Swimming in the Sea Swedish Vocabulary

a whale en val (but be careful because val also means choice, and election…)

a dolphin en delfin

a fish en fisk

a sea ett hav

deep djup

dark mörk

swordfish en svärdfisk

narwhal en narval

coral reef ett korallrev

to dive att dyka

to swim att bada or att simma

a shark en haj

a ship ett skepp

a shipwreck ett skeppsbrott or ett skeppsvrak

a mermaid en sjöjungfru

a crab en krabba

an eel en ål

a manatee en sjöko

seaweed sjögräs

a clam en mussla

a seashell en snäcka

a pearl en pärla

a pirate en pirat

buried treasure en begraven skatt

a wave en våg

seafoam havskum or sjöskum

an octopus en bläckfisk

port babord (left side of a ship)

starboard styrbord (right side of a ship)

a seal en säl

a submarine en ubåt

Any comments or corrections, please do message me! Also, if you are Swedish and live in a part of Sweden that uses a different word for any of these things, I’d like to hear from you!

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Special thanks to a special mermaid, @musicalcows 


Here are some of the pics from promstuck meetup i hosted with my friends!!! It was a great time and i’m glad it was so well-appreciated by many! :’D

Also, late congratulations to the feferi and cronus for winning prom-king and queen, you were both adorable!!! :’^D <3

Eridan: eribubbles

Feferi with the king crown: muppidupp

Cronus: skeppsbrott

Feferi (the one in the first picture with the sparkly dress??? that’s me anyhow lmao) : fishymemermaid

Vriska: hstuckers

Feel free to ask if you want to be tagged!

Also all these pictures were taken on shiftinghide’s phone, hahaha, and edited by me!

You always arrive on time
But I have never seen you stress
It hits me when I watch you leave
Back so straight, so soft in posture
You’re like an enchantment

Felicia took this absolutely lovely picture of my Kanaya back in HS on ice in January. One year after I first did Kanaya I still haven’t made any of her canon outfits.

Photographer: doubtdefined
Cosplayer: skeppsbrott