A rare coin from the city that once housed the Library of Aristotle

This silver drachm is from the ancient city of Skepsis in Troas circa 480-450 BC. On the obverse is the forepart of Pegasus with the inscription ΣKHΨIΩN. The reverse shows a fir tree with two grape bunches all within a linear and  dotted border.

The ancient city of Skepsis was located in the Troas region (aka Troad), which is the modern Biga peninsula in Turkey. It is about 31 miles southeast of the ancient site of Troy. The settlement is notable for being the location where the famous library of Aristotle was kept before being moved to Pergamum and Alexandria. Strabo wrote in his Geographia XIII, 1, 54-55 that Aristotle was “the first man, so far as I know, to have collected books and to have taught the kings in Egypt how to arrange a library." 

                                       Greek vocabulary

As I listen to music in Greek, I come across new words that I translate and then save. And here’s a list of words I learned these last three days :

(Music is really helpful when it comes to learning a new language)

  • τα δάκρυα (ta dakria)  = the Tears
  • η άνοιξη (i anixi) = the spring
  • τα γόνατα (ta gonata)  = the knees
  • τα παιχνίδια (ta pehnidia) = the games
  • η γραμμή (i grammi) = the line
  • η αλήθεια (i alithia) = the truth
  • το ψέμα (to psema) = the lie
  • το όνειρο (to oniro) = the dream
  • τα φώτα (ta fota) = the lights
  • Το τέλος (to telos) = the end
  • η αρχή (i arhi) = the beginning
  • το δηλητήριο (to dilitirio) = the poison
  • το σύμπαν (to siban) = the universe
  • η λαχτάρα (i lahtara) = the longing, the craving
  • το μπαλκονι (to balkoni) = the balcony
  • η λογοτεχνία (i logotehnia) = the literature
  • η γνώση (i gnosi) = the knowledge 
  • η ευχή (i efhi) = the wish
  • οι σκέψεις ( i skepsis) = the thoughts 
“Gute Nacht” Tracklist

01 Ratten
02 Diamanten
03 Mehr als ein Job (feat. Rico)
04 Hände weg
05 2 Seelen
06 Power
07 Plem Plem (feat. RAF Camora & Bonez MC)
08 Einfach
09 Gute Nacht
10 Mosaik (feat. Rico)
11 Wie du
12 Gift (feat. BTNG & AK Ausserkontrolle)
13 Instinkt
14 Jedes Mal (feat. Fatal & Skepsis)
15 Kreis (feat. Bausa)
16 Lass mal
17 Glücklichen
18 Lass mich los

Είναι μια από εκείνες τις ημέρες όπου τίποτα δεν είναι πραγματικά λάθος, αλλά τίποτα δεν είναι πραγματικά σωστό,είτε και ο ουρανός δεν μπορεί ακόμη και να επιλέξει να είναι λευκός ή γκρι.

anonymous asked:

Yes i made it!!! Hi are there any new mamaau fics or where they have powers? Also can you rec me a fic similar to And the Rose said to me? It's one of my fav thanks so much!!

Yay! You made it ヽ(・∀・)ノ Now, just incase you’ve missed some old fics, you can check out or mama!au tag here and here. Now let’s move on to the newer fics; 

  • The Lost Heirs - i’ve recommended this a few times alrdy, but not yet under the mama tag, so here it is. read it. you will not regret. wolf!au + mama powers = magic.
  • The Last Avatar // Sequel: Dawn Of The Dragonriders - i’ve also recommended these, but not under this tag as well. jas1922 does not disappoint.
  • Carnal - things have just started getting interesting. homg.
  • Pushing Daisies - this is not a fic where they have their powers from their mama days, but soo has a special power in this one. it’s pretty depressing atm, BecAUSE. but, worth the read.
  • EXO - School Of Magic - haven’t actually read this, but skimmed through the first few chapters, and there’s decent structure and grammar. looking at the comments, it seems promising!
  • Black Magic - huhu ~ enemies turn lovers? 
  • Neon Lights - gang!au with them having their mama powers.
  • Heartquake - sky high!au ;_;. i love that movie.

The following are a few older fics, and I decided to put them here since they have yet to be recommended;

Admin J’s picks:


For those interested in reading the mentioned fic: And The Rose Said To Me. I found fics that hover around the topics of mental illness, addictions, and dark stories. Hope you enjoy them!

  • Gods Are Like Stars Born Dying - this is so good. i love it. though people may get turned off by jongin’s nail biting habits, the ending was worth it. (warning: terminal illness, mental illnesses, self-mutilation, mentions of blood, self-derogatory language, disturbing imagery, Spolier: hover)
  • Red (Give It Up For Pain) - soo volunteers to work at a mental hospital, and jongin loves the colour red. (warning: self-harm)
  • 14 Days With Kim Jongin - jongin has a split personality, and soo has to do a project on him.
  • What Words Can’t Do - i rmb reading this a long time ago, and rmb it being good. soo is jongin’s nurse. 

Enjoy ~ (・´з`・)ゞ

- Admin S

Die schlechte Ernte

Es waren nun schon ein paar Tage in Brentwood vergangen und Gabriel verweilte noch immer an diesem Ort. Er hatte auch nicht die Absicht diesen auch so schnell wieder zu verlassen, da er eben hier bei Rebecca sein wollte. Der Wirt aus dem Wirtshaus hatte zwar skeptisch drein geschaut als Gabriel ihm mitgeteilt hatte dass er auf unbestimmte Zeit in seinem Gasthaus wohnen würde, doch als er ihm noch ein paar extra Münzen in die Hand gedrückt hatte, war jegliche Skepsis verflogen und der Wirt stellte auch keine weiteren Fragen.
An diesem Abend war er wieder mit Rebecca verabredet und er wartete schon sehnsüchtig in seiner Kammer auf sie.