Valdrein
Inquisitor is Nova
Josephine is Angel Productions Cosplay
Cassandra is Skepsis Ree

Photo by Scott Tsai Studios (

Don’t Panic! The Apocalypse in Theory and Culture
Skepsi’s Fifth Annual Interdisciplinary Conference

25–26 May 2012

Key points from five speakers relevant to my thesis project:

Adrian Rainbow

  • Eco-literacy an eco pedagogy
  • Oryx and Crake - Margaret Atwood
  • Use books to educate people in apocalyptic discourse- films not as good (limited time)

Philip Hammond and Hugh Ortega Breton

  • Environmentalist politics new opium for the masses
  • Apocalypse 1. Provides focus for anxiety and 2. offers a sense of purpose
  • We can only imagine the future in terms of climate
  • Day After Tomorrow and Age of Stupid - Desire to repair the family
  • Personal loss leads to public action
  • Eco-apocalypse as positive event that survivors can learn from
  • Present/past/future –> Nostalgia

Nerijus Milerius

  • Analysis of commercial apocalyptic film (Day After Tomorrow)
  • Small vs. large events (domestic vs. national/global)
  • Street functions as continuation of film through use of everyday objects (not always in disaster film)
  • Counter-factuals + strategies to overcome sense of failure
  • Nothing is happening as positive condition of the everyday

Paul Reid-Bowen

  • Peak everything - use of apocalyptic language
  • The end of A world, not the end of THE world - the world will continue, but it will be different
  • Singularity - evolving machines
  • Collapse is less believable than apocalypse
  • Cornucopian myth - euphporic belief in endless resources
  • “Hell is truth seen too late.” - Hobbes

Blagovesta Nikolova

  • Imagination as a source of knowledge to promote political action
  • Power must not wait for the apocalypse to happen
  • Forseeing the future vs. shaping the future (passive vs. active)
  • Future sculpted by power subject
  • Therefore, active citizenship is necessary to legitimize power
Ich habe einen Schlag hinten auf den Oberschenkel bekommen, und da hat der Muskel zu gemacht. Hat sich leider auch nicht rauslaufen lassen. Ich hoffe das es nichts anderes ist, aber ein bisschen Skepsis muss bleiben. Für mich ist es im Moment nur ein Schlag und ich hoffe dass ich in ein paar Tagen wieder komplett fit bin
—  Mats Hummels im Ersten
Today I saw the world

A regenerative manic panic,
Gives way to dark hypnosis,
Mind succumbing to necrosis,
Black corrupts veins like sepsis,
Infecting through osmosis,
Fuelling utter Skepsis,
Societies toxic synopsis

A calamity of sanity,
Crushes lingering vanity,
Causes utterance of profanity,
Within the hollow city,
of long lost pity,
In which we lose humanity,
Eaten away by mundanity.

The subversive perversive,
Grin of the hidden sharks,
Threatens to extinguish our sparks,
Angels call and demand, Hark! 
The man silent by the willow tree barks,
Broken by rising benchmarks,
His consciousness disembarks

The electronic alcoholic,
Sob story Catastrophic,
Whose rise to fame was meteoric,
A battery charged narcotic,
Exotic and atomic,
Brought ruin to our robotic
Neurotic psychotic prophet.

Today I saw the world,
Beat, broken and unfurled,
Naked, shameful and uncurled,
Hopes are cruelly twirled
Our sacred spot,
Weeps sickly rot,
And in the drain it swirled.